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Best awards program for skyteam earning

Best awards program for skyteam earning

Old Jul 20, 11, 3:11 am
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Best awards program for skyteam earning

Apologies if such a thread already exists, found a very handy thread in the *A forum about different programs but couldn't see one here so i'll go ahead and make this post!

Just wondering what you would all suggest as being the superior skyteam program would be to earn points mostly using China Eastern/China Southern and the occasional Korean Air flight?

Around 35-50k miles per year consisting of a few Australia - PVG/PEK flights as well as domestic china. I guess easiest in terms of earning status but also award flights/upgrades.

Thanks very much!
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Old Jul 20, 11, 7:32 am
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Hi mate,

1. Regarding status, it very much depends on the booking class you are typically going to fly in. As a rough guide: is it going to be
- very cheap Economy
- cheap Economy
- medium-prcied Economy
- expensive Economy
- cheap Business
- expensive Business
- First?

Depending on this, miles (and, consequently, status) will differ with different programs. If you are not flying cheap Economy, it should be possible for you to achieve Skyteam Elite +, albeit not necessarily with an Asian FFP.

2. Regarding upgrades: Unless you fly expensive Economy fares and do not care whether you use your miles wisely, you will find that within Skyteam upgrade rules are only reasonable if you would like to upgrade on the very airline that your FFP is from. So this should make you have a close look at China Southern, China Eastern, or Korean's FFP. (You might also wish to consider flying with CI (via TPE) as they are going to join Skyteam in September. Note, however, that currently you can earn status with them only by flying CI. But this might well change once they have joined Skyteam.)
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Old Jul 21, 11, 12:18 am
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It partly depends on what fare class you are booking. If business you are fine, if economy, many discounted fare codes (in particular Chinese domestic flights) on both China Eastern and China Southern credit at 0% to partner programs.

I can't speak about the ease of upgrades, but (assuming you're located in Australia) the rate for Economy-Business upgrade between South Pacific and China is 30,000 on China Eastern (http://www.easternmiles.com/uk/consume/airplan.jsp) and 35,000 on China Southern (http://skypearl.csair.com/en/index_3-21_en.html).

Status on China Southern requires less flying (http://skypearl.csair.com/en/member2_en.html) than with China Eastern (http://www.easternmiles.com/uk/east/vip.jsp)

If you pick another program, you'd have to be buying full Y fares (often more than discounted business) on both China Southern and Korean Air to use a Skyteam upgrade (http://www.skyteam.com/en/Why-SkyTea...-Redeem-Miles/).

Reasons you might pick other programs:

- under Korean's Skypass, after you have flown 500,000 miles on Skyteam carriers, you earn "Morning Calm Club" which grants you lifetime Skyteam Elite Plus status i.e. lounge access etc) - although Korean has lots of blackout dates on point redemptions
- if you're a QFF member, assume you live in Australia. In which case Delta is also an option, particularly if their joint venture with Virgin Australia results in frequent flyer reciprocity i.e. you'll be able to earn Delta miles and status when you take Virgin Australia flights, as well as crediting CZ, MU and KE flights to DL. Being a US program, there are more point earning opportunities (there's even a limited online shopping portal with Australian retailers although earn rates aren't great - https://asiashopping.delta.com/en/). DL has a three tier award structure about which there are many complaints in the DL forum, so recommend you check out the vibe there.
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Old Jul 21, 11, 4:41 am
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Cheers mate, excellent information! Might take a look at Delta or QFF option considering it's often a mix of discount Y/business
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Old Jul 21, 11, 7:49 am
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Originally Posted by dommod View Post
or QFF option
If you mean Virgin Australia option, that won't work for Skyteam airlines other than Delta. They are like Australia's equivalent of Alaska Airlines, with partnerships with two Star airlines (SQ and NZ), one Skyteam (DL) and one non-aligned (Etihad). The partnership with DL has only just received government approval so reciprocity is not in place yet.

The other thing would be to see whether anyone has any new advice in this thread - http://www.flyertalk.com/forum/other...-southern.html
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Old Jul 27, 11, 10:31 am
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Though CZ requires less miles/segments than MU, flying cheap economy fares won't count as a segment in the CZ program while MU counts them as at least half a segment.

Use the CZ program, fly MU/FM/CZ cheap eco fare earns only 40% miles and 0 segments. Very cheap far = nothing to earn.
Use MU program, fly MU/FM cheap eco earns 50% miles and 1 segment (until end of the year there is even a promotion that even cheaper fares earn 30% and count as half a segment)
Use MU program, fly CZ cheap earns 40% miles and counts as half a segment

In case you fly domestic flight to/from Beijing Nanyuan Airport also flights with China United (KN) are elligible for status miles/segment under the MU program, as far as I know they don't count for anything under the CZ program.
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Old Aug 10, 11, 10:15 pm
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I'm in the same situation... looking for a SkyTeam miles-accruing setup via Asia-U.S. flights. I was thinking of pool in DL, but with miles-qualifying flights restricted to expensive fare class buckets, I'm not sure if it makes sense anymore:

A discounted, non-miles-qualifying "V-fare" CAN-LAX r/t ticket on CZ costs ~$850. The same flight, but in miles-qualifying "H-fare" prices out at almost $1500.
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Old Aug 26, 11, 8:53 am
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Not wanting to Hijack this thread but I asked on the Star alliance thread and got unsurprisingly Star Alliance answers. Can anyone help me with the following (apologies for the cross posting if you read both threads).

I've just moved jobs and looks like I'll be doing a lot more travel to the far east. Not really been taking my current flyer memberships seriously so need some advice. What scheme will get me quickest access to silver level?

(1) What is your home airport? EDI or GLA (so can change various places eg LHR, LGW, CDG, AMS)
(2) What types of fares do you usually buy ? Premium Economy
(3) How many miles do you usually fly each year? approx 50k
(4) Do you have any kind of status at present? What is it? not anything worth writing home about.
(5) What is most important to you in a FFP? Lounge access, upgrades
(6) Which routes do you fly most often GLA or EDI->Taiwan, Korea and Japan 4 or 5 trips a year total. GLA or EDI -> LHR 4 or 5 trips a year, GLA or EDI to STR couple of times a year.
(7) Preferred Airlines Something with decent premium economy to Asia
(8) Do you travel for work or pleasure? Work, choice at the moment is economy or premium economy but should be allowed some business class travel from next year (assume not for now).

The star alliance guys recommended Turkish Airlines, Aegean Airlines and Thai Airways but I wasn't sure if I would be better with Flying Blue or Korean Air. Any advice?

Thanks in advance.
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