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Originally Posted by LTN Phobia View Post
I've not bothered with the PPS Connect because I've never needed to hold to SQ anyway. Sometimes benefits don't seem like benefits because they are good even without using it (I think they have a prioritisation system based on the membership number input? ...)
It would appear to be so. After I changed jobs and soft-landed from QPPS to KF *G last year, I called in from Singapore during the usual hours to assign a seat on an economy ticket booked under the group fare class (can't manage booking using the website, no award miles, etc, the lowest of the low). Punched in my KF number.

First hint that things were different: hold time was longer; accent at the other end of the line wasn't the familiar Singaporean one. I asked for a "forward window please". She kept quiet for a bit and asked me what I had meant by "forward". Fair enough. I replied, "A seat as far front of the economy cabin as possible."

Then she asked, "What is a window?"

As I retold this story to a friend, he chuckled, "Oh you've been connected to the plebeian line."
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The only PPS benefits I find of any value are:
1) you can select the superior front row seats in J at booking time
2) "waitlisted" awards are almost always confirmed immediately (unless the relevant cabin is full or nearly so)
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I like the perks when I have to slum it in the back on regional flights
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