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The "upgrade year" for earning 500 mile "stickers" ends the last day of February. Though existing "stickers" (they originally were stickers applied to your ticket when you were upgraded) do not expire, your earning miles counter resets at midnight the last day of February.

Technically, that means if you had, say, 11,000 miles toward electronic upgrades (MTEU) at midnight the last day of February, you would start at zero March 1. Bitbactually, during the last few years, many Gold and Platinum members have been successful requesting prorated "stickers" - one with 11,000 MTEU would request three "stickers", since normally four would be issued at 12,500 MTEU nodes.

Expect some agents to say "no" for various invented reasons. If one does, thank them, hang up and call again.

The general rule of thumb is to call one's status line and request one "sticker" per 3,125 MTEU earned by midnight the last day of February.

For further information, see "Sticker" / 500-mile E-Upgrades & EXP "UDU" Upgrade Protocols / Questions

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