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Airbus A320 Seating Guide

Whenever you call up your flight details using’s Manage My Booking (MMB), you may notice an peculiar code describing the aircraft operating your flight. It is usually generically marked as “320”, but can change to either 20A or M0A closer to departure. These codes can be quite useful as they allow you to narrow down the actual aircraft operating your flight.

Screen shot of the seat map in MMB, indicating where you can find information about the aircraft type

MMB code 20A
BA's indigenous A320s are fitted with B/E Aerospace slimline leather upholstered seats with 4-way adjustable headrests and eye level magazine storage. Cabins are also fitted with LED lighting. Seating capacity is 168CM

  • Seat pitch is approx 30” in standard rows. Pitch is the same in business class ("Club Europe") as it is in economy ("Euro Traveller" and "Domestic")
  • In business class ("Club Europe"), the unsold middle seat is converted into a shared space by way of a fold down console. Business class cabin sizes do vary depending on individual flight loads. While the cabin size is usually determined approx 72 hours ahead of departure, the seat map is still subject to further minor adjustments up to approx 24 hours before departure although rarely contracting or expanding by more than one row during this period. The maximum capacity in business class is 40C (rows 1 to 10)
  • Exit rows 11 and 12 offer greater leg room but caution may be given to rows 10 and 11, as these seats do not recline.
  • Seats fitted on BA mainline A320s do not have power sockets (subject to verification)
  • Rows 3, 6, and 9 are without overhead vent nozzles. There may be other rows aft of the exit rows without nozzles, subject to verification
  • There are twelve A320s fitted with IFE equipment, showing looped content on overhead screens
Applicable IFE equipped aircraft:

MMB code M0A
Former BD frames, configured 168CM with 28 rows offer an approx 30" seat pitch. Exit rows are 11 and 12. Seats in rows 10 and 11 have no recline. These aircraft are identifiable by their row numbers - last row is 29, and row number 13 is skipped. Beware of seat 01F which on G-MEDK has no windows
Applicable aircraft:

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