Tight Connection - is this possible?


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Tight Connection - is this possible?

TG 432
dep 4.20pm
arr 7.30pm

SQ 981
dep 9.00pm
arr 12.25am

This will give me under 90 minutes to transfer in Bangkok.

I realize it would make more sense to skip BKK and fly DPS-SIN non-stop, but my return ticket is BKK-SIN-LAX. Is it possible for me to cancel just one leg of that ticket, from BKK to SIN?
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If this flights are on same ticket - you are good. If on separate tickets - can be risky, but doable if flights are on time.

I did similar ( and shorter ) connections on separate tickets in BKK and SIN and always made it.

Of course, if the first flight is heavily delayed - it may be in issue.

But if you are on single ticket - I would not worry even a bit.


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90 minutes isnt a problem. Your bags will be tagged through, and you will just clear a security check at BKK before being back airside. Even if you have the longest possible walks, you can make the connection in ~40 minutes with time to spare. 90, and you'll have enough time to visit a lounge (or two)
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90 min is more than adequate at BKK - even when you are on 2 separate tickets. Dont worry!

I understand that you prefer to skip BKK-SIN on your onward connection/separate ticket and fly only SIN-LAX (and presumably DPS-SIN rather than DPS-BKK).

This will not work. If you no-show for BKK-SIN, all remaining flights will be cancelled (incl. SIN-LAX). There is no other way than to fly DPS-BKK-SIN-LAX, sorry. It is not possible to cancel only the first leg of your onward ticket.
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If SIN - LAX is on SQ, have you gone into an SQ Office to explain the situation - perhaps see if they can re-route BKK-SIN to DPS-SIN?

You definitely cannot just miss your BKK-SIN flight, but if you are pro-active, something good may come from it (i.e. 6 hours less in the air, more time in Bali!).
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Will the travel be before 10th August? One of the runways at BKK will be closed between now and then, and this could cause delays, and may be worth factoring into your decision.

Also: if you do have the flights on separate tickets and will have checked luggage - a question worth asking - will TG definitely interline bags to SQ? I know they are both in star alliance, but I have encountered some carriers who won't interline to other star carriers if on different tickets. I have feeling TG do, I am sure others can advise with more certainty if they do or don't. (If they don't interline and you will have checked luggage - 90 mins is definitely not long enough at BKK).
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Thank you for the comments and suggestions.

The flights are on 2 separate tickets. I've flown TG/SQ previously and had no problems with bags being transferred between the two airlines.
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