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20/21MAY24 SQ321 LHR-SIN diverts to BKK [due to severe turbulence]

20/21MAY24 SQ321 LHR-SIN diverts to BKK [due to severe turbulence]

Old May 26, 2024, 9:51 pm
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Originally Posted by Stratoliner777
There is probably an element of optics -- maybe the largest element -- to shifting the meal service timings. It shows that "they are responding" to this event. But shifting the meal timings by many hours is going to wreak havoc with passenger comfort (especially as those meals are usually well-timed to the different time zones / potential jet lag / etc.)

I hope and expect that they will make further adjustments down the line. Moving a breakfast service up 5 hours before landing, when it was usually probably around 90 min to 2 hours prior, is just not going to cut it. Passengers need to maximise sleep and have a proper meal before arrival.
I also take SQ325 or 327 a few times a year and the meal prior to landing in SIN is usually the more "underwhelming" one in my book (BTC from FRA & MUC is meh, inflight menu is breakfast IIRC even for SQ325 which arrives in the afternoon in SG).
As someone else suggested, usually I ask the crew to let me sleep and if I wake up in time, I will skip the main dish and just ask for the fruits, yoghurt and a tea on one tray around 60mins prior to landing (kind of the continental/ express breakfast concept). Done.
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Old May 27, 2024, 12:25 pm
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9V-SWM flew home yesterday (May 26). Departed 10:49 am and landed at 1:39 PM.

Per Flight Radar, it pulled up in a bay around this part of the airport:

I wonder how long she will be out of commission?

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Old May 27, 2024, 8:24 pm
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I suspect that the plane will be out of commission only as long as it takes to fix up the interior damage. Its quite likely that the airframe is in ready condition to resume service after a full set of checks are performed.

Whether SQ chooses the repaint the aircraft from its Star Alliance livery, as has been rumored, is unclear. But that seems unnecessary to me.

Meanwhile heres a new clip of Richard Quest interviewing a former 777 pilot about SQs new seatbelt policies:

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Old May 28, 2024, 11:16 am
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Well I was on SQ BRU-SIN on saturday and can only confirm was has been said brewkfast was put forward more than 5h30 before landing was it bumpy after that .? Not at all it seems it is new SQ policy to bring forward breakfast service basicaly you get lunch or diner out of europe and get breakfast 3hrs after that.. not only that but they really wake you up for it.. do I feel safer with that new policy NO . will I fly SQ again . NO for sure!
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Old May 28, 2024, 4:38 pm
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Originally Posted by alexduport
Well I was on SQ BRU-SIN on saturday and can only confirm was has been said… brewkfast was put forward more than 5h30 before landing… was it bumpy after that ….? Not at all … it seems it is new SQ policy to bring forward breakfast service… basicaly you get lunch or diner out of europe and get breakfast 3hrs after that….. not only that but they really wake you up for it….. do I feel safer with that new policy… NO …. will I fly SQ again …. NO for sure!
Yes this kneejerk reaction is less than ideal to sleeping patterns. I'm going to be flying SQ J from Europe back to Singapore in a couple of weeks. Can anyone confirm if:
- the crew would announce when breakfast would take place?
- it's possible to notify them to skip breakfast at the start of the flight?
- can ask the crew to "withhold" breakfast to be served later?
- else, can ask for any of the midflight snacks after breakfast service is over?
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Old May 28, 2024, 6:13 pm
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Just wondering, are there any specific changes to the food & beverage service to SQ24?
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Old May 28, 2024, 9:53 pm
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SQ34 today timing of meals was normal, with the pre-arrival meal service starting a little over 2 hours prior to arrival. FAs were also pretty good about finishing service when seatbelt light came on (as opposed to an immediate cut-off).

I will say the pilots were very conservative with the seatbelt sign, and turned it on for very mild chop then left it on for a long time. I'm assuming things will normalize with time.
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Old May 29, 2024, 4:39 am
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New article from BBC News

Singapore Airlines plane dropped 178 feet (54 meters) in five seconds - report


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From Singapore transport report.. Key words area of developing convective activity. As I said before other aircraft in the area went to the RIGHT of the rapidly developing storms. SQ 321 did not.

SQ321 departed London on 20 May 24 and the flight was normal prior to the turbulence event. At 07:49:21 hr (UTC) on 21 May 24, the aircraft was passing over the south of Myanmar at 37,000 ft and likely flying over an area of developing convective activity. The Gravitational force (G), recorded as vertical accelerations, fluctuated between positive (+ve) 0.44G and +ve 1.57G for a period of about 19 sec. (This would have caused the flight to begin to experience slight vibration).

Around the same time as the onset of the slight vibration, an uncommanded increase in aircraft altitude, reaching a peak of 37,362 ft, was recorded. In response to this uncommanded altitude increase, the autopilot pitched the aircraft downwards to descend back to the selected altitude of 37,000 ft. In addition, the pilots observed an uncommanded increase in airspeed which they arrested by extending the speed brakes. While managing the airspeed, at 07:49:32 hr, it was heard that a pilot called out that the fasten seat belt sign had been switched on.
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Old May 29, 2024, 5:41 am
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Originally Posted by mach92
. As I said before other aircraft in the area went to the RIGHT of the rapidly developing storms. SQ 321 did not.
I've taken a look at the replay of SQ321 at the time of the incident on FR24 but I'm not sure which other flights you are referring to. Can you share the callsigns of these flights that changed course?

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These reports and initial findings continue to support what I suspected which is that this wasn't CAT at all, the latest report reports nearly 8 seconds of warning before hitting this area, making me think again it was convective thunderstorm activity and associated winds.

I assume many of us have been on aircrafts where we have been flying JUST above a thunderstorm cell and had that momentary "clip" when you dip into a buldge in the clouds for a second. I wonder if thats what happened here. I had that happen on a flight from EZE to the US once and for about 4-6 seconds the turbulence was INTENSE and you could tell unexpected (was dark) then as soon as we cleared the little area of cloud that was high enough to be in our flight path, it returned to being smooth as glass. It was so unexpected by the time the pilot switched on the sign, we were out of it.
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Seat belts?

Originally Posted by crazy8534
Thai press agency apparently saying there were 30 people injured in addition to the fatality.
Turbulence, especially on international flights can hit suddenly. But I have noticed even when the Captain encourages to keep seat belt fastened, not everyone does. Even when he mentions possible Turbulence they don't all fasten. So when I read "head hitting ceiling" and injuries, I can't help but wonder if the rest of the 201 folks who were not injured was because they kept seat belts on?

I know I will definitely be more diligent in future. The pilot has to deal with keeping the plane in control so we need to do our part.

Such a tragedy.
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Originally Posted by HkCaGu
According to the analysis of AA pilot Juan Browne (YouTube video "0UYNFthOx1o"), a strong thunderstorm cell can block the signal of another cell behind it because strong radar beam reflections reduces the signal from behind. (Just look at any strong typhoon/hurricane/TC offshore on radar and you'll notice.) The second cell on the eastern half of the Burmese peninsula that SQ321 went through was apparently what caused this incident. So (1) I don't think the pilots had considerable notice, (2) any Burmese ground weather radar data go into the cockpit, (3) Burmese ATC would suggest routings. Nowadays geostationary weather satellites scan speed can outperform ground radars, and the aviation industry should improve data availability so they don't need onboard radar to see the rapidly developing second cell behind the first.
[Text deleted by moderator]

Juan's analysis made a lot of sense.

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Old May 29, 2024, 3:54 pm
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Concerns over SQs new rules have made it into their hometown newspaper of record:


The article notes passengers giving poor ratings for the new service flow, an anecdote about being served breakfast 6 (!) hours before landing, and meal services being interrupted and then rushed when allowed to resume.
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Old May 29, 2024, 4:26 pm
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Originally Posted by Beano
Would the passenger (or their insurance) be liable for payment of medical cost or would Singapore Airline pay for that cost ?
The airline said it is committed to supporting the passengers and crew members on board SQ321, including covering their medical and hospital expenses, as well as any additional help they may need. [Straits Times]

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