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Originally Posted by gilpin View Post
How sad you were forced to mingle with these ignorant inferiors. Still I have no doubt you set them right regarding what they should think and feel about their own life experiences.
It was rather sad, yes. And many of the comments were quite shocking.

But don't you worry, I'm happy to continue to give my opinions right here.

(here's a recent example showing that little has changed, the comments are still shocking...)
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Originally Posted by LapLap View Post
I'm happy to continue to give my opinions right here.
I have no problem with that whatsoever as long as you recognize they are only opinions.

The quoted part of my last post was obviously intended as sarcasm, even if I didn't use the rolleyes. For those who missed the first half of my last post which has been stranded at the end of page 1, here is the unquoted part:

Originally Posted by LapLap View Post
You're completely misquoting me
The quotes were taken directly from the post in question.
Originally Posted by LapLap View Post
Nowhere does it say this advice is confined to the ATMs of Madrid.
Nowhere does is say anything about any location other than Madrid. And if it really was meant as "no ATM's anywhere are 100% reliable" (despite the 100% Madrid context in which posted and the fact the term used was "The ATMs" rather than the generic "ATMs") then that is hardly shocking news to anyone, anywhere, and certainly doesn't constitute "advice" on visiting Madrid and Mallorca.

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