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New Chase Sapphire Reserve Card [Pre-release speculation]

Chase Sapphire Reserve [Initial application frenzy]

This card is subject to Chase's 5/24 policy. For information on (and discussion of) the policy, see Applying for Chase Credit Cards, 2017 onward.

You can override 5/24 by having an in-branch pre-approval (only! online prequalification does NOT override 5/24), or by already being Chase Private Client (as in you see the "Chase Private Client" text on the login screen of the Chase mobile app.)

Landing page with bonus offer (100,000 UR after spending $4,000 in 90 days):

Application page:

100,000 UR points is worth $1,000 as statement credit, $1,500 when used for travel through the Chase portal, or potentially more if transferred to a partner.

Card features are here: The card's Priority Pass includes unlimited guests. [Verified in Post #2635] Also verified by Chase

Chase Sapphire Reserve Ultimate Rewards Program Agreement

Chase Sapphire Reserve Guide to Benefits

The card is made of the same material as the CSP, and is being shipped UPS Next Day Air.

How to determine your account number, expiration date, and shipping date before receiving the card
1. Send a secure message (SM) from the account. A common SM would be to ask about the sign-up bonus and last day to complete the spend requirement (which appears to be approximately 3.5 months from the date of approval).
2. Check the Sent Messages folder, and the full account number will be listed in the header of the message that you just sent. The number starts with 414720.
3. The expiration date is three years from the month of approval. So, if you were approved on August 31, 2016, your expiration date will be August 2019.
4. CVV2 number is not available, so if a merchant requires it for payment, you must wait for the physical card.
5. According to many reports, the card is not activated until it is shipped, which happens to be via UPS Next Day Air Saver (if shipped on Friday, you will not receive the card until Monday or the next business day). To find out when it is shipped, go to My UPS and sign up for a free account. You'll be notified when a shipment is destined for your address.
6. Contrary to what the customer service rep may tell you about the delivery of the card—such as the card will take 1-2 weeks or that expedited shipping is not available—the card is actually expedited and shipped via express shipping, as mentioned in #5. There is no need to ask for expedited shipping.

Priority Pass Select
Click HERE to read the separate thread discussing this benefit.
As soon as the account shows up online:
1. Click on Go To Ultimate Rewards.
2. Scroll down to the very bottom left and click on "Card Benefits"
3. Activate Membership to request card.
4. Card will take 1-2 weeks and can't be expedited, but members have reported success in charging the lounge access to the card and requesting a refund from Customer Service.
5. PP cards will be issued for the account holder and any AU(s)
6. According to Chase, CSR's PP membership includes guest access.

Duplicate Card
1. If you receive the plastic card, wait for the metal card to arrive automatically.
2. If you receive the metal card, send SM or call to request plastic card (for use with overseas merchants that require a card imprint, because you hate metal cards, whatever).
3. DO NOT request a replacement card (especially under any pretense that the card was lost or misplaced).
4. Both cards will have the same number, expiration and CVV. Both cards will work.
5. It appears that all CSR cards are sent overnight once produced, including the plastic 'replacement' cards. No need to request expedited shipping.

How to get bonus points on the first statement
Act very quickly; you may have less than a week. It depends on the timing of your first statement and when you receive the card. 4K in spending has to clear (not pending) about a week before the statement cuts in order to get the bonus points on that statement. Under "account details" you can see your first payment due date. Your closing date is usually three calendar days after your due date. For instance, if your very first bill is due October 20 that statement would close on September 23, and spending would have to clear by approximately September 16 in order to get the bonus points.
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