PE seat comfort comparison (SQ vs CX vs BR)

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PE seat comfort comparison (SQ vs CX vs BR)

Hi folks: I have never been in the PE cabin before, but I am going to attend a conference and some meetings in Asia. The Biz fares for SFO-HKG (HKG is my first destination) for my dates are sky high (no availability anyway on decent airlines), and therefore I will fly PE (BR, CX, or SQ).

Is seems like BR upgraded their seats so that the leg rests aren't just provided for the first row, but I cannot find solid evidence for this. Also, have their extended the length of leg rest at all? I checked their website, but it doesn't show a good photo of the actual seats.

Ditto for CX for their long-haul aircrafts? I Googled reviews on CX PE but many articles are about the "old" seats. However, what I am afraid of is that CX may swap aircrafts with the dated seats for my flight without notice. On the cx website, again, there's no actual photo showing the whole layout of the seat. Also, I really don't like their regional J product.

What about SQ (SQ 1 and SQ 2: 777, not A380 or A350)--seems like the seats provide a calf rest and foot rest? I don't care too much about the "book the cook" bonus; I mainly am concerned about seat comfort. I browsed some threads in this forum, and it seems like many folks aren't happy with the SQ seat. Yet, how much more uncomfortable is it compared to CX's and BR's?

Thanks very much. I am sure a similar question has been asked many times before, but the answers are somewhat dated and likely do not reflect the current status of these products.
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