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Tips in Reading Your Walmart Receipt to Prevent Errors

1. Locate the barcode on the back of the Sunnie; this is what Wally uses to load it; somehow their system links the barcode with the account number in the background. The barcode number is what goes on your receipt.
2. Find the "loading" of the Sunnie at the BOTTOM of your receipt. (NOT the top)
3. The last four numbers of the barcode will be shown; that is how you match it to the Sunnie.

What Happens if a Clerk Attempts to Load 1 Sunnie Twice

It will tie up your CC money for 5-8 business days. It will automatically credit back at that time.

Misc. Issues

1. Reports indicate that some stores only accept cash/debit for GC. This doesn't appear to be the case in every store so YMMV.

2. In the same store (or during multiple transactions) misinformed CSRs may tell you "no credit cards." Try a different CSR, or go back.

3. If you receive a "tender not allowed" message or the first swipe didn't work, ask to try it again but don't argue the point. (For some reason, pin-enabled cards fail or take several attempts before they work.)

4. Remember: if your card didn't work and the CSR insists on seeing it or says "no CC allowed" it's best to try a different CSR, lane, or store.
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