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Aeroflot in Skyteam on April 14, 2006

Aeroflot in Skyteam on April 14, 2006


Old May 23, 00, 3:56 pm
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AC is not getting into any alliance with AA, just some N-American AA-AC code-share flights (in add to the existing AC - UA code-share flights). AC will stay in StarAlliance.
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Old May 23, 00, 4:02 pm
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I won't expect any very close link between DL and AC though, mainly because of *A or UA. So, there's still a big gap for DL to fill in the Pacific. I personally won't take KE, as it has some major safety problems. I don't know much about CZ though.

As for the Atlantic, I still remember earning DL miles on SR last year for a trip to VIE. But frankly speaking, I'm disappointed that DL broke up with SN/SR.
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Old May 23, 00, 4:17 pm
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I wonder if there was a financial incentive for DL to change to AF--what I mean is this.

Let's say DL-SR gave each other a 50% discount on each other's services (i.e. for codesharing)

Let's say AF came along and reeeeally realllly wanted to team up with someone and said "OK Delta, how about you get a 60% discount when you use us for a codeshare, and we'll only take a 40% discount when we use you as a codeshare.

I think I'm oversimplifying, but I wonder if it wasn't as simple as that?

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Old May 23, 00, 9:10 pm
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When did Aeroflot hire young, beautiful flight attendents. They haven't hired any flight attendents in 10 years unless the flight attendent has connections with a high offical to get hired. Also their customer service training starts with how to say Nyet (NO). They spend most of their time in the galley and the only reason they work is so they can buy goods abroad and haul them back to Russia to make some real money.

Transaero (another Russian carrier) did try to provide decent flight attendents at one time. They used Air France to train their flight attendents initially but went down hill from there. They also flew 737's 757's 767's and a DC-10 but with the devaluation of the ruble in Aug 1998, it became uneconomical for them to operate western airplanes domestically. Today they fly to LHR, TLV, TAS, and a few other places.

The only good thing about Aeroflot today is they are required to fly western aircraft due to stringent noise regulations in Europe and the US. However, I did see a IL96 in Lime, Peru during my LatinPass run. They only fly these when they can round up four good engines to hang on the wings. The engine life of russian made engines are not as good as western made.

If DL and SU get together they will control most of the non-stop seats between JFK and SVO. I will still choose DL over SU to get to SVO.

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Old May 23, 00, 10:28 pm
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Aeroflot has several flights a week into Seattle (some from Anchorage and some from Moscow). They use Russian built airplanes on these routes. They have had a few problems with language translation at times with the Aeroflot flight crews not understanding what the ATC tells them to do.

The advantages of Aeroflot are being able to fly non-stop to Russia (if that is where you want to go), and you can do it at half the cost of a Delta Ticket.

The disadvantages are: well its Aeroflot. need I say more?
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Old May 24, 00, 5:08 am
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I thought I read that SU will be scrapping many routes (including some to the US) as part of a restructuring.
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Old Jun 21, 00, 8:35 am
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DL began codeshare service between Paris and Kiev, Ukraine with its global alliance partner AF. The round-trip flights will operate 5 times a week aboard AF Boeing 737 aircraft.

From Charles de Gaulle International Airport, DL Flight 8518 departs at 9:55 a.m. and arrives in Kiev at 2:05 p.m. The return flight departs Kiev at 3:05 p.m., arriving in Paris at 5:20 p.m.

DL & AF continue to expand their global alliance relationship using Charles de Gaulle International Airport.

Nothing more on SU so far!
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Aeroflot again trying to squeeze into SkyTeam

Russia's Aeroflot to have "strategic alliance" with Air France, Delta

Source: BBC Monitoring Former Soviet Union - Political Publication date: 2000-10-26

Text of report in English by Russian news agency Interfax

Moscow, 26th October: The creation of a global alliance between Aeroflot and Air France will probably be discussed by President Vladimir Putin and French President Jacques Chirac during Putin's visit to France, the general director of the major Russian airline said.

The managing committee of the two airlines met on 13th October, Valeriy Okulov told a news conference today. Aeroflot has made great progress in establishing a strategic alliance with Air France, Okulov said. Aeroflot plans to increase its presence in Africa and South America using the French airline's network.

Okulov said Aeroflot would carry passengers from Europe to Russia in conjunction with Air France. Aeroflot will then carry passengers from Moscow to other destinations in Russia, the CIS and Southeast Asia.

Aeroflot is also establishing close ties with Delta, Okulov said. The Russian airline hopes that these ties will lead to a three-way alliance between itself, Air France and Delta.

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Old Oct 26, 00, 11:11 am
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Seriously, is this such a bad thing? I know nothing about Aeroflot's service, aircraft, performance, but see their aircraft all over the world. Has anyone flown them?
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I did, many years ago (awful) and most recently, last year SVO-WAW.
Last trip - short and uneventful, service better than LOT but not near Swissair. Food was decent, but that's true of most European airlines.
They are an up-and-coming airline, using mostly Western-made aircraft (we flew on B-767). I have no idea of their safety record, on-time performance, customer service, etc. My guess - they are average, at best. But having KAL and CSA in the alliance already, Aeroflot is not much of a step down...

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Old Oct 26, 00, 11:04 pm
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I have spent a few hours on Aeroflot aircraft and can pass on the following.

Aeroflot flys mostly 777's, 767's, A310's, and 737-400 on most European and North American flights. They use the IL96's on the South American flights. In Russia they use mostly IL62's and TU154's. They also use IL86's for tourist spots around the Mediterranean.

The food service varies depending on aircraft type and location flown but usually consists of a Drink service after take off with limited selections (no Diet Coke) unless you like Russian Vodka. Next is a Hot Meal with two choices. Next comes the hot tea or coffee. On long flights they usually serve a snack before landing. They food is OK if the aircraft originates outside Russia but can be a little unusual if catered inside Russia.

There is no entertainment system on Russian made airplanes. I think the western made aircraft have a generic entertainment system on board.

You have to understand that the flight attendents don't do this job for the money. They do it for the opportunity to travel for free and courier western made goods to be sold in Russia for a profit. I think the average wage for a flight attendent is $400 to $500 a month. So you can understand that they will only supply minimal service as required.

I have found their schedule reliabilty to be good. I see their flight though Seattle three times a week and it usually runs on time.
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I am sure Aeroflot has improved somewhat, but I will never again use it. All I remeber is a seat in a intra-USSR flight which was from hell. I sat in a seat which looked like something from the gulag, and upon takeoff, the seat was not properly bolted to the floor. I was thrust backward and had a rocking chair.

They did not apologize, but did offer me hard boiled eggs and vodka....at 7:00 am ! I do not drink, but I will tell you it was one experience I will never forget!
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I was just wondering why so many people were "afraid" of Aeroflot and russian airlines in general even if they never used it or even went there. The "reputation" process is still fascinating....
Here are my humble thanks
1)I never took Aeroflot itself, just others companies from exUSSR (moldova, Russia)
I used last summer for a Moscow-Saint Petersbourg Pulkovo Airlines (1hour flight). The planes , 2 Ilyouchin, a small and a big,don't remember the numbers, were old but not older than some 727 used by northamericans companies as AA for instance. Service in coach was OK, with drinks, then coffes and cakes, even with a small wet towel. Having done a lot of US domestic flights, i don't think you get as much as that for comparable flights. In Europe, the standards are higher at least for food-drinks.
Down side: the FA are not as strict as "western" companies to enforce the security rules for passengers: seat belt and so on...
2) I think that large russian airlines like Aeroflot, Transaero , Pulkovo with a large flot, established structures are reliable.
The problem of image for aeroflot comes from that all the current airlines are daughter from the soviet Aeroflot that splitted with the USSR. The new aeroflot has still good maintenance facilities, many aircrafts, western and russian (that are actually good aircrafts, rustic but working and resistant as many things from USSR). The problem is all those little companies having just a couple of western planes for the "image", but making them rotating full time, without really maintaining them. They were those who had accidents, not the new aeroflot.
3) to finish a general comment about russia.
Russia is in a bad shape now, but i am surprised to see how many people can be sarcastic or disregard Russia and russians. Communism is one thing, but through its history Russia proved it was a great country that brought many things to the world. They will come back one day. History is a long sequence of up and downs.
Have a great weekend
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Did fly incountry on Russian metal a while back. Moscow to Moldavia RT.

Some other folks had the same "loose seat" condition. I had a NON working seatbelt. All the FA would do was to tell me, in good english, "...just tie the belt together..."

And thats what I did! A Boy Scout square knot, so the slippery surface would not let loose!!

Warning, Russians love to smoke on planes! In fact, read somewhere in the NYTimes a month ago where Aeroflot was making threats against US DOT for refusing some added landing rights in US, because of US DOT requirement that no smoking on inbound US flights is US law.
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Old Oct 28, 00, 10:33 am
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On most SU flights on IL62's and TU154's, row 20 and back are smoking. I can remember not be able to get a non smoking seat several times, then watching people get up out of the non smoking seats and heading to the back of the aircraft to smoke next to me.

I can confirm that they usually made an announcement over the PA when headed to the US that smoking was not allowed. This didn't stop it from happening.
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