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Wanderlust_Flyer Mar 19, 19 10:21 pm

Sixt Supplemental and Comprehensive Insurance
Thinking about booking a car in the US from Sixt, read somewhere to use the UK/EU's site because it includes comprehensive insurance and supplemental liability. After checking both versions of SIXT's site, the European site includes Supp and Comp for the same price as the US site w/o any of those options. I am a US citizen but was just wondering if I booked from the euro site, would they still honor the comp & supp included in the price. Does anybody have any input on this?

The only other similar situation I could think of, was people buying Norwegian Airline tickets on the Norwegian website because its cheaper than the US site. Norwegian does honor that.

UAPremExecflyer Mar 20, 19 10:17 am

The issue is not whether you can purchase from the UK/EU site.
The issue is - if you have an accident and need to make a claim - whether the insurance will be valid.
And the answer - for a US resident - is invariably no. The insurer would reject your eligibility.
You would be on the hook potentially for a very large claim against you.
So, do you want to take that risk?

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