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Turbulence incidents, reports, discussion master thread

DEFINITION: Aircraft turbulence (American Meteorological Society)

Irregular motion of an aircraft in flight, especially when characterized by rapid up-and-down motion, caused by a rapid variation of atmospheric wind velocities.

This can occur in cloudy areas (particularly towering cumulus and lenticular clouds) and in clear air. Turbulence is the leading cause of nonfatal passenger and flight attendant injuries. The U.S. Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) classifies aircraft turbulence as follows:

Light: Causes slight, erratic changes in altitude and/or attitude, and rhythmic bumpiness as occupants feel a slight strain against seat belts.

Moderate: Similar to light, but of greater intensity, with rapid bumps or jolts, and occupants feel a slight strain against seat belts.

Severe: Turbulence that causes large, abrupt changes in altitude and attitude, and large variations in airspeed, with the aircraft temporarily out of control. Occupants are forced violently against their seat belts and objects are tossed about, with food service and walking impossible.

Extreme: The aircraft is tossed about so violently that it is practically impossible to control, and structural damage may occur.

Incident:.AA 280 ICN - DFW on December 16 2014 local time, operated by a Boeing 777-223ER and carrying 240 passengers and 15 crew, was subjected to a prolonged period of moderate turbulence and two minute-long sessions of severe turbulence near Japan. The aircraft diverted to NRT, where four passengers and one crew member were taken to hospital for evaluation and treatment; no serious injuries were reported.

The other passengers were bussed to a local hotel, and another aircraft took them to their DFW destination today. The aircraft was taken out of service for inspection for possible damage.

(Summary by JDiver from news sources and member calexandre, who was on board.)

Originally Posted by AA spokesperson Andrea Huguely
“American Airlines Flight 280, a Boeing 777-200 from Seoul (ICN) to Dallas/Fort Worth (DFW) has diverted to Tokyo (NRT) because of turbulence during the flight. There are 240 passengers and a crew of 15.
FlyerTalk member calexandre was on board. B]Link[/B] to member calexandre's photos in cabin.

Link to in-cabin raw video footage on YouTube

Link to Dallas Morning News article

Link to CNBC article

Link to (UK Daily) Mail Online (gets it all wrong -"Boeing 747-200") but decent graphics, including map

Link to Tokyo TV 50 video and interviews with two passengers (Japanese language)

Link to video taken on flight and explanation of probable turbulence source

Link to to video off Boeing destructive 777 wing test (exceeded 153% of expected highest stresses expected)

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