Refund / Credit on Early Bird Check-In

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Refund / Credit on Early Bird Check-In

Any word on Refund / Credit for Early Bird Check-In fees due to flight cancellations COVID-19 on business trips?
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Officially, so far, the answer is no.
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I had a 45 minute phone call today requesting 3 Earlybird refunds or Southwest LUV Vouchers. Here is my experience. I called 855-234-4654 (Customer Relations). The phone menu asked if it was for an existing reservation and I chose yes (even though I had already cancelled it online). It asked if I was A-List and I said yes, which it then confirmed after I entered my RR number. I was connected immediately to an operator in the Central time zone who was very polite and professional.

My first 2 reservations had been nonstops RNO-MDW and MDW-RNO for June. Southwest notified me about a month ago that they were being changed to one-stops with a change of plane which I found unacceptable. Thus I had cancelled those flights online in April and accepted future travel funds which initially expired 1 yr from date of purchase...but were subsequently extended in my travel funds online account to an expiration of Sept 7, 2022. When I told this to the phone agent, she said that if I had called to cancel instead of doing it online, she may have been able to refund all of my payments to my credit card. Then she looked up the history of the reservation and said she could submit a request to refund the $25 Earlybird fee to my credit card, which if approved, would show up between 7 and 30 days from now (for both of my one way reservations).

My last reservation was a nonstop LAS-RNO for late March, also with Earlybird, which I cancelled online in early March after our governor essentially closed our state down. I booked it using points so points were returned to my account...and my $5.60 TSA fee was refunded to my credit card. Since Southwest ran that flight as scheduled, she could not issue me a refund but did say she'd submit a request for the $25 Earlybird to be credited to me in the form of a SW Luv Voucher. If approved I would receive notification through email (with a 1 yr expiration date).
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Official updates since this thread was last seen:

If Southwest cancels the flight you are due a full refund of EarlBird Check-In.

If you cancel, you can reach out to Customer Relations and request compensation. Initially many received 1,000 - 2,000 RR points. Currently, many are receiving a 1-year voucher for the amount of the EBCI fee.
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Do a chat on facebook -they take care of issues - I got some vouchers and points.
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I used the Facebook messenger and they refunded all early bird amounts in the form of vouchers that must be used towards airfare. These were for flights that we cancelled due to lockdowns and quarantines.
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I had a situation where I booked a few tickets for a family trip to orlando that got canceled due to covid 19 uncertainty with disney remaining closed, I tried to change the flights to an international flight to preserve the ebci which you of course can't do. I reached out to swa on fb messenger trying to salvage anything and they graciously offered a luv voucher which was way more than I was expecting or entitled to, these kind gesture are why I love and continue to fly wn.
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