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Aug 13, 09, 11:05 am
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Posted By josejsoe50

Non-Schengen / Schengen Connections at AMS


I've been a member of Flyertalk for a while now and after doing some searching I'm not really sure I understand fully how connections through Amsterdam are supposed to work when flying from...
Aug 3, 09, 9:09 pm
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Posted By josejsoe50

Looking for help to get to LHR

Hi everyone,

I've been a NW flyer for the last decade or so and am getting ready to take my first delta flight since '96. Me and the Mrs are looking to head to LHR over Labor Day and I have...
Apr 15, 08, 8:33 am
Replies: 32
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Posted By josejsoe50

Exclamation My concern is that the Mrs. and I are still...

My concern is that the Mrs. and I are still considering two major trips this year (one run to europe one to hawai'i) and I am not sure if I should burn the miles or pay and earn for future trips. It...
Dec 18, 07, 8:58 am
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Posted By josejsoe50

Interesting note in my flight itinerary today

At least I think (the search term is less than 4 letters)

My wife and I are flying to OGG tomorrow and leg 1 of the trip is a run to MSP on NWA 743. This morning I went to do OLC and the checked...
May 15, 07, 8:23 am
Replies: 361
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Posted By josejsoe50

Booking a Flight DTW-BCN Issues

I have been trying to book a flight from Detroit (DTW) to Barcelona Spain (BCN) using and no matter what I select, I get the following message:

We're sorry, there was a problem processing...
Mar 19, 07, 4:52 pm
Replies: 8
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Posted By josejsoe50

So how does it work with a Lincoln MKX?

I am renting an MKX from LAX next week and it says its coming with Satellite Navigation. From past experiences, do you folks know if it will be the regular OEM Sat Nav or N/L? Doesnt really make a...
May 8, 06, 9:04 am
Replies: 181
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Posted By josejsoe50

Just as a side question


Next week Mrs. josejsoe50 and I are flying out to HNL from LAX on 5/16 and returning 5/21. While checking out the FC seating maps, they look pretty darn empty (I think four seats filled...
Forum: Hawaii
May 1, 06, 12:07 pm
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Posted By josejsoe50

Leis in Oahu


I need some advice from the locals/frequent travelers to Oahu. My wife and I are taking our first trip to the islands as our 5th anniversary. Part of me wanted to setup the Lei greeting off...
Apr 25, 06, 8:46 am
Replies: 7
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Posted By josejsoe50

I did this run a lot for the last two years and...

I did this run a lot for the last two years and its really a mix of people either coming down to AZ for vacations and snowbirds heading south for the winter. Theres a big community of retirees from...
Forum: Hawaii
Apr 15, 06, 5:03 pm
Replies: 229
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Posted By josejsoe50

Mrs. Josejsoe50 and I are thinking of making a...

Mrs. Josejsoe50 and I are thinking of making a trip out to Hawai'i around mid-May. From what you guys living on the islands have heard, is the long term outlook for the weather in May to be more like...
Mar 24, 06, 11:15 am
Replies: 17
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Posted By josejsoe50

Maybe someone else can correct me if I'm wrong,...

Maybe someone else can correct me if I'm wrong, but I thought that if the only seats left were CoachChoice that you wouldnt be charged for them, I think someone in one of the other threads had the...
Mar 23, 06, 9:24 am
Replies: 5
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Posted By josejsoe50

Smile Thanks!

Thanks everyone for your advice, and for keeping me in good standing with the in-laws as travel resource! I already mentioned to her to switch her seat online to a more forward area on the LAX flight...
Mar 23, 06, 9:05 am
Replies: 5
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Posted By josejsoe50

Running the Term C Gauntlet at EWR

My sis-in-law is taking her first trip through Terminal C and has asked me for advice. She is landing in EWR on CO 16 at Gate C88 and leaving on CO 20 at Gate 134, she wants to know if 40 min is...
Mar 13, 06, 9:15 am
Replies: 27
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Posted By josejsoe50

Definitely a mixed bag

I check bags frequently when I travel and get the Priority Tag put on them, but the results are so random that it leads me to believe that its just pure chance when my bag comes up first. I could...
Feb 20, 06, 8:39 am
Replies: 525
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Posted By josejsoe50

I'm not a lawyer....

I'm not a lawyer, but I seem to remember from the class I took on Labor and Contracts that just as its illegal for companies to coordinate their efforts on a contract (e.g. Ford, GM, and DCX cant...
Dec 1, 05, 9:43 am
Replies: 104
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Posted By josejsoe50

Same thing happened to me...

Same thing happened after the 7PM run for the Nespressos, eventually came back like five minutes later but really annoying. Glad that you called and let them know, I didnt think about it when it...
Nov 7, 05, 8:55 am
Replies: 65
Views: 3,537
Posted By josejsoe50

I've run into the "trip logic" and weird...

I've run into the "trip logic" and weird itinerary issue with NWA a few times in the last few years. When it has happened, it has come up if I'm booking through the NWA Gold line (my travel credit...
Oct 25, 05, 11:24 am
Replies: 9
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Posted By josejsoe50

Best day of the week to arrive at HNL


I have been doing multiple searches for this topic, but I think that my search terms are either too specific or not specific enough, or maybe I'm asking something that hasnet been addressed...
Sep 14, 05, 4:21 pm
Replies: 150
Views: 10,651
Posted By josejsoe50

It's official! NWA in BK

Just announced on WDIV here in Detroit.
Aug 31, 05, 11:19 am
Replies: 169
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Posted By josejsoe50

Flew DTW - PHX yesterday (8/30) on flight 257....

Flew DTW - PHX yesterday (8/30) on flight 257. Boarded on time and seemed to be ready to go, but we were delayed at the gate for about 10-15 minutes. Pilot said there was a headphone malfunction...
Aug 16, 05, 8:52 pm
Replies: 18
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Posted By josejsoe50

Yes, because it would be considered an "illegal"...

Yes, because it would be considered an "illegal" walkout. You can start an impromptu strike for some certain reasons ("workplace safety" is usually one of them), but management may declare the...
Aug 9, 05, 12:26 am
Replies: 34
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Posted By josejsoe50

No comment on either of the first two posts...

but I found the combination of the two hilarious.. :D

Oh well, thats what I get for staying up late


Post Edited to remove link to member's...
Aug 8, 05, 11:15 pm
Replies: 89
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Posted By josejsoe50

A short story about the last time I had the...

A short story about the last time I had the option of crossing a picket line...

When I was at U of Michigan in the late nineties, the Graduate Student Teachers went on strike. I had a math GSA who...
Jul 25, 05, 9:43 am
Replies: 14
Views: 644
Posted By josejsoe50

Unless things have changed since last year, which...

Unless things have changed since last year, which is always possible, I dont think the NWA PE agent is correct. I flew last November DTW-EWR-SJU-DTW with the EWR-SJU segment on CO. She mentioned to...
Jun 29, 05, 9:54 pm
Replies: 30
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Posted By josejsoe50

I've been flying a lot of FC out of DTW, usually...

I've been flying a lot of FC out of DTW, usually to LGA, and have never been questioned concerning the one bag plus personal item rule (I always travel with a laptop bag or similar and have a roller...
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