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===============================================Bes t public available offer:
Two free nights at any tier 1-4 Ritz Carlton Hotel after $3k spent. Annual fee of $395 NOT waived.

$300 Annual Travel Credit
"Make the most of your trip with a $300 annual travel credit to use for baggage fees, Global Entry fees, seat upgrades, access to your preferred airport lounge and more. Simply use your card for these expenses and call us at 1-855-896-2222, and we will refund the charges after your flight."

Actual T&C language, as of 08.22.15:"Only the following types of non-ticket Net Purchases qualify for this offer: airline lounge day pass, or towards a yearly lounge membership of your choice; airline seat upgrades; airline baggage fees; in-flight internet/entertainment; in-flight meals; Global Entry fees."

As of 1/2/2015, Credit for these charges are based on TRANSACTION (purchase) date, not posting date. If you made an eligible purchase before the end of the year, even if it doesn't post until the following year, you can still receive credit for the previous year. See post #1268

DO NOT attempt to get all $300 in one transaction. Most CSRs will question what incedential charge would be so high. Instead, get multiple smaller gift cards which line up with fees that airline charges. Make sure that whatever amounts you choose, you have an explanation ready for each. For example, AA overweight baggage fee is $150. $50 is first checked bag for 2 ppl. $75 is in the range of upgrade fees, etc.


AA e-Giftcards
Southwest eGiftcards - As of 12/30/14 Chase can distinguish between "incidental" and gift card purchase. YMMV depending on CSR.
Delta Giftcards (YMMV)
$78 AA Award flight taxes reimbursed
$22 BA Award flight taxes reimbursed
~$150 AA award fees, taxes, fuel surcharge reimbursed
$246 AA award fees, booking fee, all reported as upgrading to busn award
United Flight Taxes
Spirit Big Front Seats
Spirit Onboard Food and Drinks
DL Ticket Change fee $300
$210 DL first class up-fare
$300 of a $525 AA Admirals Club annual membership
$50 DL Transfer miles fee (2k miles plus $30 fee)
~$160 SQ award fees (circa 2014)
$70 upgraded seats on AA
$34 US award fees
$34 BA Award fees
$90 oneway ticket on AA (paid additional $90 with AA e-gc from last year)
$84.50 x 2 AA award fees
$150 B6 change fees er...umm..."seat upgrades"
$75 UA gift registry (no longer works as of Summer 2015)
$49.95 Bags VIP charge. It surprised me that it went since it comes up as BagsVIP and not an airline. I told the CSR it was AA's partner for baggage delivery and that I was (honestly) unsure if it would work.
UA Gift Registry $150 (one worked, one didn't) -- no longer works as of Summer 2015
$274 BA seat selection for 2 J class seats, LAX-LHR (Jan 2016)

Not Reimbursed:
$315 Avianca ticket charge
United giftcards
$150 AA award redeposit fee (YMMV)
UA Gift Registry $150 (one worked, one didn't)

The deal for 140K points is dead. Chase has replaced it with a complimentary night stay at any Tier 1-4 Ritz-Carlton hotel after spending $2,000 in the first 3 months, available here. As of February 12, 2015, there IS A BETTER known public offer (see below).

The 70K offer is long gone.

[EXPIRED] Active link found on blog 12/16 for 140K offer:
Many have applied through this link only to find the application was assigned to a different promo for 2 free nights instead of points. Calling JP Morgan Chase CS has indicated they are aware of this issue and CSRs are expecting the 140k points to be honored but no one in this situation has actually received the 140k points as of Dec 28, 2014.

[EXPIRED] As reported by ghitt87:
Call 1-888-846-7004 to apply.
Mention these RSVP:
F5BP - 140k points after 2k spend in 3 months. Annual fee of $395 not waived first year. - DEAD 9/25
F53K - 70k points, $395 waived first year.

I wasn't targeted, but called and used the RSVP code (5/2). Just act like you got it in the mail.
See also post #483 and following:
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