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Colombia dental tourism

Colombia dental tourism

Old Oct 15, 15, 8:36 am
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Jeez reading these posts I still don't know how you guys do it. Maybe I'm lucky I've never really had any massive teeth issues like getting an entire mouth full of crows or bridge work or a root canal...but the costs you're describing are insane. I thought what I was paying was high just based on the insurance but clearly I was wrong.
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Old Nov 5, 15, 5:23 am
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Hey If I consider 1 or more implants in Columbia
Who would you recommended highly?

I have lots of bone loss, mini implants or short ones
were suggested and for the top a nasal lift was

Its all scary- but in the us problems can happen.
I am 61.

Should I do only crowns etc overseas?

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Old Apr 4, 16, 3:39 pm
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Originally Posted by thebug622 View Post
About 3.5 yrs since I had my dental work done and no problems.Sonrisa clinic in Cali and Dr Juan Carlos Mejia Escalante in Medellin did excellent work.Dr Escalante specializes in root canals and implants and his practice is called Artica
Just returned from Medellin stopped by DR juan Carlos Mejia Escalantes office had my teeth cleaned as did my wife 100,000 COP each his hygienist had the Doctor look at a potential problem he suggested I get full mouth xrays which were done down the hill at the SanDiego shopping center 16 xrays were taken for I believe 60,000COP total took about 30 min,I came back about a week later for a consultation the Doctor said everything looked OK.
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Old Jun 10, 16, 5:49 am
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Just chiming in that I get all of my dental work done in Colombia. After I had a cleaning and a cavity filled for 50,000 COP, I was hooked!
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Old Apr 29, 18, 1:05 am
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Originally Posted by thebug622 View Post
In my case I really have little choice,because as I stated in a earlier post the cost of having a bridge or implants is unaffordable to me and I have dental insurance but they will cover $2000 max.I have learned that medical/dental care can be spotty here in the USA as well as foreign lands.Best a consumer can do is ask questions check out the operation for a professional attitude and cross your fingers
I completed Dental School in 1993 in Manizales Colombia, now here in the States , did my P.h.D and now I teach and complete research. But when i find good cases and people who's can not afford the overpriced dentistry in the US, I travel to Colombia do clinical work for the over there. My opinion is that in Colombia AS in the United States are good and bad practitioners, The fact that you have your work completed in the US it is not warranty of quality, I had seem terrible things here and there, My advise is to complete a whole through search and hopefully got refereed by a person who already have an experience with the subject, also try to inform your self about brands and type of materials, PFM crowns are out date they not longer are really need it, Many Dentist in Colombia still use metal ceramic crowns and silver fillings stay away from those, try to look for press porcelain, Empress,Lava or Emax and/or Zirconia crowns, Implants wise in Colombia many Dentist use Brazilian Implants with those in case of a crown or abutment getting loose you will face a challenge to treat the emergency in the US because those implants are not use here and Dentist do carry the tools ( drivers), I recommend you to request Zimmer, Straumman, Biohorizons or 3i, just remember any product that they use should come in a new package with the respective label which inlcude serial and reference number, ask for for those labels with the excuse of having the info in case you need a repair or maintenance when back in the US
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Old Apr 29, 18, 8:09 am
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Agree with sacramento73's post, particularly as it relates to materials used and construction used for crowns. In our office, we had our own lab and constructed crowns with Porcelain fused to Gold (PFG). This was the most expensive material but was (we felt) provided the best results over time. One of the dentists started using a lab that provided a Porcelain fused to Noble Metal (PFN), which was cheaper to construct but still had similar properties to PFG. The metal crowns mentioned above, we would not use.

So, if you plan to have many crowns done, the materials are very important. Make sure you know what you are getting.
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Juan fernando valencia. Found on facebook or instagram. He is absolutely awesome. Trained in ney york and italy!
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In Medellin I visited Clinica Las Vegas. It looked great and modern. I just had a check up and cleaning at a dentist. It was $30 and all their equipment looked new. I even had to sign a paper with an digital fingerprint. I was very impressed. Many people recommend that place too.
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How does this compare with dentistry in El Salvador?
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