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Posters who whish to post a lounge review can use the template available at the end of this wikipost (after the lounges list)
Paid access options for AF lounges are displayed after the lounge list.

  • CDG : AF lounges in
    • Terminal 2F (Schengen): 2 lounges, one in each boarding pier (2F1 and 2F2). Both have been renovated (2F1 during summer 2016, 2F2 in feb/march 2017 reopening on April 6, 2017). A new single lounge is planned for 2020, to replace the 2 current ones.
    • Terminal 2G (Schengen) : New lounge opened on March 1st 2017. More info here.
    • Terminal 2E (non-Schengen) : one lounge in each concourse (K, L, M gates). Note : L lounge is now fully re-opened after renovation (July 11, 2018). Pictures of the 1st half renovated L lounge can be found here. La Première lounge is located in 2E-K and is subjected to special rules for access (P pax on AF-operating flights only, or restricted paid access for J pax flying on an AF-operating flight without P class).
    • Terminal 2C : arrival lounge, located landside at the extreme right of the terminal, after the last check-in counter, just before the corridor leading to 2A. This lounge has specific access rules and there is a specific thread about this lounge
Note that, among Skyteam partners :
- KL, AZ, UX depart from T2F and use AF lounges.
- ME, DL, VN, CZ, MU, RO, AM, KE, KQ depart from T2E and use AF lounges.
- SU, SV, 9W depart from T2C, where AF is not present anymore. So those airlines are using the contract lounges available in this terminal (9W premiere class can use Etihad lounge in 2C).
- OK departs from T2D, where AF is not present anymore. So OK is using the contract lounge available in this terminal.
- AR, GA, CA and Xiamen do not serve CDG.
  • ORY (West terminal) :
    • Hall 1 (Schengen) : contract lounge (Premium Traveler). More info here
    • Hall 2 (Schengen) - AF lounge : more info here and here
    • Hall 3 (non-Schengen) - AF lounge
    • Hall 4 lounge is now closed permanently since 1st June 2016.
  • BOD : AF lounge in terminal B (more info here). For the rare case that a flight would depart from Terminal A (or KLM flights BOD->AMS), there is a contract lounge available.
  • LYS (T2): Hop Air France lounge since 22th January 2019. More info with a review here and also some pictures here.
    When flying on OS code-share LYS-VIE service, eligible AF-ticketed pax can use the Confluences lounge at Terminal 1 (see here).
  • MRS : airport lounge (located airside in hall 3, but also accessible from hall 4). More Info
  • NCE (T2): airport lounges (Infinity lounge for Schengen flights, Levity lounge for non-Schengen flights). More info here and here. Note : those lounges were previously called Cap Ferrat and Cap d'Antibes, respectively.
  • TLS : airport lounge (La croix du sud), airside. More info here.
  • MPL : airport lounge, airside. More info here
  • MLH: Skyview lounge. more info here
  • Other AF stations in France not listed above : no lounge.

- EVN : Converse Bank Business Lounge. This is the generic contract lounge for all airlines at EVN. More info here

- VIE : Depends on the airline that is operating the flight.
  • When the flight is operated by Air France, the airport-operated JET lounge can be used at gate B. More info here. (the non-schengen lounge at Gate D is also available, see here)
  • When the flight is operated by Austrian, you can access the Austrian Business lounge

- ZYR : Thalys lounge (business days) Hotel Pullman (1st floor) on week-ends
- BRU : airport lounge (Diamond lounge)

- SOF : Preslav lounge

- ZAG : Primeclass lounge. More info here

Czech Republic
- PRG : Erste Premier lounge. More info here

- BLL : airport lounge (King Amlet lounge).
- CPH : airport lounge (Atelier lounge). More info here

- HEL : airport lounge (Aspire) – This route is entirely flown by AY in code-share with AF (only accessible if on AF coded ticket, if AY ticketed you get the AY business class lounge). More info here

- TBS : ?

- BRE : airport lounge. More info here
- DUS : airport lounge (Hugo Junkers). More info here
- FRA : AF lounge. More info here.
- HAJ : airport lounge.
- HAM : airport lounge. More info here
- MUC : AF lounge. More info here
- NUE : airport lounge. More info here.
- STR : AF lounge. More info here
- TXL (Term A) : AF lounge (landside). more info here

- ATH : airport lounge (Goldair Handling). More info here

- BUD : airport lounge (Skycourt lounge). More info here

- DUB : airport lounge (DAA Executive Lounge). More info here
- ORK : no lounge (to be confirmed)

- BLQ : airport lounge (MBL lounge). More info here
- CAG: No lounge.
- CTA : AZ lounge (Piazza Duomo)
- FCO : several AZ Schengen lounges : Dolce Vita (T1 lanside) or Borromini (airside, gates D, a long way from gates B which are used by AF flights). More info about Dolce Vita lounge here.
- FLR : airport lounge (Sala Masaccio).
- GOA : airport lounge (Sala Genova).- located landside, but with an exit directly into the fast track lane for security check
- LIN : 2 AZ lounges (Manzoni / Welcome). More info on Manzoni lounge here
- MXP : Schengen area: Sala Monteverdi, near gate 10. Non-Schengen: Montale Lounge by default, Casa Alitalia only if on AZ ticket or AZ operated flight.
- NAP : airport lounge (Naples airport VIP lounge).
- TRN : Airport lounge (Piemonte lounge).
- VCE : AZ lounge (Tintoretto). More info here

The Netherlands
- AMS : 2 KL lounges (1 Schengen and 1 non-Schengen).

- BGO : no lounge
- OSL : airport lounge (OSL lounge). More Info

- WAW : airport lounge (Fantazja). More info here and here
- WRO : ?

- LIS (T1) : airport lounge (ANA lounge). More info here
- OPO : Airport Lounge (ANA lounge). More info here

- OTP : Tarom Business lounge (more info here).

- LED : airport lounge (Pulkovo lounge).
- SVO (Term E): "Space" lounge for AF/KL (and other non-SU operated) flights. "Galaxy" lounge for SU operated flights. See info on Space lounge here

- BEG : ?

- LJU : Adria airways lounge

- AGP : airport lounge (Aena). These flights are all operated by Skyteam partner UX.
- BCN (T1) : airport lounge (Pau Casals). More info here
- BIO : airport lounge (Aena). More info here
- MAD : airport lounge (Puerta del sol) (more info here). Since this review, the lounge has been renovated. Other info about food offering here
- VLC : airport lounge (Aena). These flights are all operated by Skyteam partner UX.

- ARN (T2) : airport lounge (Aurora Menzies). More info here
- GOT : airport lounge (Novia).

- GVA : AF lounge (French sector).
- ZRH : Aspire lounge (concourse B).
- BSL: see France/MLH

- IST: Skyteam lounge. AFKL have transferred their Istanbul operations to the new IST airport on April 7, 2019. The new IST airport has a brand new Skyteam lounge.

- KBP : airport lounge.

United Kingdom
- ABZ : airport lounge (Servisair) called "Northern Lights"upstairs near Gate 1.
- BHX : airport lounge (Aspire).
- EDI: airport lounge (Servisair, now called Aspire lounge).
- GLA: airport lounge (Upper Deck). More info
- LHR (T4) : Skyteam lounge. More Info
- MAN (T3) : 1903 lounge. More info here and there.
- NCL : Aspire Lounge.

- YUL: AF/KL lounge (more info here)
- YVR (International Terminal - Concourse D) : Skyteam lounge. More info here.
- YYZ (Term 3) : AF/KL lounge. More info here.

Hereafter are listed the nonstop destinations to/from France (AF- and DL-operated as part of their transatlantic JV). DL SkyClubs are available in several other US airports and can be found on DL web site).
- ATL (Concourse F) : DL SkyClub (+ other DL SkyClubs in other concourses)
- BOS : for AF-operated flights (term E) : AF lounge (Graf lounge) - See here. For the DL-operated flight (Term A): DL SkyClub.
- JFK : AF lounge in T1 (some pictures here and in this trip report, including of the reserved area for P pax). For the DL-operated flights JFK-NCE and JFK-CDG : DL SkyClub in T4.
- PIT* : lounge "The Club", located in concourse C between gates C54 and C56. Note that this is a temporary location and that another permanent location will open in October 2017. More info here
- IAD : AF lounge (concourse A). More info here. This lounge will be closed for renovation and extension between Oct 29, 2018 to end April 2019 (see here). During this time, AF J and Elite+ pax can use the EY lounge (close to gate A15). P pax (and KL J and Elite+ pax) can use the VS Clubhouse lounge.
- MIA : DL SkyClub.
- CVG* : DL SkyClub.
- DFW : DL SkyClub.
- DTW : several DL SkyClubs available in each concourse. AF (and DL) flights to CDG depart from Concourse A, which has 3 SkyClubs (the main one in the middle of the terminal and 1 at each of the terminal station of the trains system).
- ORD (T5) : AF lounge.
- MSP : DL SkyClub.
- RDU* : DL SkyClub
- SLC* : DL SkyClub.
- SEA : DL SkyClub.
- IAH : AF lounge.
- SFO : AF lounge (Virgin Atlantic lounge for P pax).
- LAX (TBIT) : According to the information provided in this post, AF will not use anymore KE lounge from Nov 1st 2017 and will use the QF lounge instead (valid for both J and P pax). AF has also a plan to build their own lounge at TBIT (2019 ?). For the KE lounge (still used for Y/W Elite plus pax), more info in this thread including pictures of the KE lounge.

* route flown by DL metal only

- BOG : El Dorado lounge. More info here
- CAY : AF lounge.
- CCS : airport lounge (Premier club).
- CUN : AM lounge.
- EZE (Term C): AR lounge (salon Condor). More Info
- FOR : ? (supposed to be a GOL lounge, TBC)
- GIG : GOL VIP lounge. Note June 2016 : a review of the AF lounge in Terminal 1 (pics taken beginning april 2016 is accessible here. This lounge has now been closed (sometimes in may or june 2016) and AF has moved from T1 to T2 and they now use the GOL VIP lounge (more info here).
- GRU : Executive VIP lounge. More info here
- LIM : airport lounge (SUMAQ VIP lounge). More info here.
- MEX (T1) : Grand Elite Lounge. More info here.
- PTY : Copa Club lounge.
- SCL : DL SkyClub. More info here. Note : a Skyteam lounge is scheduled to open before end 2018.
- SJO : ?
- UIO : Mitad del Mundo lounge

- BKK : AF lounge (concourse F). See here. Some pictures after the renovation are available here, here and here.
- BLR : Plaza Premium lounge
- BOM : airport lounge (MALS - Mumbai Airport Lounge Services).
- CAN (T2) – CZ VIP lounge for international flights. More info here. Note : this lounge has changed in 2018. A review of the former CZ lounge can be found here.Pearl Club VIP lounges for domestic flights.
- DEL : airport lounge (Plaza premium).
- HKG : Skyteam lounge : more info here. P pax have the choice between the Skyteam lounge or the QF lounge : review of QF lounge here
- HND (Int’l terminal) : JL Sakura lounge (more info here).
- ICN : KE lounge. See here. Note April 2018 : since this review, AFKL have moved operations to new terminal 2 and use the new KE lounge in T2.
- KIX : KIX Airside lounge.
- NOU : SB Hibiscus lounge (accessible to AF pax only when flying J between NOU and NRT or KIX, in connection with an AF flight to CDG).
- NRT : DL SkyClub (Note : AF lounge has closed in 2014).
- PEK (T2) : Skyteam lounge. More info here and here and here. Update DEC 2018 : Lounge temporarily (?) closed. Pax can use the T2 BGS lounge.
- PPT : TN lounge (Manuhiri lounge).
- PVG (T1) : P pax: MU "lounge 36" (gate 18). J and Elite+ pax: lounge 37 (gate 18) or 39 (just after security)
- SGN : VN lounge.
- SIN : Dnata SkyView lounge (term 1) for J and Elite Plus pax (more info here). For P pax : JetQuay lounge at C.I.P. terminal (more info in two trip reports : report 1 and report 2) and/or QF lounge airside (More info here).
- TPE : CI lounge (Dynasty lounge)
- WUH : Airport lounge

- FDF : AF lounge.
- HAV : airport lounge.
- MLE : Leeli lounge
- MRU : MK lounge. More Info
- PAP : ?
- PTP : AF lounge.
- PUJ : airport lounge (VIP Lounge Punta Cana)
- RUN : AF lounge.
- SDQ : airport lounge (Sala VIP Caribe) More Info
- SEZ: airport lounge.
- SXM : airport lounge (Soualiga).
- TNR : MD (Air Madagascar) lounge

- AMM : airport lounge (Crown lounge).
- AUH (T1): Al Dhabi lounge. More info here. Al Reem lounge.
- BEY : MEA Cedar lounge. More info here
- CAI : SV (Al Fursan) lounge.
- DXB : Skyteam lounge in terminal 1 concourse D (more info here). AF P pax use the Ahlan lounge.
- RUH (T2) : Contract lounge (Wellcome Lounge) Info here
- TLV (T3) : Airport lounges (Dan lounge, one at Concourse B and one at Concourse C). See info here

- ABJ : airport lounge (Aeria).
- ABV : airport lounge (FAAN VIP lounge)
- ACC: Akwaaba Lounge
- ALG : AH lounge.
- BGF : airport lounge.
- BKO : airport lounge.
- BZV : ?
- CKY : airport lounge.
- CMN : AT lounge.
- COO : airport lounge.
- CPT : International - Bidvest airport lounge, Domestic (When flying with Comair/Kulula to JNB to connect to Int'l flights) - SLOW lounge
- DLA : AF lounge.
- DSS (New Dakar airport): Infinity lounge
- FIH : Okapi lounge
- FNA : airport lounge.
- JIB : AF lounge. More info here.
- JNB : SLOW lounge (P pax have access to a special controlled access VIP room with a butler in the SLOW lounge) - More info here. Note that the AF/KL lounge is closed permanently since April 1st, 2016. A review (with pics) of the ex AF lounge can be read here
- LAD : TAAG lounge.
- LBV : airport lounge.
- LOS : AF lounge.
- MBA : Safari lounge
- NBO : KQ lounge (Simba lounge)
- NDJ : ?
- NIM : airport lounge.
- NKC : airport lounge.
- ORN : ?
- OUA : airport lounge (Regie).
- PHC : airport lounge. Note : route to be suspended from end March 2019.
- PNR : airport lounge (HAT Enterprises).
- RAK : AT Oasis Lounge. More info here
- RBA : airport lounge (Pearl lounge). More info here
- ROB : ?
- SSG : Sala VIP lounge
- TUN : TU lounge. More info here

Paid access for AF lounges (as of 17 OCT 2018):
- CDG 2C (arrival lounge) : 50 EUR between 5 :30 am and 10 am. 35 EUR from 10 am
- CDG 2E K/L/M : 50 EUR or 8000 miles
- CDG 2F : 35 EUR or 8000 miles
- CDG 2G : 35 EUR or 8000 miles
- ORY hall 2 : 25 EUR or 6000 miles
- ORY hall 3 : 35 EUR or 6000 miles
- BOD : 25 EUR or 6000 miles
- LYS : 25 EUR or 6000 miles

- TXL : 25 EUR or 6000 miles
- FRA : 25 EUR or 6000 miles
- MUC : 25 EUR or 6000 miles
- STR : 25 EUR or 6000 miles
- GVA : 40 CHF or 6000 miles

- BOS : 35 USD or 6000 miles
- JFK : 50 USD or 6000 miles
- IAD : 50 USD or 6000 miles
- ORD : 40 USD or 6000 miles
- IAH : 35 USD or 6000 miles
- SFO : 50 USD or 6000 miles
- YYZ : 35 CAD or 6000 miles
- YUL : ?

- BKK : 1000 THB or 6000 miles

- DLA : 30 EUR or 6000 miles
- DXB : 35 EUR or 6000 miles (personal comment from Goldorak: not sure this is still valid for the Skyteam lounge. It can be an outdated information about the former AF lounge)
- CAI : 25 EUR or 6000 miles (personal comment from Goldorak: not sure this is still valid as there is no more AF lounge in CAI)

- PTP : 30 EUR or 6000 miles
- FDF : 25 EUR or 6000 miles
- RUN : 30 EUR or 6000 miles

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Opening Hours

Entry requirements

Food offer

Drinks offer

Quiet zone:
Loungers/sleep area:
Business area:
TV area:
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Information screen:

Other information
Number of seats:
Level of noise:
Multi floors:
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