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Aeroflot in Skyteam on April 14, 2006

Aeroflot in Skyteam on April 14, 2006


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Aeroflot to join international alliance........

Russian Aeroflot airline to join international alliance
Source: ITAR-TASS News Wire
Publication date: 2000-05-18

MOSCOW, May 18 (Itar-Tass) - Heads of the Aeroflot airline Aeroflot -- Russian international airlines and the Air France national air company -- Valery Okulov and Jean Spinetta -- approved during the talks in Paris a plan for the Russian air company to join the international alliance, the Aeroflot press service told Itar- Tass on Thursday.
Specific measures in this field will include the current period and up to 2003.

In addition to the named air carriers, the alliance will include the Delta American air company, which will enter into the negotiations process in the near future. The national air companies of South Korea and Mexico will also join the alliance.

The meeting passed within the framework of the earlier established joint Managing committee, whose working groups are called upon to coordinate different and complex issues concerning practically all the aspects of the activities of participants in the alliance.

The next meeting of the single Managing committee will be held in the first half of September this year in Moscow. At this conference members of working groups will report on intermediate results and coordinate their further actions.

Publication date: 2000-05-18
2000, YellowBrix, Inc.

As an employee of Delta, this alliance seems to get stranger as time goes on. Korean Air is a great worldwide carrier, but they are having to spend a lot of money to correct their safety issues. Air France seems to go on strike all the time. Now Aeroflot! I don't know much about them, but according to what I found on the web, they've had about 200 crashes since their inception. And, Russia isn't really economically stable yet. So at any rate, it'll be fun to get your comments, I'm sure this will be a heated thread.

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Old May 22, 00, 9:42 am
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When I checked in at IAD for my flight to ATL Saturday, the electronic sign above the "First Class/Medallion" desk said "Aeroflot." I didn't try my Russian, but the agent at that desk (and the one at the next-door desk) both had accents that suggested they might have answered me if I had spoken to them in Russian.
I haven't flown Aeroflot since 1983; so I can't really attest to what they do today. However, based on my past experiences with them, I wouldn't fly them if they were the last airline in the blue. I'm amazed that Delta has attached their name to Aeroflot.
As Russ points out, their safety experience is terrible. Russian FAs are the rudest in the air. Their aircraft (remember, I'm talking about 25 years ago) are the most uncomfortable in the air. On a 12-hour Aeroflot flight, what's a meal? Peanuts.
I think Delta should be ashamed.
BTW: Back before '83, when I stopped commuting to the then USSR, I flew Aeroflot probably twice a year for eight or ten years.

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I agree with you about your sentiments about Aeroflot. Although they have improved - bringing in Boeing planes amongst other things, they still have a long way to go.

"DL should be ashamed." I think it's AF who has actually signed this agreement. DL has not signed anything from what I understand. Therefore, AF should be ashamed. This alliance will be truly hopeless if they let SU in. How on earth do they expect to attact top-notch carriers if they have the likes of SU as a member?? No wonder TG is not showing much enthusiasm at AF's moves towards them.
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You would think Delta might think twice about this since the codeshare liability they experienced with the SwissAir MD-11 crash two years ago.
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The weakest part of Delta Air Lines just got weaker.

Delta is a great airline. Customer service has rebounded from its slump, the PM program is one of the best in the business, and the BusinessElite product is excellent.

Delta has been weak in the alliance department. Things have been great with Qualiflyer. But Delta wanted bigger and "better" things so it hooked with Air France. Now it is trying to form a global alliance. It's stuck with Korean, which is a good airline but has safety problems, Aero Mexico, which has little globalr reach, AF, which is ok but undependable (strikes), and now Aeroflot, which is just scary.

Delta had some great world parnters in the past...Singapore, Varig, Air New Zealand, all come to mind. If only they were an industry leader and created an alliance back then.

DL/SR/SN/SQ/NZ...that'd be a hell of an alliance!
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Here's a trip report I dug up about SU's biz class. I'm ready to use 80,000 SkyMiles for Aeroflot Biz Class!
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Boston Boy:

You're so right. I'm still not convinced with DL's assessment that AF would be bigger and better. I'm convinced the Qualiflyer Group offers more destinations than AF. Check it out for yourself:

Qualiflyer Group: http://www.qualiflyergroup.com/netwo..._index-en.html
Austrian (which IMHO would not have left Qualiflyer if DL did not leave its Atlantic Excellence partners in the cold): http://www.aua.com/travelguide/

Compared with AF: http://www.airfrance.com - click on our services then destinations.

Clearly, Qualiflyer has more service. Big mistake by Leo in my opinion.

Anyway, I also agree with your other comments about DL. Although they have done a few things to upset me - particularly with their alliance situation - they have been extremely good to me over the years. I really like the Business Elite product too - I find it a lot more comfortable than other airlines' biz. classes.

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Come on, guys... Done bashing Aeroflot?

In my RECENT experience, Aeroflot seemed to improve greatly (certainly, there was much room for improvement). Russian FA's -- good looking youngish women, as opposed to American grannies I've seen on many flights -- were nice and food was pretty good. The pilots are very professional. The mechanics take good care of the few modern planes that they have in their fleet, and it is these planes that fly on SVO - JFK, ORD routes.

Besides, their prices are often half of what DL charges. It would be great to get miles as well.

And no, I don't work for Aeroflot , and no, it is not national pride kicking in.
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I will admit that while I'm happy to Aeroflot bash anytime , it's what Aeroflot represents.

Delta lacks a world class alliance partner. We're all hoping that DL will pull through and get a world-class alliance partner (such as the recent BA rumors), so it's disappointing to see another non-world-class airline joining the DL gang. Even though I'm sure SU is better than the stories, they are by no means world-class.

Look at oneworld: British Airways is a world-class airline. Qantas is a world-class airline. Cathay is a world-class airline.

Look at Star: Singapore is a world-class airline. Lufthansa is a world-class airline. Air New Zealand is a world-class airline.

Now look at DL's friends: (blank)

Now look at DL's former friends: Swissair is a world-class airline.
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Aeroflot! noway; I agree SQ is terrific, especially where they go, but their business class doesn't compare to BusElite

Check out the DL#1915 May 19 post; I was there, and would love to know the official DL report of that flight...there must be some sort of log or report for flights that go so very wrong

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If "DL/SR/SN/SQ/NZ...that'd be a hell of an alliance", maybe DL/SU/AF/Korean would be the "UNHOLY ALLIANCE"--just a FT Evangelist's view

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(too) many here seem to underestimate (or not know, or both) what happened and will happen in Russia and with Aeroflot.

Yes, they are still behind other major airlines, but they are really on the move (upwards) very, very fast.

... and philforest knows (I think), that I have a russian degree too (from my swiss university, she, the teacher, was a beautiful looking woman), but having used that russian knowledge, unfortunately very seldom, I could just read the Prawda headlines nowadays and not be a big help with philforest's check-in-russian-test of employees.
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No, I didn't know, but I do now. My test would probably have been simply to say "Hello" (I'm not sure I can even transliterate it any longer, but how about "Zdravstvuitye?"). I'm sure you could still do that. At one point, I think I did say "Chto?") and got no response. However, I can't imagine DL putting agents at an SU desk who didn't speak at least a little Russian.
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Is Leroy right about AF signing the agreement? Can anyone back it up? Those pesky French, always getting us Americans wrapped up in their "Alliances"...

I'm actually excited about Aeroflot. I've been looking for an excuse to do a weekender to get some good Vodka.

(removing tongue from cheek before I offend anyone else)
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Having been to the Ukraine and Russia several times in the last few years, I'm still a bit wary of flying on "Aeroflop" (mispelling intentional!). However, I am excited to see that Air Canada is leaving their AA alliance on October 1 and hooking up with Delta instead. DL,AF,AC is a good start on a new alliance. Still unhappy about their losing the Qualifyer group (especially SwissAir and Austrian) and they definitely still need somebody like Singapore, Cathay Pacific or Air New Zealand to help out the other side of the world.
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