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pinniped Feb 20, 19 2:35 pm

What is happening in Madrid on May 31 - June 2?
I'm in the process of booking what I had hoped would be a 9-day stay in Madrid. (May 24 - June 2) However, trying to stay there beyond May 31 complicates matters: everything is either sold out or 2x-3x normal rates.

Not even trying to redeem hotel points...just looking for rooms, including open to options like, Airbnb, or VRBO. No matter the source, the effect is the same: things are either unavailable or at Olympics-level pricing. Doesn't look like Real Madrid is playing...anyone know what's up? This site wasn't too enlightening.

If I'm going to drop a nickel on a 2-bedroom apartment, I want it to at least be an event I'd actually attend. :) Otherwise, that last weekend might be an opportune time to do a side trip elsewhere.

IncaTrails Feb 20, 19 2:43 pm

Champions League Final at the Wanda Metropolitano.

TWA884 Feb 20, 19 2:48 pm

The UEFA Champions League Final will be played at the Wanda Metropolitano in Madrid, Spain on June 1, 2019.

ETA: @IncaTrails types faster than me. ;)

Ldnn1 Feb 20, 19 3:12 pm

Originally Posted by pinniped (Post 30802708)
Doesn't look like Real Madrid is playing...

Well it's quite possible that Real Madrid, or Atlético Madrid, or maybe even both, could be playing that night... in which case it'd be a very exciting - if noisy - time to be in Madrid! :)

pinniped Feb 21, 19 11:55 am

Oh, damn, I'm probably the only person running into a UEFA final by accident. :o

Get-in price on Stubhub is about $2k per person. :eek: We'll probably pass on that one, considering there are six of us and four are not soccer fans.

And good recommendations for a nearby 2- or 3-night stay? We need to be at Madrid airport early Sunday morning to catch a 10AM flight, so has to be reasonably close. Even airport hotels are booked solid. We would probably rent a van unless the train service to MAD is incredibly convenient.

BeachRat Feb 21, 19 1:30 pm

I'd consider Toledo. It's about a 35 minute Renfe ride to Madrid Atocha station, and then you'd need to figure a transfer to get to the airport. There's also direct bus transit from Toledo to MAD, running about 1hr 20min.

spainlover Feb 22, 19 5:29 am

With a 10am flight, for Toledo, you would need to rent a car. Trains don’t leave early enough for you to get to the airport. I do highly recommend visiting Toledo, though!

BeachRat Feb 22, 19 8:00 am

Ahh, yes. Sunday transit service is quite limited. Renting a car shouldn’t be out of the question as you mention. It’s an easy enough drive to MAD.

pinniped Feb 22, 19 9:20 am

Toledo looks great - certainly a daytrip destination even if we don't stay there. Right now, it's showing sold out during the Cup weekend as well. Airbnb options that do exist are expensive.

My backup plan for now will be Guadalajara. There's a Category 1 AC hotel there that had award rooms available with normal 24-hour cancel rules. So for 45,000 Marriott points I have 3 rooms for 2 nights in what I am sure is a very barebones hotel as a fallback. Close enough to just book a van (or two taxis) to MAD on Sunday morning.

I'm guessing (based on experience with other sporting events) that availability in Madrid will ebb and flow as the knockout stage gets underway and some fanbases start canceling their trips. Who knows, when the day comes I may even peek at ticket prices and see what it takes to get 1 or 2 somewhere in the building.

BeachRat Feb 22, 19 10:00 am

Maybe also try Segovia if you're interested. A little further than Toledo, so maybe not the same degree of UEFA occupancy, and a wonderful town.

Ldnn1 May 8, 19 4:31 pm

Well #pinniped , I hope you like the company of Brits! :D

pinniped May 9, 19 12:08 pm

I've always been a bit of a Spurs fan. Not enough to spring for Super Bowl level ticket prices, but enough to go find an outdoor watch party somewhere! :cool:

I'm still with the Gaudalajara Marriott. Looks like that will have to suffice...

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