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This is the 2017 Master thread for the "All Things Paypal" thread. The 2016 thread is here. The previous 2013-2014 megathread is here. The previous 2015 megathread is here.


Paypal MyCash $500 daily load limit resets after 12:00am EST
UPDATE: Reports are that it now resets at 3:00 AM EST (12:00 AM PST)
Paypal MyCash $4000 per calendar month load limit resets after 3:00am EST

An additional $4000 per month can be loaded using Greendot Moneypaks. See the Moneypak thread for issues with these. Limit purchases to no more than 2 x $500 at a time.

To get a live PayPal MyCash representative, call 1-855-721-5035, press 1 to all the voice prompts until it asks you for your PIN, and then press 0#, 0#, and 0#.

If you are getting error code 26 when loading MyCash to your account:1.Login to Paypal on a computer, not phone
2.Go to settings (it is the gear)
3.Choose selling tools on the left
4.Scroll down to: Block payments -- Limit payments, add instructions, and more -- and choose update
5.On the page "Payment Receiving Preferences" select the first radio button, "For the items not sold on eBay, Only allow payments from the users with confirmed address."
6.Be sure that NO is chosen
7.Save and you are done

Also - if you wait 30 minutes between purchase and loading, this usually avoids the loading error (some type of fraud control)

Activity Leading to Shutdown
- $1-2k PPMC Loads, Serve Withdrawls and some small Debit card transactions
- $4k/month PPMC loads to accounts A/B/C, let fund sit for a few days, transfer all to account D, let funds sit for a few says, ACH full $12k. Account D also used for normal (but infrequent) PP activity. Continued for about 6 months until received warning emails on all 4 accounts.

Buying/Reloading My Cash Cards

Stores Hard Coded Against Credit Reloads (Reusing Cards):
Family Dollar
Dollar General
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