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AA Vacations / Flight and Ground Packages
Trust American Airlines to offer you the perfect package at the best price, guaranteed! When you choose to bundle your travel components into one package price we can offer you an unbeatable value by combining our unpublished low rates on flights with specially negotiated rates on hotels, activities and transportation. So, whether you're looking for a quick flight plus hotel weekend getaway or an all-inclusive package complete with flight, hotel, ground transportation and tickets to local attractions, you can rest easy knowing the entire trip is covered by our Lowest Price Guarantee.
Link to AA Vacations site website


Q. Do these earn AA EQM, Award Miles (RDM) and EQD (EQ Dollars in 2017)?

These generally book into discount paid fare buckets, so "Yes" at this time. There are a few promotional offers that do not earn EQM; these will clearly say so, so read thoroughly. See:

Special fares: Earning Award Miles and Elite Qualifying Credits on (link)

Earning AA Elite Qualifying Miles / EQM on AA, oneworld, partners 2016

and this for the changes affecting Award Miles coming in the latter part of 2016.

Earning AA Award / Redeemable Miles / RDM on AA, partners later 2016

Q. Can I upgrade these with AA upgrade instruments (e500 "stickers", miles and copay, SWU)?

Currently, yes. These would follow the standard AA upgrade rules.

Q. Can I use AAadvantage Award Miles to "pay" for a vacation?

Yes. You can "pay" with money (cards, etc.), AAdvantage miles or a combination of both. However, miles may not be used to pay for the airfare portion of the vacation, only the ground portion.

Q. If I use AAdvantage Aware Miles to pay for part of my vacation, does this impact upgrades or EQM/RDM for the flights?(RDM)?

No. Because the miles are used only for the land portion of the vacation (hotel, car, any added trips, etc.) the air portion retains its original rules with regard to upgrades and the earning of EQM/RDM.

Q. So, what kinds of fares are ineligible for earning AA miles?

"Exceptions (

There are certain airline ticket types that are not eligible for mileage accrual regardless of the booking class. These include, without limitation, the following:

Q Are there any types of tickets that won’t earn award miles?

Yes, tickets that currently do not earn award miles, elite-qualifying miles or elite-qualifying segments will not earn award miles in the future. This includes:

  • All tickets issued as AAdvantage awards

  • Other free ticket promotions including free or reduced rate tickets

  • Companion tickets

  • Charter flight tickets

  • Travel agency/industry reduced rate tickets

  • Infant tickets

  • Extra seats or items occupying a purchased seat

  • Unpublished fare tickets, including consolidator fares

  • Tickets issued subject to special provisions

Q. What about EQM and Award ("Redeemable") Miles earning later in 2016?

AA has specified a set of "Special Fares", which includes AA Vacations:

Some fares (such as bulk or consolidator fares) earn award miles and Elite Qualifying Dollars (EQDs) at a modified rate based on a percentage of the distance flown as determined by the booking code.

Special fares are often purchased through a specialized agent, third party or as part of a package including air transportation and lodging.

  • Bulk fares

  • Cruise fares

  • Consolidator fares

  • Discounted or inclusive tour packages

  • Vacation packages, including American Airlines Vacations® (AAV) packages

  • Other tickets where the fare isn't disclosed, excluding bookings made through or where the carrier isn't disclosed before buying
Note that the Special Fares page also says, "AAdvantage elite member bonuses will be applied in addition to the percentages shown for award miles."

Q. What fare classes do First and Business packages book into?

Typically A for international First, A or P domestic F, and I or D international Business.

Q. What if I'm flying on a flight on a partner airline?

AA Vacations most often books into AA "code shares" / AA marketed flights. In that case, you'll earn miles as if flying on American. If it doesn't, you'll earn per the agreement AA has with the partner airline. Start here to look them up.

Q. What advance purchase restrictions are imposed?

Most advance purchase, minimum stay, etc. normally imposed by the airline don't apply; the restrictions are those imposed by AA Vacations. (Detailed Fare Rules for your fare generally do apply, however.)

Q. Are the trips or fares refundable?

Generally not fully refundable. Hotels and ground activities are generally not at all, and air will depend on the fare bucket and detailed rules. AA vacations does offer protection, but hotels etc. may not be included.

"There are two types of protection available: We offer the Cancellation and Change Waiver (Pre-Departure Protection) which allows you to cancel and/or change either the land or air portion of their package without penalty. Trip Protector (Post-Departure protection) from Allianz Global Assistance can provide protection for your trip expenses, your health and your belongings."

A waiver is usually $129.

Q. What is the shortest time I can book an air-hotel package for?

It appears three nights is the shortest period allowed by aavacations. However, those three nights do not need to be at a single property.

Q. Can I book a ten day package with only three days of prepaid hotel?

Sure. You'll have to call to do so, however.
You can change the dates of the hotel to be different from those of the flights in the "More Search Options" section of the search. You can also book multiple rooms here too, specifying the number of guests per room. I don't think you can book hotel to be in a different city though. A hotel in a different city (or continent, even) can be booked, but must be done over the phone.

Q. Is only one hotel offered?

No. A variety of properties is generally offered, but this will of course affect pricing.

Q. Does the hotel have to be in the destination city?

No. You can book a property in another city if it's offered by AA Vacations.

Q. What happens if I don't use the ground part (hotel, car, etc.)? Will they cancel my return flights?

Nothing. You can use it or forget it. No flight cancellations ensue. See AA Vacations - not checking in at Hotel Some purposely book the cheapest pricing for their trip knowing they're choosing a "throwaway hotel" they won't use.

Though one AA Vacations agent actually said "always book with us and just book the cheapest hotel for 3 days and throw it away", don't you say it's your intent.

Q. Will AA Vacations cause problems for me?

If you disclose your intent to AA Vacations to "throw away" (not stay at) the hotel, they can not sell you the package. So, don't.

Q. Will the hotel cause problems for me?

Not likely; they're paid for a prepaid stay whether you stay or not, as they get to keep the money and have "your" room to sell.

Q. Will I earn points at the hotel? Will they recognize my status?

Many chains don't recognize third party bookings for points or stay credit, but will usually recognize your status. Properties will treat as prepaid booking.

Q. Are there ever deals or promos?

Indeed. There are often sales and promotions; look for them on the site.

Q. What if I want to book open jaw or customize?

Calling can do that. There's a $39 call fee, unless it's not able to be booked online. Others have said you can generally calculate the price of an open jaw itinerary by adding half the price of pricing for vacations to the arrival and departure cities and adding those.

Q. Can I put these on "hold" while I think about it since these include air fare?

No. But: Refund of Air Ticket Portion Within 24 Hours of Purchase

Within 24 hours of booking, you are allowed to cancel your refundable or non-refundable air ticket for a full refund (and no change fees and/or difference in fare) subject to the following rules:
  • You must call 800-321-2121 within 24 hours of purchase to cancel the air ticket reservation and request a refund of the air ticket.
  • The reservation must have been booked at least 7 days before scheduled departure.
  • This policy does not apply to hotel or other non-air portions of the package. Standard cancellation policies will apply to all non-air components of the package.
  • Refunds are only issued for tickets booked on or with American Airlines Vacations Reservations.

Q. My AAdvantage credit card earns double Award ("Redeemable") Miles on AA purchases. Will AA Vacations purchases earn 2x miles?

No. What transactions are eligible to earn double AAdvantage® miles?

Eligible American Airlines purchases are items billed by American Airlines as the merchant of record booked through American Airlines channels (, American Airlines Reservations, American Airlines airport, in-flight and city ticket counters). American Airlines tickets purchased through other channels or that are a component of any other cruise or tour package do not earn the additional mile purchase bonuses. Products or services that do not qualify for the additional bonus miles include car rentals, hotel reservations, American Airlines Vacations packages, purchases of American Airlines AAdvantage miles, duty free purchases and or AA Cargo℠
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