Booking Advice JFK-MLE

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Booking Advice JFK-MLE

My wife and I are currently planning a 10th anniversary trip to the Maldives with a layover in Singapore. After having kids we've had to limit our travel, but we have not limited our miles collecting so I have about 650k miles that are convertible into KrisFlyer miles (I could probably get close to 700k by the end of the year), so we'd like to be in first class as much as possible. We are looking to take the trip in January 2021 so that leaves us a little while to plan. I have been poking around the SIngapore Airlines website and looking at blogs, but I find the whole booking process confusing. I was hoping someone could answer a few questions:

1) It seems the SIN to MLE leg of the trip is only available in business class. On the airline website every time I tried to do a dummy booking it converted all the legs of the trip to business class. Do I have to book the trip as two separate trips (i.e. the US to SIN flights in first class, and the SIN to MLE flights in business class) or is there a way to possibly book first class to SIN and business class to MLE all on one ticket. Does it actually make a difference in terms of the number of points required?

2) Given the limited number of first class seats available, I am guessing I will have to book 12 months in advance to the day as soon as the schedule opens up. Does the airline release seats at midnight Singapore time or another time zone? Does the airline even release first class reward seats at that time or do I have to waitlist and then wait until 2 weeks before the departure to find out if we got them? I'm guessing I will have to book the departure tickets 12 months in advance of the departure and then wait the 2 weeks until 12 months before our return to book the return tickets.

3) Am I correct in my assumption that if first class seats are not immediately available, I should waitlist the first class legs of the trip while booking a business class seat, then if the first class waitlist request clears I can cancel the business class ticket and apply my miles to the first class ticket?

4) Is there any way to increase my chances of clearing the waitlist or even clearing the waitlist more than 2 weeks before the flights? I was hoping that maybe calling the airline and explaining that it is a 10th anniversary trip may help. but I am sure they hear things like that all the time.

5) What is the best city to depart from the US in terms of first class availability? Ideally we'd prefer to depart from JFK as we are located on the east coast, but is there is a better likelihood of getting first class if we leave from the west coast?

6) What is the airline’s policy on layovers? We’d like to spend a few days exploring Singapore, so I was hoping to have our flight from Singapore to Male be the day after we arrive in Singapore and then to spend 2-3 days in Singapore after departing Male before heading back to the US. Perhaps this is a reason to book the Singapore and Male legs separately, but as I asked above, will this cost me extra miles compared to adding in a layover.

I realize that I am asking a lot of questions, but I am thankful for any advice that may be shared. Its been so long since my wife and I went on vacation alone and I want to go all out for this trip!
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If my memory serves me right there is no first class on SQ from SIN to MLE. Only business class.
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Originally Posted by dav662 View Post
If my memory serves me right there is no first class on SQ from SIN to MLE. Only business class.
Sorry that is what I meant when I said only business class was available on the SIN/MLE legs of the trip.

Summarizing my earlier post, my question is what is the easiest/ most point efficient / highest likelihood of getting first class way of booking this trip?

A) A roundtrip ticket from JFK (or another US city) to MLE with a layover in SIN - Is it possible to even do this if first class is not available on the SIN/MLE legs?

B) Two one way tickets JFK to MLE and then MLE to JFK - This has the same concern as in A above with first class and business class tickets.

C) A round trip JFK to SIN ticket and then a SIN to MLE roundtrip ticket - My concern here is that I'd like to book the tickets exactly twelve months out to get the best chance of first class. I'm guessing that booking a roundtrip would require I wait until the return leg is bookable which would mean the first leg would have been for sale for 10-14 days and might not be available anymore.

D) 4 one way tickets JFK to SIN, SIN to MLE, MLE to SIN, SIN to JFK - This method would offer the most flexibility in making the bookings, but I am concerned it would cost the most miles.
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If this routing is allowable (ie no back-tracking issues), then you should be able to book in a single round trip with a free stopover in Singapore for saver rates.

You should be able to pay the first class rate for the entire journey (JFK - MLE and back) for 160k miles per person (each way), and book in any class, as long as there is at least one segment in first class.

Edited: Otherwise, separate would be like SIN - JFK for 132k in F (each way), and SIN - MLE for 39k in J (each way)

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1). You can do mixed class booking (first n business) but only via phone booking. Usually award open 355 days out? At Singapore midnight time I think。you can monitor the exact timing first. .
so Either you call in immediately once the date is available.
But frankly speaking, it might be better for you to book online first for JFK-SIN to at least secure the seats. (If you call n someone else book online at same time, they might get it first). Also try to be flexible with the date. Guess SQ only release 2 saver seats in suite

Once you secure the JFK-SIN (first class suite), call in and ask the agent to add the SIN-MLE leg in business class. If they are able to add, then you will save 11k mile per person. If can’t I think it is still worth paying the extra 11k miles rather than paying the advantage rate. Be sure to add your partner as the redemption nominee in advance.

2) for the return, I think it will be better for you to book separately. MLE-SIN in business. Once the date for SIN-JFK open up, book online immediately. The additional mile difference is 11k per person

if you book with stopover, you will have to pay us$100/pax for stopover fee (no free stopover for saver) and you will have to call in add the stopover n to book the SIN-JFK suites. So either you pay Us$100 per pax or pay additional 11k/pax
for the risk of missing out on seats, I would rather book separately.
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add on, not sure whether Jan is a popular month or not. Sometime for popular date, SQ might not even release saver seats. Some time it only allow saver waitlist. And chance of clearing for saver suite, no one know. It all depend on the demand.

Also JFK is the best chance as it have 12 suites on the A380. For west coast, they are using the 777-300 (non direct flight) with only 4 first class seats(non-suite) . (Usually will release only one saver). Other direct flight from west coast does not have first class.

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Thank you everyone for all the good advice! I can't wait to book these tickets! If anyone has any other pointers it would be much appreciated!
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