Up to 3 Bonus Credits For Bill Payment

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Just thought I'd bump this back to the top. Has anyone received these credits? I have not even had a call back or letter on status of investigation I asked for several days ago.
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I was also targeted. Signed up with 4 bills and have received NO RR credits!
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I was targeted, too. Thanks to the people posting here, I don't regret being too lazy to take advantage of it.
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I am waiting on my 3 credits too. I go the postcard and signed up for 3 new automatic bill payments.

Also I notice the site is not up anymore.

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According to Bankone, the credits will post 8-10 weeks after the second billing cycle of the recurring bill. I would venture to say you should see them soon!
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Actually my postcard read 4-6 weeks after the second billing cycle. My first two things billed by October 10th and the second month was November 10th. The 10 weeks for me ended the first of this week and still no credits. Oh well, maybe they will actually honor the promo :0)
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I checked my online account and I finally got my credits. I only got two though although I thought I signed up for three. I will have to check in for that.
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I got one credit yesterday. I actually transferred four auto debits, so I guess it's time to start calling. (BTW, the limit was three credits, but I'm waiting for another bank to offer something to transfer them back!)
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Well, I'm still getting the runaround from BankOne on this one. I called the first time on January 6th and was promised that someone would look into this and I would hear back in 10 days. Nothing. Then I called on January 27th and received an apology because no one has done anything with this and was promised it would be escalated and that I certainly would hear something in 10 days. Today is the 10th day and I called back. The first agent that I spoke with put me on hold and then hung up on me before getting back to me. I waited in hopes that they would call me back since it was their error in hanging up on me and I knew if I called back I would not get the same person....well of course that did not happen. I called back and was told that this promo didn't even start being evaluated until the END OF DECEMBER and that it would be 8-10 weeks from then before I would see my credits. I asked nicely why they were not honoring the terms as listed on the card and he said "but we are -- that is what it says" -- I had the card in front of me and read it to him. He again argued with me. I again read it to him and then he said I just "didn't understand it correctly".....arrgghhhh and he refused to do anything except tell me that it could be at least another 4-6 weeks before I got the credits. Wow! This definitely taught me a lessons.....no more participating in their promos and as soon as I get these rewards I will most definitely change my auto payments to a more agreeable and honest credit card company :0) wonder if there are any out there LOL!
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Who can I contact about the missing credit I did not get. I got two but I should have got 3.
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I e-mailed Bank one customer support on Wednesday. They e-mailed me back that they forgot the one and it should be updated for next month.
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