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Economy (A, ECAR)
Chevrolet Spark A ECAR (35 mpg; formerly CCAR)
Fiat 500 A ECAR (33 mpg)
Kia Rio A ECAR (Includes sedan and hatchback models; 33 mpg)
Smart Fortwo A ECAR (Includes Pure, Passion, and Passion Convertible trims)
Toyota Yaris A ECAR (2-door models only)

Compact 2 or 4 Door (B, CCAR)
Chevrolet Aveo B CCAR (Includes sedan and hatchback models; 31 mpg)
Hyundai Accent B CCAR (Formerly ECAR)
Mazda2 B CCAR
Mitsubishi Lancer B CCAR
Nissan Cube B CCAR (Spotted at LAX and ORD)
Ford Fiesta B, YB CCAR (38 mpg)
Ford Focus B, YB CCAR (Includes sedan and hatchback models; 38 mpg)
Nissan Versa B, YB CCAR (36 mpg; includes sedans and Note hatchbacks)
Chevrolet Sonic YB CCAR
Fiat 500L YB CCAR (Spotted at SLC and SFO)
Honda Fit YB CCAR
Mini Cooper YB CCAR
Mitsubishi Mirage YB CCAR (Spotted at LAX)
Nissan Juke YB CCAR
Scion IQ YB CCAR (Franchises only)
Scion XC YB CCAR (Franchises only)
Toyota Yaris B, YB CCAR (4-door and 5-door models)
Volkswagen Beetle YB CCAR
Volkswagen Golf YB CCAR (Includes 2.5L gas and TDI diesel models)
Volvo C30 YB CCAR

Intermediate 2 or 4 Door (C, ICAR)
Kia Soul C, B ICAR (Formerly CCAR)
Dodge Dart C ICAR
Hyundai Elantra C ICAR
Kia Forte C ICAR
Mazda3 C ICAR
Honda Civic C, YC ICAR (2-door models tagged C; 4-door models tagged YC)
Nissan Sentra C, YC ICAR
Toyota Corolla C, YC ICAR (33 mpg)
Mazda5 YC ICAR
Scion XB YC ICAR (Franchises only)
Subaru Impreza YC ICAR (Includes sedan and hatchback models)
Toyota Matrix YC ICAR
Volkswagen Jetta YC ICAR (Includes gasoline and TDI diesel models)
Volkswagen Jetta SportWagen YC ICAR

Standard 2 Door (D, SCAR)
Chevrolet Cruze SCAR (2017 model year and newer; older years are C4 ICAR)
Ford Mustang D SCAR (V6 Premium trim; hard-top)
Nissan Altima Coupe D SCAR (29 mpg)
Volkswagen Jetta D SCAR (24 mpg; formerly ICAR, includes gasoline and TDI diesel models)

Full Size 4 Door (F, FCAR/FDAR/FXAR)
Dodge Avenger F FCAR
Kia Optima F FCAR
Mazda6 F FCAR
Mitsubishi Galant F FCAR (Formerly SCAR)
Chevrolet Impala (-'13)/Impala Limited ('14) F, YF FCAR
Chevrolet Malibu F, YF FCAR, FDAR (LS through LTZ trims available; 29 mpg)
Chrysler 200 F, YF FCAR, FDAR (30 mpg)
Ford Fusion F, YF FCAR
Buick Verano YF FCAR
Dodge Charger YF FCAR
Dodge Charger R/T YF FCAR (5.7L HEMI V8; spotted at SLC)
Honda Accord YF FCAR
Hyundai Sonata YF FCAR
Subaru Legacy YF FCAR (AWD; formerly Q4/IFAR)
Volkswagen Passat YF FCAR (Includes gasoline and TDI diesel models)
Nissan Altima* F6 FXAR (31 mpg; F6 class label)
Toyota Camry* F6 FXAR (31 mpg; grouped with Nissan Altima or similar)

YF-Classified Non-Sedans (YF, FCAR)
Chevrolet Camaro RS YF (2-door, V6; upsell fee may apply)
Dodge Challenger YF (2-door, V6; upsell fee may apply)
Toyota Venza YF (Crossover, FWD models only; AWD models tagged Q4)
Nissan Murano YF (Crossover, FWD models only; AWD models tagged YQ)
Ford Flex YF (Crossover, FWD models only; AWD models tagged L4)

Premium (G, PCAR/PDAR)
Buick Regal G PCAR
Chevrolet Impala (2014+) G, F, YF PCAR, PDAR (27 mpg)
Ford Taurus G PCAR
Hyundai Genesis G PCAR
Nissan Maxima G PCAR (27 mpg)
Volkswagen CC G PCAR
Volvo S60 G PCAR

Luxury (I, LCAR/LDAR)
Buick LaCrosse I LCAR, LDAR (27 mpg; former PCAR class label)
Volvo S80 Sedan I LCAR
Cadillac CTS I, YI LCAR (Includes coupes, sedans, and wagons; wagons are only YI)
Cadillac XTS/XTS4 I, YI LCAR
Chrysler 300/300C I, YI LCAR (25 mpg)
BMW 3-Series YI LCAR (Includes 328i, 328ix, 335i models)
BMW 5-Series YI LCAR (Includes 528i and 535i models)
Toyota Avalon YI LCAR
Volvo V70 XC Wagon YI LCAR

Premium Luxury (YI)
Audi A3 (non-Quattro) YI
Audi A4 YI
Audi A6 YI
Audi A7 YI
Audi A8L YI
Audi Q7 AWD YI
Audi S4 convertible YI
Audi S5 YI
Chevrolet Corvette YI
Infiniti M35/M37 YI (Formerly reservable as K6/WSAR)
Jaguar XF YI
Lexus ES 350 YI
Lexus GS 450h YI
Lexus IS 250 YI
Lexus RX 350 YI
Lexus RX 450 Hybrid YI
Lincoln MKC YI
Lincoln MKT YI
Lincoln MKX YI
Mercedes-Benz CLK550 convertible YI
Mercedes-Benz E550 convertible YI
Mercedes-Benz GL350 AWD YI
Mercedes-Benz R350 4WD YI
Mercedes-Benz S63 AMG YI
Porsche Carrera YI
Volvo XC60 YI, YQ (Reportedly YQ in Canada)
Volvo XC90 YI

Midsize 2WD SUV (B4, CFAR)
Buick Encore B4 CFAR
Chevrolet Captiva B4 CFAR (20 mpg)
Chevrolet Trax B4 CFAR
Ford Escape B4 CFAR (33 mpg)
Hyundai Tucson B4 CFAR
Jeep Cherokee B4 CFAR
Jeep Liberty B4 CFAR (21 mpg)
Jeep Patriot B4 CFAR (24 mpg)
Kia Sorento B4 CFAR
Kia Sportage B4 CFAR
Mazda CX-5 B4 CFAR
Mitsubishi Outlander B4 CFAR
Nissan Rogue B4 CFAR (29 mpg)
Toyota Rav4 B4 CFAR
Volkswagen Tiguan B4 CFAR

5 Passenger Standard 2WD SUV (F4, SWAR)
Chevrolet Equinox F4 SWAR
Dodge Journey F4 SWAR (36 mpg)
Ford Edge F4 SWAR
Ford Explorer F4 SWAR (5-passenger models)
GMC Terrain F4 SWAR
Hyundai Santa Fe Sport F4 SWAR (24 mpg)
Jeep Grand Cherokee F4 SWAR
Toyota Highlander F4 SWAR

7 passenger Standard 2WD SUV (K6, RRAR)
Buick Enclave K6 RRAR
Chevrolet Traverse K6 RRAR (21 mpg)
Dodge Journey K6 RRAR (23 mpg)
Ford Expedition K6 RRAR
Ford Explorer K6 RRAR (7-passenger models)
GMC Acadia K6 RRAR
Mazda CX-9 K6 RRAR
Nissan Pathfinder K6 RRAR

Midsize SUV (Q4, IFAR)
Hyundai Tucson Q4 IFAR
Jeep Cherokee Q4 IFAR
Jeep Compass Q4 IFAR (25 mpg)
Kia Sportage Q4 IFAR
Kia Sorento Q4 IFAR
Mazda CX-5 Q4 IFAR
Honda CR-V Q4 IFAR
Mitsubishi Outlander Q4 IFAR
Subaru XV Crosstrek Q4 IFAR
Toyota Rav4 Q4, YQ IFAR (29 mpg)
Toyota Venza Q4 IFAR
Volkswagen Tiguan Q4 IFAR
Chevrolet Captiva Q4, YQ IFAR
Ford Escape Q4, YQ IFAR
Jeep Liberty Q4, YQ IFAR
Jeep Patriot Q4, YQ IFAR
Nissan Rogue Q4, YQ IFAR
Subaru Forester Q4, YQ IFAR
Subaru Outback Q4, YQ IFAR
Buick Encore YQ IFAR
Chevrolet Trax YQ IFAR
Nissan Murano YQ IFAR

5 Passenger Standard SUV (L, SFAR)
Chevrolet Equinox L SFAR (19 mpg)
Ford Edge L SFAR
GMC Terrain L SFAR
Hyundai Santa Fe Sport L SFAR
Jeep Grand Cherokee L SFAR
Mitsubishi Endeavor L SFAR
Nissan Xterra L SFAR
Dodge Journey L, L4 SFAR (5-passenger models)
Ford Explorer L, L4 SFAR (5-passenger models)
Toyota 4Runner L, L4 SFAR (19 mpg; 5-passenger models)

4WD/AWD 7 Passenger Standard SUV (L4, FRAR)
Dodge Journey L4, L FRAR (7-passenger models)
Ford Explorer L4, L FRAR (7-passenger models; 23 mpg)
Toyota 4Runner L4, L FRAR (7-passenger models)
Buick Enclave L4 FRAR
Dodge Durango L4 FRAR
Ford Flex L4 FRAR
Kia Sorento (V6 Models Only) L4 FRAR
Mazda CX-9 L4 FRAR
Nissan Pathfinder L4 FRAR (28 mpg)
Toyota Highlander L4 FRAR (7-passenger models)
Chevrolet Traverse (AWD) L4, YL FRAR (YL-tagged vehicles may have DVD system, hold 7-8 ppl; 22 mpg)
GMC Acadia L4, YL FRAR (YL-tagged vehicles may have DVD system)

GMC Yukon T FFAR (21 mpg)
Nissan Armada T FFAR (15 mpg)
Toyota Sequoia T FFAR
Chevrolet Tahoe T, YT FFAR (YT-tagged vehicles may have DVD system; 21 mpg)
Ford Expedition T, YT FFAR (YT-tagged vehicles may have DVD system)

4WD/AWD Premium Extra Capacity SUV (T6, PFAR)
Chevrolet Suburban T6 PFAR (19 mpg)
Ford Expedition EL T6 PFAR
GMC Yukon XL T6 PFAR (21 mpg)

Minivan (R, MVAR)
Dodge Grand Caravan R MVAR (23 mpg)
Ford Transit Connect R MVAR
Kia Sedona R MVAR
Nissan Quest R MVAR (24 mpg)
Volkswagen Routan R MVAR
Chrysler Town & Country R, YR MVAR (Touring Edition tagged YR)
Toyota Sienna R, YR MVAR (8 seats in LE and higher trims)

Convertible (U) (Others in Adrenaline Coll.)
Chrysler 200 convertible U STAR (24 mpg)
Mitsubishi Eclipse Spyder U STAR (2012 final model year; 27 mpg)
Volkswagen Eos U STAR (Hard-top conv.)
Chevrolet Camaro RS convertible U, YU STAR (23 mpg)
Infiniti Q60 convertible YU STAR
Volvo C70 convertible YU STAR, WTAR (Formerly reservable in Prestige Collection; 28 mpg)
Ford Mustang V6 convertible* W IXAR, ITAR, RTAR (Incl. satellite radio; 30 mpg)

Small Pickup Truck (O6, IPAR)
Nissan Frontier O6 IPAR (18 mpg)
Toyota Tacoma O6 IPAR

Pickup Truck (S, SPAR)
Chevrolet Silverado 1500 S SPAR (16 mpg; includes 4WD models)
Ford F150 S SPAR (17 mpg)
Ford F250 S SPAR (Includes diesel and gasoline models)
Ford F350 S SPAR (Gasoline models only)
GMC Sierra 1500 S SPAR
Nissan Titan S SPAR
Ram 1500 S SPAR (Quad cab models only)
Ram 2500 S SPAR
Toyota Tundra S SPAR (Incl. double-cab models)

12/15 Passenger Fullsize Van (M, FVAR)
Chevrolet Express M FVAR
Ford Clubwagon/E-Series M FVAR (16 mpg; also includes Super Clubwagon models)
Ford Transit M FVAR (17 mpg; 12-15 pasengers)
Mercedes-Benz Sprinter M FVAR (Diesel models only)
Nissan NV 3500 M FVAR (12-passenger models only)

Cargo Van (N4, SKAR)
Chevrolet Express 3500 N4 SKAR
Ford E-Series N4 SKAR (Includes E150, E250, E350, E350 Extended)
Ford Transit Connect N4 SKAR
Dodge Sprinter N4 SKAR (15 mpg)
Nissan NV 2500 N4 SKAR (19 mpg; also includes high profile models)

Adrenaline Collection*
Chevrolet Camaro SS V6 JSAR (20 mpg)
Chevrolet Camaro SS Convertible U4 PTAR? (20 mpg)
Chevrolet Corvette Convertible U6 XTAR (22 mpg)
Chevrolet Corvette Stingray Z6 DSAR (21 mpg)
Dodge Challenger R/T V4 ISAR (21 mpg)
Ford Mustang GT Premium W6 PXAR (20 mpg)
Ford "Hertz Shelby GT-H Mustang" D4 SSAR (20 mpg)

Green Traveler Collection
Ford C-Max E6 ICAH ("Hybrid Sedan" group)
Ford Fusion Hybrid E6 ICAH ("Hybrid Sedan" group)
Honda Civic Hybrid E6 ICAH ("Hybrid Sedan" group)
Honda Insight Hybrid E6 ICAH ("Hybrid Sedan group; franchises only)
Hyundai Sonata Hybrid E6 ICAH ("Hybrid Sedan" group)
Toyota Prius E6 ICAH ("Hybrid Sedan" group)
Toyota Prius C E6 ICAH ("Hybrid Sedan" group)
Chevrolet Spark Electric Vehicle J ICAE, MXAR ("Electric Vehicle" group)
Chevrolet Volt J ICAE, MXAR ("Electric Vehicle" group)
Mitsubishi i MiEV J ICAE, MXAR ("Electric Vehicle" group; formerly CXAR)
Nissan Leaf J ICAE, MXAR ("Electric Vehicle" group)
Smart Electric Vehicle J ICAE, MXAR ("Electric Vehicle" group)
Ford Transit Connect Electric Vehicle J ICAE, MXAR ("Electric Vehicle" group)
GMC Yukon CNG O (CNG, 21 mpg, incl. 1 free tank)
Honda Civic CNG O (CNG, 36 mpg, incl. 1 free tank)
Ram 2500 CNG O (CNG)

Prestige Collection
Audi A3 2.0 Quattro X6
Cadillac ATS G4, YI LSAR, LEAR (Reservable with Infiniti G35/G37/Q50; 28 mpg)
Cadillac Escalade AWD P6, YP UFDR, LFAR, WFAR (Reservable with Lincoln Navigator; ESV models tagged YP; 19 mpg)
Cadillac SRX/SRX4 K4 JGDR, LRAR, LGDR (Reservable under Infiniti/Cadillac Crossover; 23 mpg)
Infiniti Q60s 3.0 (E)
Infiniti FX35/FX37/QX70 K4 JGDR, LRAR, LGDR (Reservable under Infiniti/Cadillac Crossover; 21 mpg)
Infiniti JX35/QX60 K4 JGDR, LRAR, LGDR (Reservable under Infiniti/Cadillac Crossover; 21 mpg)
Infiniti G35/G37/Q50 G4 LSAR, LEAR (Reservable with Cadillac ATS; 28 mpg)
Infiniti QX56/QX80* S4 IRAR (20 mpg)
Infiniti QX30 W4
Jaguar XE P4
Lincoln Navigator 4WD P6 UFDR, LFAR, LWAR, ORAR (Reservable with Cadillac Escalade; 18 mpg)
Mercedes-Benz C300* P4 RCAR (Previouly included C250, C300, C300 4MATIC models; 28 mpg)
Mercedes-Benz E Class* K GCAR (Includes E250, 350, E350 4MATIC; 24 mpg)
Mercedes-Benz E350 Convertible* X6 GTAR, LTAR (28 mpg)
Mercedes-Benz GL450* S6 LFDR, XFAR (18 mpg)
Mercedes-Benz GLA250 H4 JFDR (Reservable with GLK350; 22 mpg)
Mercedes-Benz GLE350 T4 GFAR (Reservable with ML350; 19 mpg)
Mercedes-Benz GLK350 H4 JFDR, PRAR (Reservable with GLA250; 22 mpg)
Mercedes-Benz ML350 4WD/AWD T4, YI GFAR (Reservable with GLE350; 19 mpg)
Mercedes-Benz SLK250 Convertible* G6 JTAR, LJAR (32 mpg)

Other Make/Model Reservable*
Jeep Wrangler V IJBR, CRAR, SJBR (21mpg)
Jeep Wrangler Unlimited J6 JJBR, PJAR (19 mpg)

Dream Cars Collection* (Bookable at
Aston Martin V8 Vantage coupe Q GZAR (19 mpg)
Aston Martin V8 Vantage roadster Q GZAR
Audi R8 coupe M6 LXAR
Audi R8 Spyder M6 LXAR (21 mpg)
Bentley Continental GT/Flying Spur Z WZAR, XLAR (V8 models; 20 mpg)
Bentley Continental GTC convertible Z WZAR, XLAR (V8 models; 20 mpg)
BMW 650i Gran Coupe A4 UCAR, FLAR (25 mpg)
BMW 650i Convertible X4 UTAR, LBAR (25 mpg)
BMW M3 Convertible E CTAR (20 mpg)
BMW M5 D6 WSAR, SXAR (20 mpg)
Cadillac CTS-V Z4 (Sedan and coupe models; 18 mpg)
Dodge SRT Viper M4 XSMR (Manual transmission; 20 mpg)
Ferrari California W4 RZAR, ITAR (16 mpg)
Ferrari F430 Spyder Y4
Ford Mustang Shelby GT 500 M4 ISMR (Manual transmission; 24 mpg)
Jaguar XJ/XJL Y6 WCAR, PLAR (22 mpg)
Lamborghini Gallardo Bicolore
Lamborghini Gallardo LP 550-2 Coupe I4 XZAR, USAR (16 mpg)
Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG H RSAR, PSAR (19 mpg; grouped with CLA45 AMG)
Mercedes-Benz CLA45 AMG H RSAR, PSAR (19 mpg; grouped with C63 AMG)
Mercedes-Benz E63 AMG H6 GSAR (24 mpg)
Mercedes-Benz G550 P PZAR, PVAR (15 mpg)
Mercedes-Benz S550 O4 UXAR, PWAR (26 mpg)
Mercedes-Benz SL550 Convertible J4 WTAR, XJAR (25 mpg)
Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG N DZAR, CXAR (19 mpg)
Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG Roadster N DZAR, CXAR
Nissan GT-R N6 SZAR, LLAR (20 mpg)
Porsche 911 R6 XSAR, CSAR (28 mpg)
Porsche Boxster R4 DTAR, ERAR (32 mpg)
Porsche Cayenne L6 GFDR, XWAR (23 mpg)
Porsche Cayman E4 JEAR, FWAR (32 mpg)
Porsche Macan M4 RFDR (24 mpg)
Porsche Panamera I6 XCAR, XRAR (27 mpg)
Range Rover C6 WFDR, EFAR (Includes Sport and Evoque models; 20 mpg)
Tesla S Electric Vehicle B6 RSAE, ESAR

Unknown class but in the fleet
Chevrolet Tahoe (RWD) YR (2-wheel drive)
Fisker Karma
Lexus CT 200h (Spotted at LAS)
Tesla Roadster Electric Vehicle XBAR
????? ?? FTAR? (Full-Size, Convertible, Automatic, Air, FTAR)

Our Choice/Manager's Special (2/4 Door) A6 EXAR (Model at manager's discretion)
Wildcard Q6 XXAR (Manager selects)

  • This list is in no way an official Hertz publication, nor is it endorsed by Hertz, and therefore should be used for guidance and general informational purposes only.
  • If you make any changes to the list, please document them by creating a new post at the end of the thread @:-)
  • Please ensure that category labels (i.e., "this model or similar") are bolded
  • Former category labels should be italicized
  • Place an asterisk (*) next to model-reservable vehicles (or next to the category title if all vehicles are model-reservable)
  • Much credit to lowfareair for compiling the original list, to drzoidberg for his informative ride reports, and to all of you who've posted with information
  • If you rent/find a car (any and all types welcome!) from Hertz and its class code (e.g., YF) or ACRISS code (e.g., FCAR) differ from what's listed above, please post your experiences! The more information, the better.
  • Feel free to PM or email GW McLintock if you want a copy of the most recent list (Excel spreadsheet)!

Happy travels!
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