*A vs SkyTeam for TLV


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*A vs SkyTeam for TLV

Here is the situation:

I am moving to TLV and debating between *A or SkyTeam as my primary alliance. I along with my family heading over from the US will almost always be buying biz class tickets--although being able to upgrade would be helpful.

SkyTeam has the DL non-stops to TLV from JFK and ATL
*A has the AC/CO from YYZ and EWR

can anybody give me a big picture of which is the better alliance...it seems like *A has the better airlines but how easy is the redemption. Which is the best airline to have my "master" FF Acct with?

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One of the key questions is how often you will travel longhaul. Earning status with *A is harder than with some of the Skyteam FFPs, so that might be worth taking into account.
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*A is the best alliance inTLV. That's because:
North america
*A has 3-4 daily flights:
  • AC 4-7 weekly to YYZ, with the new seats.
  • CO 2 daily to EWR. All CO flights will have the new BF by Dec.
  • US daily to PHL. US has envoy suites on most TLV flights, and will have on all of them starting Nov.
ST has 1-2 daily flights:
  • DL daily 744 to JFK.
  • DL 5-7 weekly B772 to ATL with the older seats.
ST operates to TLV only with short-haul aircrafts with european business class. *A operate to TKV with many kinds of aircrafts. These destinations are operated by wide-bodies: ZRH, VIE, FRA, MUC. These with narrow-bodies: BRU, BCN, IST (and more)

regarding award avialability to the US: I have no experience with ST, but with *A - Award availability to the US with LH, LX & OS is very easy to find, with US it is easy but harder than the previous airlines and with CO, AC it is impossible to find awards. That is in business class

Hope I helped.
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