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BA and CX have jointly blocked close in booking between HKG and Taiwan and parts of China with a minimum of 5 days before departure.

Unfortunately as a result of significant levels of fraudulent activity CX have removed access to redemption availability -5 days to departure until further notice. (BA Executive Club)
It is not sure that when this limit will be lifted and people are advised to phone up to book their flights if it is short to departure (even though it may not work)

- 12/07/2016 The block has been lifted for flights to and from Taiwan.
- 28/10/2016 Looks like there is a 7 days block for flights between HKG and PEK, PVG, XIY (Xi'an), CKG (Chongqing). There may also be a 5 days block on TPE again...
- 28/10/2016 Flights to CTU and WUH still face the 7 days block afaik
- 30/11/2016 Even for TPE there is a 7 days block
- 13/12/2016 Basically everything is blocked, including TYO, LHR and so on.
- 28/02/2017 RIP redemptions to MAINLAND CHINA T-5
- 11/03/2017 Blocked all CX/KA online & phone redemptions to/from All Mainland China, TPE, Malaysia & Singapore flights 9 days from departure !
- 14/03/2017 Ok, folks. CX is blocking ON MOST award spaces for BAEC members (whether online or phone) up to 9 days prior to departure now.
- 15/03/2017 CX (or rather BA) is blocking CX/KA redemptions blocking ON MOST award spaces between HKG and USA, EU, Japan, Taiwan flights for BAEC members (whether online or phone) up to 22 days prior to departure! Each destination is inconsistent with availability. Some are not available less than 7 days, some as in the case of Japan is 22 days prior to departure.
- 11/08/2017 All CX/KA redemptions are blocked online when close to departure. While most can be booked by phone, Chinese routes may still be blocked when close to departure.

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