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My Sixt Account Shows My Rental Still 'Out', 2 Weeks Later

My Sixt Account Shows My Rental Still 'Out', 2 Weeks Later

Old Jun 22, 22, 9:02 am
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My Sixt Account Shows My Rental Still 'Out', 2 Weeks Later

This Sixt Platinum returned my car about 2 weeks ago, as booked, scheduled and planned to EWR. Was a completely vanilla reservation--3 days, midweek, picked up from EWR and returned to EWR as I do several times a year. Annoyed I had to wait nearly 45 minutes for a car upon arrival, but other than that, pretty standard. About an hour before my scheduled return time, I pulled into the EWR lot to return with a long line of cars in front of (and eventually) behind me. The poor agent--only guy around, said just leave the keys and they'll check it in later. Forgot about it until I logged in over this past weekend to shop for my next trip, and this EWR rental still shows up as 'active', and a big red notice that says (paraphrased) "You're 10 days past due" (it now says 13 and counting).

Called the toll-free number and the off-shore (sounded like it) agent transferred my call and it rang and rang...Eventually hanging up. Called back. Told that agent that I didn't want to get transferred again like I was previously, he put me on hold and eventually hung up. Was a bit steaming mad because even to get through to someone was 23 minutes the first time and nearly the same. On my third call, I was lucky enough to get a US-based agent, whom I told about my last 2 experiences. She was great and opened a 'ticket' number for me and sent a message to the EWR branch manager who was supposed to call me the next day. I'm still waiting for that call.

Their customer service has always been atrocious, but this takes it to a new level. I'm not panicked, because I'll also say as a PSA/warning to others--This isn't the first time I've been told just to leave the car (not just with Sixt--has also happned with Hertz and National since the pandemic). When that happens, I always take unmistakable photos of the car's dashboard and windshield showing the return area, and when possible, a company agent/employee somewhere in the background too (plus all 4 sides of the car showing that there was no new damage during my possession. If the car has GPS, I'll also take a pic of the GPS showing the time and location of the car (in their own lot). I used to do this for the mileage and gas in case they came back later and said the tank wasn't full, but now it has a secondary purpose--to show I returned the stupid car as planned.

I sent my collection of photos to their basic reservations e-mail (sixt.usa.whatever) and I finally received a reply this morning. They apparently have some software issues where returned cars are not showing as returned, even though they are. And they warned that a receipt won't be available until said computer issue is resolved. While I'm not 100% comfortable with what's going on, I've at least got a paper trail, a (useless, apparently) ticket number, my photos and their acknowledgment that the problem seems to be on them.

So, a word to the wise in case you're seeing the same on your rental, and a PSA reminder to always take photos--you never know what crap they might pull! Maybe I'll check back and report if/when the rental actually clears itself out.

The last thing I want is to not only not pay more for this alleged 'extended' rental, but I also don't want to even be remotely associated with anyone driving the vehicle now.
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Old Jun 22, 22, 9:17 am
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Sorry to hear you had issues, but great advice regarding taking precautions by documenting your return with pictures that clearly show when and where the vehicle was returned. Hopefully, others will read and heed your advice.
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A lot of us had similar issues due to the recent cyber attacks: See this thread

Sixt website - access of all/certain bookings - FlyerTalk Forums

Mods: maybe combine the 2 threads in one and change the title to SIX IT Issues or something like that.
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