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My InLaws just got Pre-Check but shouldn't have

My InLaws just got Pre-Check but shouldn't have

Old Apr 17, 17, 8:57 am
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Thumbs down My InLaws just got Pre-Check but shouldn't have

I thought the TSA had stopped providing free Pre-Check to folks that haven't paid for this benefit? My inlaws have just received it twice in the last week?

What isn't everyone asked to pay their fare share and pay for this benefit as the vast majority of folks already do to receive the benefits?

I thought the managed inclusion approach that was so unfair to people that paid for Pre-Check and went through the vetting process had been stopped?
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Old Apr 17, 17, 9:04 am
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Do we have a "Least Important Thing to Complain About" thread in the Southwest forum?

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Old Apr 17, 17, 9:08 am
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+1 - Perhaps all of the "Least Important" threads could be merged? There must be some commonalities which could benefit everyone.

After all if some UA flier's in laws got a free pass through Pre-Check isn't it just as unfair and undeserving?
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Old Apr 17, 17, 9:09 am
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TSA has stopped provinding free random Pre-check at the airport . (The TSOs at the security line with an i-pad. )They did not stop giving pre-check to (mainly elderly people) 48 hours before scheduled departure.

P.S.: I would not start a fight with my in-laws over this 'privilage'.
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Old Apr 17, 17, 9:29 am
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Does WN ever give Pre-check for people traveling on points?

Whenever I use Avios to fly AA I get it if I have submitted my AA #.
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Old Apr 17, 17, 9:35 am
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Mr. Piross has been traveling only on points for years. He got pre-check (on his on-line boarding pass not at the airport) 90% of the time for two years. (Before paying for pre last September.)
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Old Apr 17, 17, 9:36 am
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How is this a WN-related post? Even if they were traveling on WN, your gripe is with TSA/DHS. This is firmly a TravelBuzz forum-worthy post, not WN.

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Old Apr 17, 17, 10:12 am
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OP...really??? Get a grip, man. So many other things to concern yourself with.
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Old Apr 17, 17, 11:44 am
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It's not often that someone complains that someone else (let alone a relative) DID NOT get the full treatment of the TSA piggishness.

If you didn't pay for precheck but got it anyway you would purposely go through all their b......t just to be "fair"?

Stupidest complaint ever
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Old Apr 17, 17, 12:56 pm
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Holiday dinner's must be a ton of fun at this guy's house..............

We fly SW exclusively. We haven't paid for PreCheck, and we get odd combinations between the 2 of us every time we fly out of our home airport---about 50% of the time we both get it and about 50% of the time just I get it [and DH gets full screening]. When flying home, the percentages differ, but I usually get it about 80% of the time.

It's not worth our time and money to go through the process, if it's not necessary.
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Old Apr 17, 17, 3:39 pm
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I flew with my parents to Las Vegas. My mother and I were on one reservation, my father was on a separate one. He got Pre on the way there, but not on the return. it was the opposite on the way back - we got Pre, but my father didn't.

You never know. I have never gotten Pre when on a reservation by myself, though.

I should add that these were both roundtrip tickets.
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Old Apr 17, 17, 7:11 pm
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"Managed inclusion" (randomization at the airport) has ended.

Also, TSA has significantly reduced access to those not enrolled.

For those who are enrolled in TSA Pre✓® and have received your Known Traveler Number, you’re all set for takeoff! However, we want to make Customers aware that if you haven’t enrolled in the TSA Pre✓® program, but routinely receive the TSA Pre✓® designation on your travel documents, that in early February 2017, TSA significantly reduced access to TSA Pre✓® expedited screening based on frequent flyer activity for non-enrolled travelers. This change is to ensure more Customers are vetted through the official TSA enrollment and screening process.
More info here:

Importantly, the TSA has worked to reduce vulnerabilities in the program, such as the “managed inclusion” process, which has been ended. This process allowed random individuals to receive PreCheck privileges without being approved through the TSA process.

Managed inclusion raised security concerns, especially after a traveler with serious criminal convictions was given TSA PreCheck status through managed inclusion.

While this process was implemented due to the lack of participation in PreCheck at its start-up, the expansion of the program and increasing number of participants means managed inclusion is unnecessary, especially given its security issues.

More recently, the TSA has announced that frequent fliers, who often are given access to PreCheck lines, will be increasingly moved to traditional lines as participation in the program increases.
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Old Apr 17, 17, 8:40 pm
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Any excuse to be mad at the in-laws! 😁
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Old Apr 17, 17, 9:13 pm
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If your in-laws have any relationship to the government that requires them to have a security screening as a part of that relationship, that might be the case. I've also noticed that my parents too get Pre-Check a lot but didn't formally apply for it.

This is just a speculative guess on my part.
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Old Apr 18, 17, 1:15 am
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The TSA has numerous times over the past two years said that they will end the managed inclusion, but nothing seems to happen. I seem to get the "free" PreCheck on every second of my flights
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