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Please read: This is a community-maintained wiki post containing the most important information from this thread. You may edit the Wiki once you have been on FT for 90 days and have made 90 posts.
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** AA Domestic First on two cabin will earn business TPs and avios for departures on or after 11 January 2017 - see reference posts for more details **

** Note that the practice of AA Domestic 3-class service flights booking into A for 210 TPs when I was no longer available ceased in September 2017. Discussion here. **

Welcome to the thread. This is a continuation of the highly popular 2016 Tier Point thread. We keep track of other prices, as well as useful reference information for those planning tier point runs.

Please read the first few posts in this thread first as it contains lots of information which may answer your question.

This is a community-maintained wiki post. Please add important information to it or correct outdated information by clicking the "Edit" button below!

Current Promotions of Interest
Sale Fares
  • from AMS/RTM to US ILN4T7S6/INX6T7S6 reported in this post and this post, e.g. NYC - 1,461, ORD - 1,492, LAS - 1,460, needs to be booked by 25 September, see linked post for details
  • from PRG to US ILN4T8S6 reported in this post, e.g. IAD - 1,033, MIA - 1,133, ATL - 1,080, needs to be booked by 21 September, see linked post for details

Advanced Promotion Fares
  • from DUB to US ILN8C1S6 reported here, e.g. NYC - 1,472, MIA - 1,578, see linked post for details
  • froM DUB to US ILN8S4C1 reported here, e.g. JFK - 1,427, MIA - 1,532, LAS - 1,667, LAX - 1,795, HNL - 2,095, this is an advanced purchase fare so no book by deadline, see linked post for details
  • from OTP to PHX ILN8R4C1 reported here, e.g. PHX - 1,252, see linked post for details
  • from AMS to BKK INCEU60 reported here, e.g. BKK - 1,216, see linked post for details

See here in post # 8 for a 2017 archive of exEU sale fare, and see here in post # 445 for a 2016 archive of exEU sale fares.

This thread lists attractive tier point (TP) runs under 3 per TP grouped within different (departure) geographies

Please note that current availability is not guaranteed and all prices include taxes. Please use the following convention when adding tier point runs to this wiki post:
Date fare checked Price per Tier Point Total Price Total Tier Points Route Booking Classes Booking Channel Credit Notes (if applicable) Airlines

Please remember to:
  • Convert currencies to GBP, rounding to the nearest pound.
  • Post full routes and full booking classes.
  • Note any restrictions on booking in the Notes section.
  • List in order of price per tier point within the relevant departure area.

Please see the links at the bottom of the wiki for archives of runs from previous years.

From Europe

24APR 0.90/TP 400 440 TLL-BA/AY-HEL-LON-GLA-KOI-ABZ ; TLL-BA/AY-HEL-LON-GLA-SDZ-ABZ (see post #1221)
02NOV 1.33/TP 583 440 LHR-HEL-TLL/TLL-HEL-LHR-NCL//NCL-LHR-HEL-TLL/TLL-HEL-LHR IIIIIIIIII Google Flights armouredant 2 nested tickets, both other a Saturday night. BA ticket, BA & AY metal, AY A350 possible LHR-HEL
08FEB 1.33/TP 346 260 JER-LGW-RAK-LGW-RAK I/I/I/I ramops
14AUG 1.65/TP 593 360 OSL-HEL-AGP-HEL-OSL I-I-I-I ITA Flythe96flag SH J cabin + possible red-eye (!) AY
26JUL 1.81/TP 72.70 40 MAD-FRA Z Prospero 787 flat bed LA
1JAN 1.85/TP 444 240 JER-LGW/LHR-HEL J/I/I/J ITA Matrix flatlander Available most weekends first half of 2016, fare IM0R
23NOV 1.89/TP 377 200 DUB-LHR-MAD-SVQ r/t I-I-I-I-I-I ITA Lorcancoyle IM0B IB DUB to SVQ BA and IB flights (I2 for domestic under IB code), random dates in December available, A340 on some dates (helpfully pointed out by Temps that domestic Spain is only 20 TPs)
24NOV 1.91/TP 765.00 400 BUD-DOH-SHJ I/A/I/A Wozza2404 A320 QR
11AUG 2.10/TP 420 200 AMS-LHR-GLA-LSI-ABZ-LSI-GLA-LHR-AMS I/I/I/I/I/I/I/I ITA Matrix --> MrMutton
13NOV 2.56/TP 410 160 LHR-HEL ? Lorcancoyle wide open as flight+hotel, can reduce with TCB cash back BA

From North, Central and South America
26Jan 1.50/TP 960 640 LGA-CMH-DCA-PHL-RDU-CLT-ATL-MIA-PTY and return I/I/I/I/I/I/I/I/I/I/I/I/I/I/I/I ITA Matrix--> BookWithMatrix dot com --> HPN-HRL other routings available; reverse routing is 40 more - see post 388 AA
10MAY 2.50/TP 203 80 ORF-CLT-ORD I/I
22NOV 1.43/TP 172 120 DCA-(LGA/BOS/PHL)-CLT-RDU (one way, reverse works as well) I/I/I ITA->BWM->

From Middle East, Asia and Australasia
23Feb 0.99/TP 356 360 TPE-xKUL-PEN(JHB)-xKUL-TPE Z ermen two day min stay, promo fare MH
04JAN 1.10/TP 44 40 KUL-PEN D fitch Works in both directions, rtn 80 if you can make the timnings work MH
11Nov 0.85/TP 307 360 TPE-KUL-SIN-KUL-TPE Z neofung

From Africa

Need a year-end TP run (ex-LON) to make / retain status?
Some tips for searching for the year-end TP run for newcomers, the below is indicative only, but hopefully provides a bit of guidance for relatively straightforward runs ex-LON. The guide to using ITA matrix in post #4 (see here) along with these ideas, might come in handy. Feel free to share results, problems or general questions in the thread as these may not always work and there might be better deals out there...

For overnight trips remember to check BA and Iberia for their flights and hotel option as well, can get hotel for almost no extra cost at times

Need 80 TPs or fewer
Club Europe return somewhere close by is best - DUB, AMS and JER usually cheapest. AMS and JER easier than DUB for an immediate turnaround. The low fare finder can be very useful.

If you need as few as 45 TPs you might consider booking economy flights and hoping for a proactive online upgrade offer - but they're not guaranteed to materialise (so not one if you have no more time left in your TP collection year). Alternatively, booking a return to one of the 40 tier point destinations with one way in CE and the return in ET (or vice versa if cheaper). Bilbao, Jersey and Amsterdam seems the most cost effective for this.

Need 85-120 TPs
Iberia flights via MAD to regional Spanish airports will get you 120 TPs as the domestic Spanish flights are 20 TPs in business. Under 300 including hotel can be available. Check BIO, GRX, VLC, BCN, SVQ etc. Example here

Need 125-160 TPs
Take a look at the shorthaul plus routes earning 80 TPs each way in business listed in the first post (here) MLA, IST, HEL and RAK are usually available. If time sensitive take a look at BA flight and hotel option to HEL, where you can usually get the last BA flight out on a Saturday, airport hotel and first return Sunday for well under 500.

Alternative options include positioning to JER and flying JER-LGW-XXX (AMS usually works well and avoids switching airports)

Need more than 160 TPs
You'll most likely be heading north then - OSL or VNO via HEL will get you 240 TPs, as will JER-LGW/LHR-HEL e.g. LHR-HEL-OSL for 520. Also the BA fare for LHR-HEL-TLL at ~235 is still available and would get 200 TPs for a return.

Historic information
2016 Archive
2015 Archive (6 months Jul to Dec)
2015 Archive (6 months Jan to Jun)
2014 Archive

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