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Jan 26, 09, 3:12 pm
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Post FT Wireless Update Notice

The FT Wireless software has recently been updated, here are some notes on the changes you will see:

What's New

- The initial forum listings page, now...
Oct 22, 08, 10:35 am
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The IP address is the main IP...

The IP address is the main IP address for the FlyerTalk server. What page were you on that took you to the IP address instead of the domain Did you get there via...
Nov 8, 07, 8:49 pm
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Question 21: Structural Changes to FlyerTalk

This question was submitted by member Cholula:
What structural changes would you favor for FlyerTalk?

Some examples might be a general face lift, increased choice of smilies, use of avatars,...
Nov 8, 07, 8:45 pm
Replies: 14
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Question 20: Unique Talent Contributions

This question submitted by member Punki:
What unique talents do you bring to the table and how do you believe that those talents will enrich TalkBoard?
Nov 8, 07, 8:42 pm
Replies: 17
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Question 19: Voting For Other Candidates

This question was submitted by member cblaisd:
Name two of the OTHER candidates for TalkBoard besides yourself that
you hope will be elected. Why?
Nov 8, 07, 8:39 pm
Replies: 15
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Question 18: Succession Plan

This question was submitted my member Punki:
We all know that Randy's contract with IB is up in 3.5 years. Let's say Randy sends you a note and asks you to put together a rough draft of a plan for...
Nov 8, 07, 8:37 pm
Replies: 18
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Question 17: OMNI Post Counts

This question was submitted by member underpressure
Earlier this year; there was a spirited discussion about removing the post count from OMNI Posts; if you were a member of the TalkBoard then, what...
Nov 8, 07, 8:34 pm
Replies: 12
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Question 16: Non-Travel Related Threads

This question was submitted by member chexfan:
What your thoughts about non-travel related threads?
Nov 8, 07, 8:32 pm
Replies: 18
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Question 15: Simple Majority Votes

This question was submitted by member RichardInSF:
Should TalkBoard decisions be made by simple majority? Why or why not?
Nov 8, 07, 8:30 pm
Replies: 18
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Question 14: Forum Autonomy, Inclusive Events

This question was submitted by member FlyBalletGuy:
One recurring issue on FlyerTalk has been about how much autonomy the forums can and should have. An example is when forum plans a get-together....
Nov 8, 07, 8:27 pm
Replies: 12
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Question 13: Personal Postive Post Links

This question was submitted by member bhatnasx:Please share 5 links to posts in which you feel you have positively impacted the FlyerTalk community, preferably not from the same forum.
Nov 6, 07, 6:59 pm
Replies: 17
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Question 12: Contributions to FlyerTalk

This question was submitted by member wharvey:
What would you say has been your personal contributions to FlyerTalk to date?
Nov 6, 07, 12:09 pm
Replies: 18
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Question 11: Building Dialogue and Consensus

This question submitted by member Jenbel:
We're obviously hearing a lot about what candidates want to do if
elected. However, to be an effective TB member, one needs to be able
to build...
Nov 6, 07, 12:07 pm
Replies: 59
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Question 10: Improving TalkBoard Participation

This question was submitted from member techgirl:
Several candidates have stated that they are concerned with a lack of participation from the current TalkBoard in various forms (missed votes,...
Nov 5, 07, 6:51 pm
Replies: 44
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Question 9: How Will You Seek Input?

This questions was submitted by member Kiwi Flyer:
It has been written: "This council establishes the direction that FlyerTalk is heading into our future and represents and directs the general...
Nov 5, 07, 4:46 pm
Replies: 27
Views: 3,854
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Question 8: TalkBoard Exclusions

This question submitted by member Mary2e:
How do you feel about excluding moderators or limiting their numbers on Talk Board?
Nov 5, 07, 4:45 pm
Replies: 24
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Question 7: Term Limits

This question submitted by member Mary2e:
How do you feel about term limits for Talk Board members and/or moderators?
Nov 5, 07, 4:21 pm
Replies: 17
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Question 6: New Forum Criteria and Reasons to be Cheerful (Part 3)

This question was submitted by member Cholula:
Question 1: If elected to TalkBoard, what would be your personal criteria for the establishment of new forums?

Question 2: Please state your primary...
Nov 4, 07, 10:02 am
Replies: 20
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Question 5: Motions Passed by the TalkBoard

This question was submitted by member bhatnasx:
Over the past year, many motions were voted on by the current TalkBoard.

If you are a non-TalkBoard member candidate who is running for election...
Nov 3, 07, 8:19 pm
Replies: 64
Views: 16,847
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Question 4: Purview Over Policies of Moderation

This question submitted by member ElmhurstNick:
Randy has stated on multiple occasions over time that the TB does not and will not have purview over policies of moderation. Yet each year, candidates...
Nov 3, 07, 8:25 am
Replies: 19
Views: 3,385
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Question 3: Your travel

This question submitted from member underpressure:
How much do you travel?
Nov 2, 07, 5:43 pm
Replies: 95
Views: 10,452
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Question 2: Palatable Moderation

This question submitted by member Punki:
There is much public and private grumbling about heavey-handed moderation, and the taboo against discussing modators policies on FlyerTalk.

What would...
Nov 2, 07, 5:40 pm
Replies: 16
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Question 1: Where has the TalkBoard been and where it is going?

This question submitted by member ScottC:
First of all, thanks for your time in running for a spot on the TalkBoard.

Looking at the TalkBoard over the past years, how do you think it has
Nov 2, 07, 5:22 am
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The Open Forum for Candidates

This forum is designed to allow candidates to address other issues beyond those in the direct questions from the members of FlyerTalk. All candidates have been advised to not make things personal -...
Oct 29, 07, 3:50 pm
Replies: 3
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The gallery should be fully functional again. ...

The gallery should be fully functional again. There were network configuration problems affecting the ability to connect to the gallery. Please let us know if you continue to have problems...
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