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Sign up promo code 2012

My apologies if this is the wrong forum.

I'm going to be traveling quite a bit for the next year, and so I'm sigining up for southwest rapid rewards...

As I went to fill out the necessary forms I saw a place for a promo code.
Seeing as I'll only sign up the once, I thought it worth the time to ask if anyone could point me to a valid code.

I'm not even sure what advantage the code would bring, but I thought it couldn't hurt to ask about it.

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Don't even bother looking for a code, there rarely ever are any. And even if there was, it would be $10-$15 a round trip that has more blackout dates than availability dates. And even if it did work on your dates, the Southwest site wouldn't process it correctly (as what happened with me) and you won't get the discount anyway. And even if you got the discount, fares would likely drop from where they are now, so you'd end up modifying and rebooking anyway (and thus lose the discount).

So I'd say go ahead and book it and don't count on populating that field.
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Thanks Brad,
I thought maybe the promo code would give me some extra points or something for signing up as a new customer.

I'll just pull the trigger and sign up anyway.

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no promo for extra sign up bonus points/miles.

In fact, SW doesn't have very good promos (IMHO) for extra points at all.
Marriott is running a great promo right now for extra SW miles (if you stay at Marriotts).

I guess I should say, the credit card would be an exception that comment.

If you need a referral for a CC card I can give you one, but that's about it.

Once you sign up, go to your promo page (on the pull down menu) and you can see if they are offering any promos for youl
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I had a busy enough day that I hadn't signed up yet.
I plan on getting to this tomorrow.

From my original post you can gather that I'm new to this.

I have stayed at marriots in the past, and I think I did sign up for their rewards program last time. I'm not sure if I was signed up for marriot points, or southwest miles... I'll have to look at that.

As a complete noob... are there any up-to-date (that is, using the "new SW rewards program) guides I should read or something like that.

I am going to need to open a credit card soon anyway, I suppose it might as well be a SW rewards one. Any downsides to their card? fees, etc.

I'ts late, and my brain is asleep already. I'll check back tomorrow and see if any of this post makes sense.

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