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Cathay Pacific information site:

If you want to hold CX to legal standing for the loss of private data, the best shot would be using EU GDPR regulations:
What to write to DPO/CX ([email protected]) according to EU GDPR in very short... (ref #177)
(if CX is seen as a HK company, then EU GDPR would apply to all EU Citizen inc valid and expired (not renounced) BNO Holders; and if CX is seen managed by John Swire & Sons Ltd in the UK via Swire, then Data Protection Act 2018 (of UK) which includes GDPR would apply to EVERYONE)
  • ask for data that CX hold on you
  • highlight specifically which data was lost
    (there's a few things you could ask them according to GPDR... refer to the website)
They have 1 month to respond or they will have to give you a reasonable timeframe where they have to respond by within the 1 month before you can go to ICO.

If you are seeking compensation from CX the loss of private data, the following sites are dealing with class action against CX (not a legal advise)
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