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Originally Posted by justhere
So presumably if someone without a disability is in that seat on a through flight, WN would move them, no?
If the notice was filed 24+ hours before the flight. Otherwise, "you are not required to reassign a seat assigned to another passenger." Assigned seating carriers are compelled to "designate an adequate number of the seats used to provide seating accommodations required by 382.81 as priority seats for passengers with a disability." With no parallel guidance, Southwest is absolved. Pre-boarding is the panacea.

Throughs make the "seat that best suits your needs" burden untidy.

Last post wins!
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You must be one of those fake pre=boarders.
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Southwest could end the pre-boarding circus at any time. Using an innovative technique called assigned seating.
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Originally Posted by DenverBrian
Southwest could end the pre-boarding circus at any time. Using an innovative technique called assigned seating.

I dont want to kill the golden goose, but I want it screaming its safe word.
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I'm tired of the cattle call boarding process. I'll fly another airline where I pick my seat ahead of time.
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Originally Posted by Blitzjb
You must be one of those fake pre=boarders.
Are you referring to me? You didn't quote anyone or indicate who "you" is. If you are referring to me, I'll just say that I'm sorry the facts didn't support your narrative. Perhaps you could provide facts that would support your opinion. Or just keep referring back to what I said about opening your mouth.
Originally Posted by DenverBrian
Southwest could end the pre-boarding circus at any time. Using an innovative technique called assigned seating.
I think just about every thread that's about pre-boarding mentions, at some point, that assigned seating would change the pre-board dynamics. Simply because the rules are different for assigned seating carriers. Point being, your idea isn't something that hasn't been discussed many, many times. That said, given that WN has as many, if not more, enplanements that the other US carriers, I'm guessing enough people like open seating or don't care about the pre-board issue (at least not enough to not fly WN), or both.
Originally Posted by Clamqueen
I'm tired of the cattle call boarding process. I'll fly another airline where I pick my seat ahead of time.
Good idea. Same thing every customer should do for anything, not just flying, if they aren't happy with their current provider.
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Originally Posted by Clamqueen
I'm tired of the cattle call boarding process. I'll fly another airline where I pick my seat ahead of time.
Thank you. That opens another seat for the rest of us, and perhaps even causes the revenue management fare vs inventory ratio to click down a bit. Most of us cattle have figured out the boarding process reasonably well, and a few of us can even recite the instructions given before boarding enough to be honorary gate agents.
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Originally Posted by Out of my Element
It's that long walk thing. I know plenty of folks who don't use wheelchairs at home but to get from the curb to the counter to a distant gate is a much longer distance than they walk on a regular basis. And the return with waiting at baggage claim and if it's international add all that walking/standing, I am not surprised at all by that figure.

You'll get old one day and maybe not be amazed at what older folks can and cannot do.
Originally Posted by m907
Anecdotally, the people who request this are typically overweight. It seems to me less about being elderly and more about being out of shape. People who are elderly but in shape typically prefer to stay on their own two feet as long as possible.
I can't even recall the last time I saw an obese person in a wheelchair in a terminal. And just because someone is overweight doesn't mean that is why they need a wheelchair; sometimes being overweight is caused by the same medical condition that makes a wheelchair a necessity. Exercise is movement. Mobility challenged = less movement. Less movement = more risk of being overweight. It's not hard math.

I say this as an overweight person who doesn't need a wheelchair, but who preboards because I lay out the money in advance to buy two seats, and I must preboard to insure that I am able to select two seats together. Of course, I preboard AFTER those with a genuine medical need for preboarding.

Originally Posted by screeton
I am very sympathetic to the needs of truly disabled or mobility impaired passengers, regardless of the cause. Their travel experience is often very challenging beyond what the rest of us regularly endure, and getting them on the plane first and in seats near the front (for convenience of all) is as it should be. The problem comes with those who seem to be gaming the system. Don't request a wheelchair at the flight origin, and then totally disregard the FA request to stay seated and wait for wheelchairs at the destination. I cannot count the times that the jetway been blocked for other passengers trying to make a tight connection, when a formerly wheelchair bound patient is determined with their multiple caregivers to walk off the plane rather than wait 5 minutes for a wheelchair. As they SLOWLY walk off, blocking the exit for all passengers behind them, the legitimacy of their "need" for preboarding gets called into question.

Family boarding is another issue... I very much understand the need of parents to sit with kids, especially smaller kids. However, in order to be assured of that arrangement, asking them to seat from the rear of the plane seems a reasonable accommodation. They frequently have a lot of carry-on luggage (within limits on the "person" count, but requiring the adult to juggle more bags plus kids) and not having to wait on that process during deplaning would be a benefit for other passengers.
Yeah, it's frustrating to watch someone with mobility issues struggle to walk up the jetway while people behind them complain and call them names. How rude of them to attempt to live their lives like adult humans instead of being carted around like inanimate parcels.

I agree with you on the family seating issue, though. I'd love to see the rearmost rows of the cabin reserved as a 'family zone', with some kind of perks to encourage families to seat themselves there.

However, I must also acknowledge the number of pax I've seen who are not traveling with kids, but who seem unaware that there are dozens of other pax behind them who can't get into the cabin while they block the aisle for ten minutes to shove their three gigantic carry-ons into the overhead and settle themselves in an aisle seat. The clueless delay the boarding process at least as much as the slow-moving family of eight herding their cats, er, kids into seats while also wrestling multiple oversize carry-ons diagonally into the overhead.

Originally Posted by m907
On a flight this week, the pre-boarders, most of whom were not very old but overweight and accompanied by able-bodied and younger family members, occupied the entirety of the first four rows.

There are always people with disabilities you can't see. But that doesn't constitute 100% of these situations. In an evacuation scenario, truly disabled people would be a risk to themselves and others being positioned nearest the front door.
Did the overweight pax have empty seats next to them? If so, they likely used the Customer of Size policy to secure an extra seat, to avoid infringing on anyone else's seat, and that's why they were preboarded. I do that myself when I fly, both to avoid inconveniencing anyone else, and for my own comfort and safety, since I don't fit in one seat.

As for which rows they occupy, I don't complain, because I guarantee that most people would select rows toward the front of the cabin if given any sort of priority boarding (preboard, A-list, etc.) It's against human nature to intentionally deprive yourself just because other people may think they are somehow more 'worthy' than you of something desirable like a better airplane seat or closer parking space or the last bottle of water in the lounge.
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The supersized aren't required to buy the extra seat? A wheelchair overcomes the 2-seat pre-purchase?

"Jessica" self-describes at 600 pounds:

"I have taken ten Southwest flights so far this year, after not flying for ten years. I utilize the customer of size (CoS) policy every time I travel, which includes pre-boarding. Ive also requested wheelchair assistance multiple times, which you can do at the check-in counter.

I always arrive two hours before boarding, and a CoS seat has always been available. However, the airline recommends buying an extra seat and having it refunded later, but I can never afford that.
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I am on my last Southwest flight I will ever take. I have been companion pass without any CC spend for the last 4 years.

Every flight I take now is either delayed, Wi-Fi broken, or 20 people that pre board. When the Wi-Fi does work it is slower than the internet used 20 years ago. Still no power in the seats.

I am on a one way $700 business select fare and was position 2 in boarding I am in row 5 because every person in rows 1-4 are pre boarders with only 2 being in a wheel chair.

This airline needs a wake up call.

Just canceled my return flight and rebooked on Delta. Done with Southwest.
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