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AA (legacy US Airways) Airbus A321-200 "321"

The older legacy US Airways Airbus A321-200 is shown as "321" in AA schedules. (Newer legacy AA A321s are listed as "32B" as they have "Sharklet" wingtip devices installed, and include two class A321S and A321H ETOPS and three class A321T transcontinental versions.)

NOTE: in accordance with AA “Project Oasis” all A321-200s will be retrofitted between 2019 and 2021. Business / First cabins will use the seats found today in the AA A319, with reduced seat pitch and recline. MCE and MC will have the Rockwell Collins slimline Meridian seats with reduced pitch and recline. Lavatories will be ultra-slim Rockwell Collins Spacewall lavs. See Oasis: New seats & less pitch, WiFi IFE & power all 737 and A321 2019-21 for further information.

As conversion begins we will start a new thread, and you should be able to see which configuration a particular aircraft has by referencing the (unofficial) American Airlines Fleet Site here.

The legacy US Airways A321s are currently unmodified, though a few have been reupholstered, have new carpeting and bulkhead liners. These have less seat pitch and recline in the First cabin, no Main Cabin Extra seats other than the few with greater seat pitch (e.g. bulkhead / 5, Exit rows 9, 10, 22, and 23) and have neither seatback IFE nor at seat power provisions. They do have GoGo WiFi and free streaming audio and video entertainment for your WiFi capable devices..

Note 10 ABC (fixed armrests with deploying trays) or F, 23 A and F seem to be preferred by some members.

Please see AA to install same new seats in 737-800s and A321s but add more of them for information on the plan to install new B/E Aerospace Meridian slimline seats in a denser pattern and 30" seat pitch in Main Cabin in 2019. (We will dedicate a thread to the CIP / modified A321 when that aircraft becomes current with the AA fleet.)

The A320-321 refurbishment thread may be read here.

Older posts from 2014 and 2015 have been archived here.

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