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As of October 26, 2017 - the United gift registry is not accepting contributions due to system maintenance. The registry is expected to return in 2018.
Edited to add: As of November 26, 2018, it's still not working, so don't expect a return in 2018!

Reminder: you must enroll and select UA as your airline BEFORE making a reimbursable purchase. Unless you check your bags or experience change fees, United has the fewest options for reimbursement because of the codes they use for transactions. By far, the most popular means is to contribute to your Gift Registry. Click HERE to enroll.

United does not sell giftcards. As of December 2016 American Express no longer reimburses MPX transactions.

TravelBank (Gift Registry) funds can only be used on United and United Express flights. Partner flights are not eligible. UA codes contributions
to a gift registry as a "special ticket." which Amex in turn reimburses.
  1. Log into
  2. Set up a gift registry for yourself
  3. Use the link in your gift registry web page to send an announcement to your email address. This is better, faster, and more reliable than searching for your gift registry, especially if you have a common name. Even someone with an unusual surname like mre5765 has could not find his registry after creating it.
  4. Log out of
  5. Follow the Make Contribution in your gift registry email
    (**You May Reach a Generic Screen and will need to look up your Name once again at this page. Please ensure accuracy if you have a Common Name**)
  6. Contribute using your Amex platinum card

There seems to be no downside to contributing in sub-200 dollar chunks since the gift registry creates a single pool of cash. However there are lots of reports of successful fee credits from a single $200 donation. Whether done as one $200 transaction or eight $25 transactions, the result is that one will have $200 in ones TravelBank.

PLEASE NOTE: When you establish a gift registry for the first time, it will take 24 hours before the funds in the registry are available to use toward payment of a flight.

There are reports that people are having trouble finding their own gift registries after creating one. All you have to do is log into your United account from the UA homepage. Next, click on My Account. There you will see Travel Bank in the second block of info on the left hand side. Directly underneath that is your Gift Registry where you'll find a link "Manage Gift Registry." Click on that and you will be able to do whatever you want from using the funds for a ticket to adding more money, etc.

Do I have to join the Club ($25 annual fee) to use my TravelBank?
Apparently not.
Does spending TravelBank credit count towards PQD?
Yes-for revenue flights only
Airline Taxes on Award Tickets
Doesn't seem to work anymore; see post 179 and #391
Economy Plus and First Class Upgrade Fees
As of December 2016 there were conflicting posts; one stating that an upgrade to E+ coded as an "upgrade fee" and was, therefore, not reimbursed. Others said they were reimbursed as it was coded as "preferred seat upgrade." Meanwhile, there are no recent reports of an Economy Plus annual subscription being reimbursed. Upgrading from E to FC will also not be reimbursed because it codes as a passenger ticket even when done after buying the original ticket. There seems to be a distinction between seat upgrades being reimbursed, while ticket upgrades are not.
Award Accelerator
I would not risk this. The last report of being reimbursed for Award Accelerator was for $68 on October 27, 2011. Every post about Award Accelerator since has reported "No reimbursement."
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