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Dec 16, 08, 6:43 am
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Staying optimistic too

I'm with td_in_training on this topic.

I'm not sure the "sky is falling" yet and there is a LOT to like still about the potential NW/DL airline. If I can avoid ORD and ATL and get over either...
Jul 31, 08, 6:45 am
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Talking This thread

Probably one of the funniest I've seen for a while. :D
Jul 29, 08, 6:47 am
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Times they are a-changing

You could see the charges coming. I cleaned out my account of 250,000 miles a few weeks back from some family travel and am sitting still for a year now to see where this (merger, FF program,...
May 3, 08, 6:03 am
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WP is probably the best things going for NW and future Delta

Uh, it would be a very smart business decision to keep the WP system intact for the new post-merger airline. When you have such a large, and potentially volatile, product like a FF system in place...
Apr 21, 08, 7:42 am
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I wouldn't be sad to see NW out of MDW. I prefer ORD. Strange, I know, living in Indiana. But, I find it still maddening to get to MDW at times.
Apr 15, 08, 4:56 am
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Thumbs down I agree. Reducing costs = reducing jobs. The HUB...

I agree. Reducing costs = reducing jobs. The HUB reduction is the obvious next step. Though I am not sure where I go next, this is a very sad day. With the UA/Co merger looming now and my complete...
Mar 15, 08, 8:46 am
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I love DTW! I am a B concourse person for both the club (I like to watch planes and so the B club or the North club are my favorite) and the food - Thee Irish/Guiness Pub.
Mar 13, 08, 4:43 am
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Thumbs down Least favorite plane in the fleet

If the 747 has the old seats, I really don't like these. Just flew again yesterday on this and it was among my second least favorite flights.... only behind another experience on one in 2001. They...
Feb 24, 08, 4:59 am
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Posted By Tedeman

Challenge for an airline "out there"

For any lurking airline official who reads through this (and then takes the evidently large step and cares about passenger), there is a HUGE opportunity to create a loyal fan base of flying pros out...
Feb 10, 08, 7:49 am
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Waiting before going shopping......

Just talked with a colleague who shares my love for all things Red Tail and we both shared our strong dislike for all things Delta (maybe except fr CVG). This merger thing has us each waiting to see...
Feb 7, 08, 9:32 am
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Thumbs down Very nervous

I am not happy about this merger. It seems like I (and you), the customer, will be the main losers. What I love about the (admittedly not-perfect) NW product will be tainted, I think.

Jan 30, 08, 6:27 am
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Posted By Tedeman

Question So......

As a NW Gold Elite flying AF "coach", it looks like I won't be able to use the AF lounges then at CDG? Just checking to avoid the potential salvos......

Jan 30, 08, 5:24 am
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LAX closet

Yeah, that LAX one is in need of a new location, IMHO. You feel like you're slotted around the corner next to the closet and kitchen, so it's noisy too. Very full with the AF flights leaving and...
Oct 24, 07, 5:33 am
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Not flying Continental again

Well, I've been on FT for quite a while and thought I understood about the 50% EQM issue (that only half of your CO miles helps your status for the following year), but until I saw it "in action" I...
Oct 8, 07, 4:54 pm
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Ord Wc

I am stuck flying United today.... and I mean stuck. So, my first WC experience (Mystery Miles prompted me to jump in for a year and check it out) is the ORD joint lounge. Pretty underwhelming, but...
Oct 8, 07, 7:42 am
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Sounds great. I'm in for $20 too. Worth saying "thanks."

I did something like this for a local car mechanic who has saved me more than the gift numerous times. Nice to appreciate those in...
Aug 18, 07, 5:46 am
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Posted By Tedeman

The only DL difference.....

to me is that the FAs do seem trained and authorized/allowed to be more passenger-oriented. I fly NW whenever I can, generally find the product much better (through DTW) than anything I've had on...
Jul 22, 07, 2:13 pm
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Was there a "fall sale" in '0^ and what's the strategy this year?

Working on booking a circle routing in Feb/March of next year (ORD-OSL-TLV-ORD) and found decent prices on Air France ($1295), but wonder if I should wait for the elusive (?) fall sales in November? ...
May 10, 07, 10:52 am
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Flightaware is a great website to confirm such sightings - has about a 7 minute delay on it so plenty of time to run in and check post-flyover.

Airbus engines sound very different from the 757,...
Apr 12, 07, 9:56 am
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Posted By Tedeman

Stay home

I've been toying with UA vs. NWA for 10 years now - status with both during much of that. Though the NW in-flight product isn't as "fancy" (I'm hoping post-bankruptcy that improves... dreaming maybe)...
Mar 20, 07, 5:55 am
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Posted By Tedeman

Int Routes out of TOL

Because TOL is "Way out of town," it is quite close time-wise and worth a peek on International routings. SOMETIMES the TOL-DTW fare will be discounted in a way that drives the whole route down in...
Feb 19, 07, 7:50 pm
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Posted By Tedeman

Cool Sign on!

Signed two this weekend, but didn't see other FTers. Even looked at mag in the seats next to me - nothing. Signed in 2A on a 757-200 and 4A on a A320. I didn't bother on the CRJs or S340s. I think...
Feb 14, 07, 6:27 am
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Posted By Tedeman

Thumbs up Gold tags on Carry-on's

I know someone questioned the role of the tags on carry-on's. I think they're more beneficial there than on checked bags. On occasion, I have observed that I seem to get just a little extra...
Aug 7, 06, 7:37 pm
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Posted By Tedeman

Always important to ask...

And get to the aiport early.
Aug 5, 06, 8:31 pm
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Posted By Tedeman

LH in Y. It's like sardines...

At least on the LH 747's, it's old seats, tight space, and like a NW 757 in "atmosphere." The 340s and Airbus planes are better.

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