GK urges TSA to begin temperature scans

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Originally Posted by Spock Seat
The US Government has no constitutional authority to check for people's temperatures----what's next, people with Type O blood can't board too? Airlines as private businesses can check, but what's the cutoff----99 F, 100 F? And with this "perfect hoax" common cold; i.e., you can be asymptomatic or you can get it on a gold course's flag pole, all of this nonsense should be halted. Let's get back to a full economy and full airline flights. I'm sick of these planes, lounges, and airports looking like Koo Koo nests that we cannot fly over.
Oh, they will change the law and make it a condition of flying. By entering the airport secure area you will submit to the temperature check.

Don't they already do this in some counties? Pretty sure I walked through a thermometer thing at HKG.

Personally I do not agree with this. I would rather they just kick people out of the airport who are coughing or otherwise appear sick. Perhaps set up a display of cough and cold medicine in the gift shop and when someone buys it, remove them from the airport. I don't want any more flights with a person next to me coughing the whole time and drinking from a cough syrup bottle. I mean I know it is really lousy to get sick when you are on vacation and of course she needed to get home but man I don't want her next to me. Okay, that was a bit of a joke.

Seriously what will you do if someone HAS a temperature? You don't let them fly? Then what happens to them? What if they are going home? Nobody planned to go out and get sick, it just happens. Some people, many people, get sick away from home. If it becomes a thing that people are denied boarding for "being sick" - who in the heck will travel? I wouldn't travel for fear of getting sick during my trip then not being allowed to get home. What if I am on a trip with a wife and 2 kids and 1 of the kids has a fever now what all 4 of us are now unable to travel?

I don't know what is going on here but it has put some awful fear into everyone and seems to be trying everything to "take down" the travel industry. Scare people, add new regulations, etc. Oh well- out of my control.
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