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~2 weeks travel to South America itinerary ideas

~2 weeks travel to South America itinerary ideas

Old Feb 29, 16, 5:36 pm
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~2 weeks travel to South America itinerary ideas

I started the process of planning for my next visit to South America in February 2017. My preference and passion is to prioritize nature over cities.

My initial plan is to fly to Buenos Aires, spend 3 nights there.
I am then thinking of flying to Santiago, spend 3 nights there, visit Valparaiso for a day trip
After that, plans are to fly to Easter island for 3 nights
And then fly to Lima, spend a day in Lima, visit Machu Picchu (4-5 nights).
Fly out of Lima

I think this is maximum I can do without being too rushed, however:
- I can easily reverse the trip - would you visit Machu Picchu first or last stop of your trip?
- any stops or side trips recommended?
- Would you recommend to go to Montevideo while in Buenos Aires for at least a day?

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Old Mar 7, 16, 12:23 pm
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Depends on the season of your trip, but I would say:

1. Buenos Aires is for city type fun. If you are less into that, then do the day trip to Montevideo (I assume you are flying? The bus/foil takes 4-8 hrs depending). There you can go to some nice beaches, and people are quite pleasant. It has been about five years since I went, but if you like antiques, there are a lot of good shops there. Colonia is the city much closer to BsAs, but I have never been there, so I can't comment.

2. Santiago. A better place to live than visit, I think. As a nature person, you might be bored. I'd recommend a day trip to Cajon del Maipo for horseback riding and general trecking. It is a wonderful area. Skiing in the Andes is also quite an experience, but that depends on time and the season.

3. Peru. No idea, I've only ever been to LIM. Peru, I think, is the most difficult of these destinations in terms of logistics and culture shock, so as you have it arranged now, you will be pretty adjusted before you get there. I think this organization is probably the best. A minor annoyance of Peru is the shortage of cheap, available ATMs: You constantly have to get cash, and the fees are criminal, at least in LIM.

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It has been a long time since I was in Machu Picchu, but I think 4-5 nights is more than you need, even to get those one-of-a-kind sunrise photographs. Since you say you prefer countryside, you might consider a trip south of Santiago in Chile. Puerto Montt and even further south. Some can be done by boat.

Buen viaje!

Edit: To Machu Picchu you will be going through Cusco/Cuzco -- well worth a day, or even more.
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If you're going to Macchu Picchu - Be aware that Cuzco is VERY high altitude - between 11,000 and 11,500 feet. I had a tough time with that in Cuzco, because I use a CPAP machine, and most CPAP machines don't function very well at all above around 8000-9000 feet. I didn't know this before my trip, so I ended up booking 3 days in Cuzco first before Macchu Picchu, which turned out to be a big mistake, and I basically spent those 3 days both sleep deprived and with altitude sickness.

Thankfully, Aguas Calientes - the base village for Maccu Picchu, is actually much lower, slightly under 7000 feet - so I was able to recover prior to going to Macchu Picchu itself.

If you are interested in wine touring in Mendoza, Argentina, I can give you LOTS of detailed info. But I won't bore you with it if that's not a major interest for you.
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If you have an extra day or two, Lake Titicaca in Peru is spectacular.

Montevideo is another big South American city, perfectly nice, but I wouldn't go out if my way to see it. Maybe a day trip to Colonia from BsAs instead, a fun boat trip, and a cute little town.
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~2 weeks travel to South America itinerary ideas

I did a Santiago-Easter Island-Lima trip solo a few years ago and just planned and booked a client (Santiago/Valparaiso/Easter Island) I have many posts on my blog http://philatravelgirl.com/category/travel-2/south-america/ I loved biking and wine tasting the vineyards as day tour from Santiago. Easter Island is magical and I'd actually stay another night there because really will you ever go back? Lima was definitely interesting city - my highlight was cooking at SkyKitchen and the Water Fountain park
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In February 2017, I would add Montevideo to your agenda for sure. The city will be in the middle of Carnival season, and there will be a lot to see and do. If beach life is your thing, then add I side trip to Punta del Este or Rocha.
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