Southwest Celebrity Sightings

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Southwest Celebrity Sightings

There are quite a few celebrity sightings over at the AA forum.

Are there any on Southwest?!
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<font face="Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif" size="2">Originally posted by PokerHammy:
There are quite a few celebrity sightings over at the AA forum.

Are there any on Southwest?!
While passing a series of Southwest lines boarding one plane on my way to the NW gate, I did notice some guys that looked like WWF wrestlers.

Apparently they like to fly Southwest to get some pre-match warm up by wrestling for seats.

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My guess is you probably will not see a lot of celebrities on Southwest as if they are flying Southwest they probably are trying not to be noticed. If I were famous and didn't want to be noticed, I'd fly on Southwest so I wouldn't be flagged as a "VIP"

On the other airlines many times I hear the people giggling at the desk about who the VIP is on a certain flight. Some I might not have recognized had I not heard the name. I wouldn't call political types celebrities but I hear a lot of their names mentioned as being on the VIP lists. If I am seated next to them if they are polite I usually acknowledge who they are.. Senator, Governor, etc and then make it obvious that I'm not going to bother or talk their ear off. If they are the annoying Do-you-know who I am types I do the you look familiar routine and then name something totally off base, such as aren't you that local weekend weather guy on channel 2, or You're that guy that sells used cars on TV late at night, right?

I did see a true celebrity on a Southwest flight out of Austin, it was Herb. He had a third group boarding pass as I did and when they offered to get him with the first group. He said he was in the third group and would board as his boarding pass showed.

All the time employees kept going up to him, shaking his hand, and talking to him. This was after he had retired from Southwest, but he really knew how to work a room, or I guess I should say an airport.

I wonder if Robert Crandall ever flew on an American flight, if so I'm sure it was NEVER in coach, and not in boarding group 5.
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I saw Jerry Brown once.
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I saw Ricky Schroeder (sp) in Vegas airport waiting with his kids while the CA wildfires were delaying everyone. He was nice to the gate personel but I thought it strange that he would be on SWA (aka sky greyhound).
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I believe Randy Travis fly SOuthwest from LAX to his home near ABQ because it is the only flight with a Non Stop.
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I had a lady who was in the movie "The Wizard of Oz" speak for a conference I helped put on in Vegas last week. I flew her back to PHX on Southwest, and she was glad to be on them.

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Oh duh, I saw Rob Schneider myself at BUR - SJC and forgot about it.

Couldn't they pay for 1st class ticket on airlines that HAVE 1st class seats?!
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Al Davis.... LAX-OAK

They pre-boarded him and body guard to 1D and 1F.... so we all could either give him some love... or hate as we boarded...

Ryder Strong...(co-star kid on This Boys Life or something like that TV show) PDX-LAX (thru OAK)...

Poor kid got bumped or cancelled from a real he walked to the WN gate area people recognized him..and started harassing him.. WN at PDX that nite was in gate change every 5 minutes mode... and there were about a million high school soccer girls in the gate area... So all these girls just swarmed the guy... he posed for pictures... signed stuff etc... for like 100 people... then he sits down by the window and trys to read a book... WN pulls gate change ... so we all are gonna have to move like 4 gates over... One of the WN GA's... pulls Ryder aside... and after the masses move gates... she hustles him right on the plane... before preboarding.. smart move... saved him some abuse.. .and had to speed up boarding..
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Seen Tx Senator Kay Baily Hutchens several times
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I once was on a flight from OAK to BUR with Jeff Perry of "Nash Bridges".

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I think this thread should have been called "Southwest B-List Celebrity Sightings?"

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I sat across from Drayton McClain, owner of the Houston Astros, he said he had to save money for Bagwells new contract. I also saw,Orlin Norris, the boxer who lost to Mike Tyson in Vegas saying his knee hurt to bad to go on about 5 years ago. Two nights before he was boxing at the Mirage, that day he was unsuccessful at getting a standby flight home to Midland on SWA.
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Flew on a flight from PHX to BHM in August with actor Fred Berry, best known as "Rerun" on the 1970s TV show "What's Happening. Sadly, he passed away not long after I saw him on that flight. He was 52.

I guess I should have taken the opportunity with the open seating on Southwest to sit next to him and hear some tales of his television career. He seemed friendly and eager to talk to others on the flight.
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My wife saw Leann Rimes on a flight from JAX - BNA.
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