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chasingthedream Mar 10, 13 12:26 am

without intending to cause further conflict and neither is it my intention to cause further infamamtions in the online community..

Firstly, i am not a lawyer considered to be admitted into the Uk bar association nor have i been admitted into the Uk supreme court/high court. Any comments here are not intended to be specific advise and any persons wishing to rely on advise given on these forums should first seek proper legal advise.

That being said, i have never heard of any court trying to enforce a limited liability waiver onto the plantiff in this case for what appears to be a statutory obligation assuming the matter goes for arbitration and the writer's friend obtains judgement. Admittedly, there appears to be confusion on both SQ as well as the customer end as to whether this EU claim falls under contractual or statutory obligation. SQ obviously thinks its a contractual issue.

Small claims like any tribunal/court can ,however,make it a consent order if the plantiff chooses to sign the limited release waiver but as mentioned, the writer is best advise to consult a lawyer within the right jurisdiction for appropriate advise.

Silver Fox Mar 10, 13 12:30 am

Just sign it. And stop watching the Good Wife. :)

Singapore_Air Mar 11, 13 11:21 pm

Not that this airline is any example to aspire to but the dreadful Alitalia has similar language in my experience.

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