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CO FF Mar 5, 12 12:37 pm

MP Online Ticketing - without MasterCard "secure code"
Any suggestions for purchasing tix to MP when all of my MasterCards (BofA & Citi credit; Schwab debit card) don't participate in the required secure code feature?


Villavic Mar 6, 12 5:37 pm

Last time I went to MP was 2007, not sure if nowadays there is more need to buy in advance. It is far convenient if you want to do the Inca Trail. Huayna Picchu section is also controled and you have to go as early as possible in the morning if you want to climb that mountain.

But since MP is one of the new7wonders, probably buying in advance assures you the entrance to the sanctuary. What I may suggest is that Master is not as popular as Visa in Peru. I mean it is well accepted in many places but Visa is accepted in almost EVERY place. Probably you may have trouble with Master sometimes. Besides the Master POS network fails often (though is doing better in the last year). Can't suggest for the online purchase but for yor travel, my suggestion is to carry 2 different cards: Visa & Master or Visa & Amex. Just in case.

CO FF Mar 7, 12 11:41 am

Thanks, but the government website requires MC only.

Villavic Mar 7, 12 3:54 pm

Originally Posted by CO FF (Post 18153595)
Thanks, but the government website requires MC only.

What website have you found? I checked this website ( so it belongs to an official government bureau) and it has lot of VISA logos :confused:

CO FF Mar 9, 12 1:24 am

oops...I meant Verified by Visa is what's needed...and what I dont have.

my bad...

andreadbc Mar 9, 12 8:28 pm

Verified by Visa is not yet supported but many banks in the US... but pretty much all online merchants in Perú that accept payment by credit card are required to have some sort of verification system (it's not like they really wouldn't prefer to accept all Visa cards.)

lpatron Mar 9, 12 8:37 pm

I went to MP in 2009 and use a Capital One card with MC Securecode, but also had someone in my group buy the ticket the day before we went and had no problem. I also remember in the Cusco airport there were a TON of tour operators trying to sell their wares - I'm sure you could get a (marked up) train ticket through one of them when you get there.

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