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Faq amex:

For existing and new cardholders
  • Changes below are effective immediately
    • 4x US grocery (25k/calendar year), 4x US dining* (*pervasive reports that many dining transactions are not coding as 4x, including but not limited to those from Square or Toast-based POS systems. Scroll down in thread for more reports and information.)
    • $120 dining credit ($10 monthly in certain restaurants)
  • No change
    • $100 calendar year airline reimbursement
  • Other
    • $250 AF (see below for existing cardholders)
    • No 2x gas (removed, see below for existing cardholders who have it till Oct 2019)
  • Metal card (contactless)
    • Rose gold card - limited edition until Jan 9 2019
    • Regular gold card

For new cardholders (Oct 4 2018 and after)
  • You may be able to find targeted/referal 50k/$2k, but first AF is not waived
  • Signup bonus: You get 20% off restaurant up to $500 restaurant spend (3 month)
  • You do not get 2x gas (only for existing cardholders, see below)

For existing cardholders (Oct 3 2018 or before)
  • AF will change to $250 for anniversary dates after April 1 2019
  • 2x gas will be removed after Oct 2019
  • You can chat/call for the gold/rosegold metal card. AU card will get whatever primary cardholder is getting, cannot be different
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