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Posted By Marvin

Calender view on the blink?

Recent success getting EUR-BOM out in F via MUC and back in C via ZRH for the standard half F (170k) half C (105k) rate - however - no luck on the M&M website for this fairly standard booking - had...
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Posted By Marvin

Lufthansa website is correct

Saw the "café" the other day in CPT. Since SAA closed their (international) lounge, there is a serious lack of lounge space at CPT, basically BA and Bidvest (common lounge for everyone else)....
Mar 11, 13, 6:19 am
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Posted By Marvin

Wrong seat map (A340) loaded for the A333 on this route for years now

For some reason, the A340 seat map has been loaded (for years now) even though the flight is almost always and A330-300. In my experience (3x) you will normally be moved to row 5, or the next...
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Posted By Marvin


I've bored you all with these before, but if it's not:

this ( (SQ-suites-esque) or this...
Nov 26, 09, 4:24 am
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Posted By Marvin

OK, but not exciting

It is usually almost empty

I wouldn't bother with the SEN lounge T1, unless you want to go through security...
Jul 14, 09, 10:52 am
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Posted By Marvin

Booking class F comes with (as far as I know)...

Booking class F comes with (as far as I know) free cancellation.

Booking class A costs 100€ per leg ("direction") to cancel.
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Posted By Marvin

Euro F Food...

is here under "Lufthansa":

Nice, but nothing to lose sleep over (similar to long-haul business set-up).

Fixed floor to ceiling wall dividers...
Jun 18, 09, 5:05 am
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Posted By Marvin

You'll be fine

... and bussed to the far end of the A finger / Terminal on arrival. (Stand near a door on the right hand side to be off quick to passport control - often the slowest element) and walk over to the B...
Mar 9, 09, 5:47 am
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Posted By Marvin

Paid upgrades

I last did this at the main Thai ticketing office at the rear of the check in counters (near the stairs) and ask / pay there. It may be an idea to check availability beforehand, to save yourself a...
Mar 4, 09, 2:29 am
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Posted By Marvin

Try the ground floor bar!

By way of "compensation", *champagne* is available on request (as is fresh orange juice!) from the barkeeper on the ground floor bar on the left as you enter the lounge. All you have to do is take...
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Posted By Marvin

Patent application for separate seat and bed, any takers?

I posted this somewhere here before, but I can't find it. With all the fuss over at BA about a patent on "their" new F seat, the time might be ripe for this:

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Posted By Marvin

Patent application for "new"LH F seat

If you can get hold of the Lufthansas patent application WO2007025655 "Seating and Lying Arrangement" e.g. via, it shows a "Singapore Suites"-type setup, with separate bed/mattress...
May 5, 08, 8:16 am
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Posted By Marvin

Breitling Constellation

I think there is a Constellation bouncing around Switzerland that you can book seats on. Try or for the...
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Posted By Marvin

ATW Link
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Posted By Marvin

In CGN, I occasionally use the...

In CGN, I occasionally use the *Gold/First/Business security line, normally in a glass box to the right of the main central security facility leading to the "starwalk" between terminals B and C. ...
Jun 6, 07, 5:00 am
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Posted By Marvin

New Lounge?

Sorry to take this a bit off-topic. Which new lounge? I thought that was in GVA.
Back where the F lounge used to be down the closed off ramp with a view to the runway, perhaps? I seem to have...
Feb 26, 07, 5:19 am
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Posted By Marvin

LX doesn't fly to Cape Town so no air-tours of...

LX doesn't fly to Cape Town so no air-tours of the Tafelberg. SR did indeed go round the Tafelberg (as do most of the long-haul planes taking off from CPT).
LH tends to request a "manual"(?)...
Jan 19, 07, 7:49 am
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Posted By Marvin

M="Minderzahler" = "less-paying" passenger

I believe M="Minderzahler", not a very flattering term and a left-over perhaps from the days when the gradual changeover from first-class only flying to the invention of "tourist" class and...
Sep 13, 06, 8:25 am
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Posted By Marvin
Jul 6, 06, 7:18 am
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Posted By Marvin

Thai F lounge

...Is one of the nicest and a SWISS F ticket should get you into any star alliance F lounge on the day of your flight.


Jun 20, 06, 5:05 am
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Posted By Marvin

Kaseiki-type meal available as menu option in C/F

The last time I did this on LX, (in August 2004) there was a rather good Japanese meal available as one of the menu options. Lots and lots of little courses served in special (rather delightful)...
Apr 3, 06, 4:06 am
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Posted By Marvin

They did indeed, along with the possibility to...

They did indeed, along with the possibility to book different classes on different legs (much less useful than booking open jaws). Maybe the IT budget was used for on-line check-in(?)
Mar 15, 06, 9:34 am
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Posted By Marvin


Northwest Airlines Worldperks allows earning on MH and AS. KLMs FD used to allow MH accrual too - haven't followed the changes since AF/KL's Flying Blue was introduced.


Feb 3, 06, 3:52 am
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Posted By Marvin

Fcl Gva

Have they closed the First Class (Hon / Circle) lounge in GVA? It was there (keycode entry?) last time I looked. Pretty small and nothing very special, mind.

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