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More answers!

Several more good questions have been raised – here are the answers:

-The bonus miles only apply to point-to-mile conversions. Hotel stays and travel packages are easily distinguishable when they...
Replies: 420
Views: 41,209

Easing Your Concerns

Thanks for everyone’s interest in our hotel conversion bonus miles offer – it is a sweet deal! We noticed that there’s some anxiety over conversions possibly being excluded if they post after the...
Replies: 209
Views: 40,849

Clearing up some Confusion

Reading through this thread, I noticed some points that need clarification about the MBNA product. First, with respect to receipt of the 5,000 enrollment bonus miles -- members will receive these...
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O fares do earn on transatlantic flights

Yes, as of October 15, 2008 AA fares booked in O class do earn miles on transatlantic flights. The only mileage-earning restriction that remains is between North America and Latin America in O class...
Replies: 419
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Smile Changes are all for the Better

There's good news here! We are actually expanding mileage earning opportunities on transatlantic flights. Effective for travel on or after October 15, 2008, AAdvantage members will now earn miles...
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You will get a receipt

So the answers are: Yes and No. Yes you will receive a printed receipt IF you incur the baggage fee. And No in the rare event that your bag does not arrive with you, there's no refund. Most of all,...
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The Price is not increasing on July 24

That is what I'm saying. The price of 500-mile upgrades is not going up on July 24. We have no plans to increase the cost of upgrades in the immediate future.
Replies: 29
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This is not true

This information is not correct. We are not increasing the price of 500-mile upgrades at this time.
Replies: 142
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Tips for Using the IVR

Thanks for the feedback on the roll-out of our latest IVR on the elite service lines. We understand you may be experiencing some difficulty in your first few attempts through our new system, so here...
Nov 8, 07, 3:40 pm
Replies: 138
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Tips for Using the IVR

Thanks for the feedback on the roll-out of our latest IVR on the elite service lines. We understand you may be experiencing some difficulty in your first few attempts through our new system, so here...
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I am not a suit

But I have your answer. Purchasing the Prepaid Travel Card provides you with all of the benefits and privileges of the corresponding elite status -- through February 28, 2007. As the text notes,...
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3900 is Correct and it should post sooner rather than later

Yes, we expect 3900 miles for this AVIS rental. And here's what you win - contrary to the T&C's you don't have to wait 6-8 weeks after the promotion ends to see the miles in your account. The AVIS...
Replies: 307
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Definitive answers

1. It is per rental. We have sent a reminder to AAdvantage Customer Service to make sure everyone is on the same page and we are trying to get the T&C's on the site updated.
2. Enrollmentment...
Replies: 307
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It's per rental

The bonus miles are per rental, so you are --not-- limited to one bonus of 6,250 miles max. You can receive the anniversary bonus for every qualifying rental throughout the year (as long as it’s...
Replies: 17
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Coming soon

Yes the first email update for 2006 is late, but it should drop very soon, perhaps even next week. We are sorry for the delay, but some errors popped up that had to be addressed.

We began these...
Replies: 435
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The Real 25th Anniversary Deal

No more speculation, here's the real deal. Go to www.aadvantage25.com and enjoy!
Replies: 10
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Stay Tuned for the Real Deal

You guys are really sharp, you know that? We are planning lots of great stuff to celebrate the 25th Anniversary of the AAdvantage program, but this isn't one of 'em. Be sure to visit AA.com to get...
Replies: 22
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As many of you suspected, this was simply an error. We are not starting service to Rome from Boston, but rather to Manchester.

Here's what the message should have said, "Beginning April 3,...
Replies: 261
Views: 18,839

Why Now

So I feel like we have to say "You're Welcome" to half of you and "Don't Worry" to the rest. For years we resisted a segment qualification at our highest elite level. Among other things, analysis...
Replies: 30
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Latest Quaterly Email Is Delayed

Actually we have sent quarterly updates for the past year, except that the October 2005 mailing has been delayed. The emails should go out after Thanksgiving. In October '04 and January '05, letters...
Replies: 123
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Good News!

:) Let me put the icing on the cake for all who think this has been a very good thread. It's also been a most effective one. Yes, the discount promo code was the problem, but y'all have been part of...
Replies: 90
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Smile I just have to laugh

You folks crack me up. We spend so much time and effort making sure the words are right, the inserts are all there, the whole package is attractive, and what are you concerned about? The codes on the...
Replies: 25
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TAM Brazil does not participate

To clarify, not all TAM carriers participate in the AAdvantage program. TAM Linhas Aereas, TAM del Mercosur and TAM Paraguay are participants, but TAM Brazil is not.
Replies: 44
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The change is effective March 1, 2005

Here's what happened: Effective with the new elite membership year that begins March 1, systemwide upgrades are not applicable to "transatlantic, transpacific, South America, Central America, or...
Replies: 32
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AAdvantage Customer Service will help

You can call ACS toll free on the direct line, 800-421-0600. I wouldn't count on getting 4 upgrades, but you should get a couple. (and it shouldn't take several tries!)
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