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May 11, 13, 7:34 pm
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Posted By travis bickle

You should be all right

in the Gare de L'Est area. The area has some nightlife [not too intense] and the Rue du Faubourg-Saint-Denis is right there - some of Paris's most elegant dining is therefore at your doorstep. And,...
Mar 14, 13, 3:59 am
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Posted By travis bickle

exact same thing

happening here.

seemed to hit me a few days ago.

when i went to FT this morning same situation, again.

does not happen with any other site.
Nov 26, 12, 10:50 am
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Posted By travis bickle

Purchase or Bank/Cash Advance When Buying Foreign Currency? Your Experiences, Please.

Good day,

sorry if this thread duplicates prior posts. I did do a few searches, but only came back with posts about using a cc overseas, the exchange rate when using, forex fees, etc.

If I go...
Forum: CommunityBuzz
Nov 15, 12, 6:18 am
Replies: 71
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Posted By travis bickle

Another vote for webinar, and . . .

I would prefer it NOT devolve into a "look at all the wonderful results I had type of presentation".

Taking off on a momen'ts notice in order to accrue X amount of points requires an initial...
Forum: Italy
Nov 6, 12, 5:14 am
Replies: 2
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Posted By travis bickle

From Venice to Marco Polo Airport?

Good day,

Mrs Bickle and I will be taking a cruise in October 2013 with the last port of call being Venice. I want to use Hilton Honor points for the hotel stay in town AND I want to see about...
Oct 16, 12, 4:33 pm
Replies: 92
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Posted By travis bickle


I can't answer your question about "hell to pay", BUT the original ticket/letter says it is only 45 if paid within 46 days of , else the full 68 are due. Also, it says if you fail to pay or try to...
Oct 14, 12, 8:55 pm
Replies: 6
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Posted By travis bickle

US Airways Award Flights Not Showing On United.com??

Good day,

What am I doing wrong? What is the secret handshake I need to know?

I am in the very preliminary stages of planning a trip from SAT to VCE for May, 2013. I go to United.com to check...
Oct 10, 12, 6:15 am
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Posted By travis bickle

Ah-ha, TYVM

for educating me. I vaguely recall seeing some sort of signage now [had to go to google to find the picture of the sign]. I am sure it did not register with me because I was undoubtedly -
a) trying...
Oct 10, 12, 5:04 am
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Posted By travis bickle

Oui, it was . . .

a ticket based on an automated camera. And the ticket was from the French government, hence my reluctance to NOT pay [i.e., no desire to have ANY possible sort of problem driving in France in the...
Oct 9, 12, 8:45 pm
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Posted By travis bickle

Watch The Speedometer In France

Good day,

Mrs Bickle and I had a nice vacation in France this May. Today I received my latest souvenir in the mail - a speeding ticket.

It seems that on the RN175 going from Caen towards Rennes...
Sep 2, 12, 12:28 pm
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Posted By travis bickle

For your own sake

I hope that "Jessica Maheux" is not your real name.

If it is, get yourself a handle instead and use that -- there are already too many ways for stalkers to go after someone's identity let alone...
Aug 10, 12, 2:27 pm
Replies: 138
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Posted By travis bickle

With all respect,

is there an intelligent point to this?

I realize the OP has vastly more experience than I with contributing to this board. But, come on . . . Does anyone really believe that the overall FT...
Aug 8, 12, 3:20 am
Replies: 27
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Posted By travis bickle

Great questions, Zissou

Welcome to FT, Zissou!

You have outlined a situation which is ultimately answered on a case-by-case basis.

Just reading your input tells me that you seem intelligent enough to have already...
Aug 7, 12, 7:58 pm
Replies: 16
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Posted By travis bickle


I saw no "need [of] a doctor's note". There was a gentle remonstration to consult one's physician PRIOR to departing on a flight - something that to me seems remarkably intelligent to do prior to a...
Aug 1, 12, 1:47 pm
Replies: 23
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Posted By travis bickle

Very nice, but

as I understand it, one needs an address in the UK, Isle Of Man, Channel Islands in order to open an account at avios.com.
Jun 27, 12, 4:04 am
Replies: 11
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Posted By travis bickle


You still do not get it.

Please re-read the OP's original post. He is NOT venting about what the TSA currently does, he is NOT venting about NoS, he is NOT venting about outrageous searches...
Jun 26, 12, 9:48 pm
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Posted By travis bickle

Did you notice

that the OP was injecting an entire thought train based on his own personal conjecture because he found a different agency's procedures? He then extrapolated those procedures to the TSA.

Jun 26, 12, 2:43 pm
Replies: 11
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Posted By travis bickle

Is your habit expensive?

[/B] (all my emphasis).

First you say "I am not sure what to make of it". So why then try to extrapolate requirements from one agency/system to another?

Then, your use of "could" and "suggest"...
Forum: TravelBuzz
Jun 1, 12, 10:30 am
Replies: 31
Views: 5,732
Posted By travis bickle

Transaction Fee ??

According to the information in footnote 2 at this Fidelity website,
there is a 1% foreign transaction fee. Any comment/experience with...
Apr 4, 12, 4:06 am
Replies: 7
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Posted By travis bickle

Thanks for the insights


had not considered the bus option (since this is our first trip to Paris, I am a total neophyte concerning transport to/from various locales).

Any information on checking luggage...
Mar 31, 12, 11:12 am
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Posted By travis bickle

RER or Roissybus to CDG?

Good day,

I would like to know your opinion/experiences going from Paris to CDG.

Mrs Bickle and I will make our first trip to Paris/France this May. We will arrive in Gare St Lazare (from Caen)...
Jan 18, 12, 4:27 am
Replies: 50
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Posted By travis bickle

Is there a fast netbook?

Good day,

I have the small 10" ACER netbook but it is killing me.

The thing c-r-a-w-l-s. It is so slow I could do my workout
routine in the time it takes to accomplish any activity on the...
Forum: TravelBuzz
Jan 18, 12, 4:12 am
Replies: 5
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Posted By travis bickle

how about . . .





probably tons of others
Replies: 5
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Posted By travis bickle

Not sure if for everyone . . .

Here is some current information from their website:

IHG brings the first branded hotels to US Army Installations. Our goal is to deliver great hotels guests love. Our team brings the convenience...
Forum: TravelBuzz
Jan 1, 12, 7:02 am
Replies: 13
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Posted By travis bickle

Simply living abroad

for an extended period will not terminate one's US citizenship.


but essentially the current DOS "rules automatically assume that an individual does not intend to give up citizenship...
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