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Transportation Voucher / vouchers / "MCO" FAQ and master thread (consolidated)

Transportation eVouchers

Link to eVouchers Terms and Conditions page

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General Information

Glossary: MCO - Miscellaneous Charges Order

AA issues e-vouchers to those in US 50 states, US Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico as of 28 Nov 2019. Printed green vouchers are still used for those residing elsewhere at this time.

Transportation vouchers issued by American Airlines or American EagleŽ are valid for travel on American Airlines, American Eagle and American Airlines codeshare flights (AA*).

These vouchers are also valid for travel on oneworldŽ itineraries (including oneworld affiliates that must be booked as a codeshare flight marketed by a oneworld carrier) where American Airlines or American Airlines codeshare flights (AA*) is the international carrier.

Note: For oneworld itineraries, international flights are defined as transatlantic, transpacific and flights to and from South America. Flights to and from Alaska, Canada, Mexico, Caribbean, or Central America are not included.

Travel agents may accept American Airlines vouchers (042/043) for full or partial payment for a ticket as an "exchange" document/ticket. If the voucher is less than the ticket the additional monies are collected. If the voucher exceeds the ticket cost an MCO will be issued for the difference as a residual indicating non-refundable and for American Airlines transportation only. Valid one year from date of issue ((you must encumber the voucher before one year has expired since issuance*). There is no change fee / ASC associated with using a voucher. Updated 18 Feb 2015.)

The original post, provided by member IceTrojan, has been placed here so members can edit and update as necessary. Information below has not necessarily been updated; be aware.

FAQ: AA Vouchers

Q. How do vouchers work on AA?

They are treated just like cash towards valid purchases.

Q. What can I use the vouchers on?
  • Airfare on American Airlines (inc. American Eagle), codeshares, and oneworld itineraries where AA is the international/"governing" carrier.
  • 500-mile domestic upgrade stickers (at the airport only).
  • Co-payments for upgrades or reduced mileage awards.
  • Excess baggage fees.
  • Special handling fees (e.g. checked pets), with a traveling passenger (i.e. not cargo).
  • Change fees, provided an additional collection of the fare is also being made.
There are special considerations if you are located in the following countries (may not be up to date):
  • In the UK, Belgium, Germany and France, vouchers are accepted for Net fares.
  • In Switzerland, vouchers are accepted on Q and L class Net fares only.
  • In Ireland, vouchers are accepted in Q, O and L class Net fares only.
Q. Can I use American Airlines travel vouchers to purchase a vacation package from AAVacations?

Yes, travel vouchers can be used toward the American Airlines and American Eagle flight portion of your trip, but may not be used to purchase any of the non-flight components of your trip such as hotels, rental cars, transfers, activities or insurance. Travel vouchers are not currently accepted online, but may be redeemed by calling AAVacations at 1-800-489-4810.

Q. Can I use the vouchers for ANYTHING else?


Q. Really?

Yes, really.

Q. Are there restrictions on purchasing airfare?

Unlike other airlines that place restrictions on certain fares/dates/times/routes, AA vouchers are just like cash, so you can use them to buy all fares that are available for purchase.

Q. How long do I have to use the vouchers?

One (1) year from date of issuance.

Q. What if I lose a voucher?

Sorry, you're out of luck. Treat your vouchers like cash.

Q. Can I use the vouchers to buy tickets for someone else?

While vouchers are non-transferable, you may buy a ticket in someone else's name, so long as you are the one presenting the voucher (either by phone or personally at a ticket counter/office). If someone else presents the voucher, the ticket MUST be issued in the name of that on the voucher.

Q. Is there a fee for using the vouchers?

It appears that ticketing at an airport ticket office is still subject to a charge of $30, unless you are EXP.

Note that if you are EXP, these "booking" fees are waived (and any Agent that tells you otherwise is wrong). (thanks SquareDanceGuy)

Note that if you have booked the ticket online and go to the airport to apply a voucher, there are no fees either, regardless of status. (thanks RogerD408)

Q. What happens to the taxes?

This depends on the type of voucher. The following voucher codes are exempt from some of the taxes: Basically, if you use these vouchers to pay for the whole cost of your fare, you will lower the overall costs as some of the taxes do not apply. (thanks uncle wiggly) If you make a partial payment with vouchers, then the associated taxes will likewise be reduced by the same proportional amount. (thanks marshall)

OU is the only voucher taxable, as it's issued against the unused portion of a ticket that has been exchanged (amongst other things). (thanks hillrider)

Q. What if the value of my vouchers exceed the value of my fare? Do I lose it? (thanks ffay005)

Unlike some* other airlines, you do NOT lose the residual value of your vouchers. If the residual value is more than $5, AA will mail you another voucher back as change, and this voucher is valid for one (1) year after its issuance. (thanks whynotfly) *golfmad added the word "some" based on post #440.

Q. How many vouchers can I use at one time?

According to one AAgent, nine (9) was the maximum number of vouchers accepted by the system.

Q. I bought AA tickets from a 3rd party (e.g., travel agent, internet travel site, Priceline/Hotwire). Can I use the vouchers retroactively?

Q. How long does it take to process the vouchers?

After they receive the vouchers, AA will process them within 1-3 days, so it's really dependent on how long it takes the mail to arrive to Florida. AA reservations will accept the vouchers for a phone booking, if the reservation made is at least 12 days prior to departure. It's recommended that if you need to ticket within 2 weeks that you go directly to an Airport Ticket Office, which can process your voucher/s immediately.

Q. How do I apply vouchers to a reservation I have on hold on
  1. Call Web Services at 1-800-222-2377 or 1-918-832-1384 (6:00 AM - 2:00 AM CT, 7 days a week). In the UK, call 08-45-601-0619 (8:30 AM - 5:00 PM UK time, Monday-Friday).
  2. Give them the PNR and tell them you would like to apply vouchers.
  3. They will give you instructions on how to send the vouchers in.
  4. Pay any balance with a credit card.
Q. What's the address where I send my vouchers to?
Up-to-date in Jan 2020

American Airlines
Department 109
5031 Commerce Park Circle
Pensacola, FL, 32505

Proper USPS address format.
See for addresses for pax outside the US.

On the envelope under the return address, write:
<Date of first flight, in DD Month format (e.g. 01 Jan)>

Attach a sticky note to the vouchers with the following details:
<First flight number, e.g. AA1234>

<Last name>
<Booking record locator, AKA booking reference>

(Notice: vouchers are not processed sequentially based on date of the voucher/s being received in Florida, but rather on flight dates. Flights may show as "Ticket Pending" once the voucher has been applied, and at some time prior to flight (two weeks is usual) it will show "Ticketed" and you should be able to see your ticket number, beginning with "001", in your receipt from your itinerary at or in your e-Ticket. Also notice that you should photocopy your voucher/s prior to mailing them.)

Q. What if I entered a Business Extra number?

You will have to contact Business Extra to apply the vouchers. Their number is 1-800-433-1790, and they are available 5:00 AM - 12:00 PM, CT, 7 days a week.

Q. What if I live outside the United States and I want to use vouchers?

As the vouchers are in US Dollars, it's probably most convenient to call the US reservations number for a new booking denoted in US Dollars, thus avoiding any currency conversion, except any associated with your credit card. You can call your local reservations number or visit a local Airport Ticket Office (ATO). Beware that there's not a large network of ATOs.

In all likelihood, you will be asked to mail your voucher/s to Florida, so if time is of the essence you should consider going directly to an ATO, who can process it/them immediately.

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