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Sep 20, 19, 7:15 pm
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Still bad after all these years

So here I am now after googling 'skyclub msp sucks.' It has been shocking me for years that this club can take items that are standard across all clubs, e.g. the soups, and make them taste...
Jan 22, 19, 10:21 am
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Just a quick update. I guess I got lucky in that...

Just a quick update. I guess I got lucky in that I was flying late yesterday evening, the MLK holiday undoubtedly lowered traffic in the airport. But here are some of my observations - preaching to...
Jan 17, 19, 7:44 pm
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Unforgivable they won't check thru even when AA to AA flights

I resent this policy so much. Out of my home base, the flight to/from a hub from which the transatlantic flight departs can add up to 2K to a biz class RT. I continue to take my chances by adding...
Jan 7, 19, 5:22 pm
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Thanks to all the responses. Does the exit from...

Thanks to all the responses. Does the exit from customs dump one out right near an AA check-in area? If so, is that nearest to TSA pre-check? I see posts that talk about TSA pre-check in various...
Jan 7, 19, 11:51 am
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AA desk in the post customs recheck area?

In a few weeks, I'll fly Europe to MIA on an AA ticket on AA equipment. I will then connect on a domestic, SEPARATELY ticketed, AA flight on AA equipment to home. Is there an AA staffed desk in or...
Jan 1, 19, 11:43 am
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Be prepared to miss the winning putt

I mainly fly international and the signal comes and goes for varying durations. It really stands out as NO SIGNAL as you near the US from Europe. So take a valium, relax, and set your expectations...
Oct 9, 18, 7:50 pm
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A350 comments

I recently flew the A350 in a Delta One suite RT USA to ASIA non-stop, and here are my beefs with the hard product: (1) The 'foot rest' is more like a calf rest, I would really like to be able to...
Jun 25, 18, 7:16 pm
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Johan, thank you so much for the explanation. As...

Johan, thank you so much for the explanation. As it turns out there was a schedule change on my return that allowed me to change - without a fee - to an earlier flight operated by KLM (not...
Jun 23, 18, 7:21 am
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What's going on with KL1187/1188 AMS-BGO-AMS CANCELLATIONS

I am booked on these flights outbound AMS-Bergen (BGO) and back a few days later BGO-AMS next week. This flight appears to be a KLM cityhopper on E75s or E190s. It was cancelled multiple days this...
Jun 21, 18, 6:51 pm
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Agree, no animals in the cabin! Except for true...

Agree, no animals in the cabin! Except for true sightseeing dogs, of course. I contend that if someone is unstable enough to need an ESA, then either (1) they should not be flying in the first...
Jun 21, 18, 6:37 pm
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"Agree with one thing a pit needs to be trained...

"Agree with one thing a pit needs to be trained or neglected enough to be mean. Anyone who works with dogs knows that despite the stigma attached, that they're just not that way in general. In fact...
Jun 21, 18, 6:24 pm
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Statistics aren't skewed, they are a summary of...

Statistics aren't skewed, they are a summary of actual data.
Jun 21, 18, 5:53 pm
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I think this is a reasonable ban. Read the stats...

I think this is a reasonable ban. Read the stats on how the incredibly disproportionate rate of attacks requiring medical care given the percentage of domestic dogs that are pitbulls. Are we now...
Jun 19, 18, 8:16 am
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AIRBNB in central Madrid - should I proactively cancel

I have an AIRBNB rented for December of this year. There are numerous articles about proposed new city regulations that will effectively shutter '95%' of center city AIRBNBs. If you look these up,...
Jan 13, 18, 8:03 am
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Same situation on PSP-DFW 17JAN 12:30P Departure

Not an answer, but wanted you to know you are not alone. Further info. I called the EXP desk and asked to change to a flight with seating available. The agent said the new departure I was looking...
Sep 27, 17, 4:08 pm
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And of course WN is now apologizing...

Look, she was probably asked nicely to deplane at first, did not comply, acted out, police were called and did their job. I am so sick of companies having to apologize for their proper actions. ...
Aug 29, 17, 7:22 am
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I avoid JFK like the plague.

I avoid JFK like the plague.
Aug 27, 17, 9:07 am
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These delays are already on top of a schedule padded

with many additional minutes. I understand weather is unavoidable, but sadly too many flights are delayed well beyond what is a schedule padded with - dare I say - at least 15 minutes of cushion....
Apr 7, 16, 8:12 am
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DO IT! It is the only comfortable biz class seat Delta flies

The seats are wide enough you can turn your whole body around easily resituating yourself. I hope you can get upper deck as it is such a private experience and you feel so catered to by the two...
Oct 22, 15, 4:27 pm
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I'm throwing much less business to DL for TATL/TPAC travel

...because I think they have a very uncomfortable business class seat. Planes are generally clean, personnel is usually excellent, food and wine are quite good compared to their peers. However, the...
Jul 10, 15, 11:35 am
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My FlexPerks rewards account was compromised

Logged in last evening as I was debating whether to use FlexPerk points for an airline ticket and nearly all of my substantial number (hundreds of thousands) of points had been TRANSFERRED the day...
Jun 21, 15, 2:52 pm
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I solved my problem

After searching and finding sites dealing with BUTTONS no longer working, THUMBNAILS no longer working.... I found this solution to the problem. It works.

To change your Compatibility View...
Jun 21, 15, 1:29 pm
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MYTRIPS DETAILS button not expanding the itinerary

Today I am unable to expand my itineraries while in the MYTRIPS section of DELTA.COM. This is on my desktop running IE 11 and most recent upgrades to WINDOWS 7 PRO installed.

Interestingly, the...
May 29, 15, 10:00 pm
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Apr 18, 15, 9:02 am
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Go over to USAIRWAYS.COM and it will book

Now that systems are 'more' merged, USAIRWAYS is showing more AA flights than it used to, and pricing seems to be the same. I too was getting the INVALID STATE msg on AA.COM from noonish Friday thru...
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