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Best Side of Plane for PIT-PHX-SEA

Hi everyone,

I have a flight coming up and have never flown into Seattle before and only Phoenix a handful of times. I was wondering if anyone has taken the PIT-PHX or PHX-SEA route to know which side of the plane would be the best to sit on. The leg to Seattle is most important because I have never been there and would like to see a cool view of the city. I know that the planes don't always take the same route, but I thought if some people had some luck on certain sides, it would be better than nothing. Thanks for all the input!
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I'd probably grab an "A" seat. I used to fly into SEA often, mostly from DEN, and that's the side where I seemed to get a Mt. Rainier view the most often. Plus, if the plane flew out north of SEA to turn around for the approach, it seemed like we'd fly up over Bellevue/Redmond/etc., and then turn around and approach over Puget Sound...throughout that entire process, the "A" window has more of a view.

Of course it's a crapshoot and I have no idea of we were on a different pattern coming in from Denver than you would be from PHX. One thing I'm pretty sure of: I don't recall ever being routed way out west of Seattle for the approach. It was either a straight shot in from the south or we'd fly up north over the eastern part of town to turn around.

Sorry for my rather crude descriptions ...enough pilots read these boards that someone can probably provide much better details.
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Left side into Seattle. You'll usually go up over the Grand Canyon, Bryce Canyon and over a whole lot of nothing in eastern Nevada. The approach takes you on a very close, low level ride by Mt Rainier on both the northbound or southbound approaches.

EDIT: If you're on the left into Seattle and they're landing south on the 16s, you won't get a downtown view. Right side is best for downtown. My preference is the Rainier view any day of the week. On departure, left side again will get great views if you're going to PHX/LAS or if you're going to Northern CA you'll get the whole Cascade range on the left. Enjoy the sight seeing!

Not much on your ride from Pittsburgh to Phoenix though.

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