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Hartfield-Jackson Airport 44" layover

Hartfield-Jackson Airport 44" layover

Old Mar 11, 17, 11:23 am
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Hartfield-Jackson Airport 44" layover

Good morning.

First of all, sorry if I created my thread on the wrong forum.
I have a 44 minutes layover due June, between two flights. The thing is I've never flown before and I'm slightly nervous because I'll be quite lost. The airport is Hartsfield-Jackson (Atlanta). I need 44 minutes tops to go from Terminal S to Terminal I (Atlanta - Madrid).

Here is the map that my trip website thing gave me:

So, not only am I clueless about the airport locations & stuff, I also can't take longer than 44 minutes to reach my destination. Is what I marked the right way to go?

However, I read my baggage won't need to be checked in, which I don't know if it's true. It would certainly be very helpful though.

Thank you.
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Old Mar 11, 17, 7:50 pm
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Ismael Muniz, welcome to Flyertalk.

Please follow the redirect where further consolidation may occur.

IIRC ATL is connected airside by rail, and walkable tunnels. 44 minutes is a bit tight of a connection, but if everything is on-time...

~beckoa, co-moderator Information Desk
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Old Mar 12, 17, 7:00 am
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Is this on one ticket or two. If you are on separate tickets you do not have a 'connection' and are not protected on a later flight in case you miss the flight to Madrid. If this is on one ticket, then you'll be protected on a later flight, though I'm not sure if there will be one to Madrid that day.

If you are on two tickets, then this is a very tight connection and I would be concerned, because if you don't board the flight to Madrid then the rest of that ticket will automatically be cancelled. You'll have to buy a new flight to Madrid and anything else on that ticket. I would try to get on an earlier flight to Atlanta.
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Old Mar 12, 17, 8:17 am
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OP - There is no such thing as a layover. You are either traveling on a single ticket from your origination airport to ATL and connecting to a flight to MAD or you are on two tickets and you are transfering between those two tickets at ATL.

If the former, this is apparently within the Minimum Connection Time (MCT) for your carrier(s), but it is outside what I consider to be the Sensible Connection Time (SCT). DL requires that you be at your departure gate for MAD no later than 30 minutes prior to departure and it considers the arrival time of your inbound flight to ATL to be when the Captain locks the brakes at the gate on arrival.

Thus, after the brakes are locked, the jet bridge is attached, and you make it from your inbound aircraft and head for your departure gate, you have a total of 14 minutes.

While DL will not generally cancel your ticket at T-30, it reserves the right to do so and will offload you if the flight is overbooked and at risk of oversale.

Unless you have critical meetings on both sides of your trip, there is no reason to book a connection such as this.

If you are on two tickets, you have no "protection." This means that if you are late for your MAD flight, DL simply treats you as though you skipped your flight and cancels your ticket. You then have whatever value your fare rules provide to purchase a new ticket at whatever the prices are at the time unless someone at DL takes pity on you.

As a general rule, I would not schedule less than 4 hours between tickets on an international transfer and I would prefer an overnight, given the financial risks.
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Some more details are needed, but we are glad to help.

As others have asked, are you on one ticket?

You mention your baggage not being checked, how do you figure? Do you only have a carry-on?

The terminals you mentioned don't exactly exist as they sound there. ATL is one, connected zone. You can go through all concourses via the plane train. When they say you'll be in S, you actually could be in any concourse and then you will likely head to F to go to Madrid.

I know ATL like the back of my hand and I would not book a connection that tight. I've had too many occupied gates and just normal delays in my day. Though you could get lucky and come in toward the center of D, hop the train and be in F quickly, you also could end up at the last gate on the end of A or something and end up with a really, really long walk. I've literally run through ATL more times than I can count and I'm really aware of the times there.

What airline and where are you flying in from?
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You mention that you haven't flown before. can you tell us the details of your trip

I think you are flying out of Atlanta to Madrid - is that correct - and are you flying Delta?
What city are you leaving from (home)?
What airline are you flying into Atlanta?

A layover is an old school term for what we now call a connection. That would lead me to believe that this is a single itinerary. If that is the case I would assume that it is Delta/Delta connection and you have a number of options and we can give you some advice.

If you are flying Delta to Atlanta and Delta out of Atlanta (or if you're not) - either way - that clarification will make it easier to advise you.
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Somehow I suspect the OP will not return...
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